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Over G Fighters

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Utter rubbish

| | See all SneakyFreak1's reviews (2)

I got bored with AC6 so thought i would give this a go, what a waste of time. Graphics are barely acceptable, game play is too simple, missions are very easy and with nothing to get you involved. Plenty of missions and planes if you can be bothered. Not worth a try, however cheap.

  well worth the money

| | See all famousjames's reviews (1)

The best cheap flight Sim on Xbox ever ,amazing graphics,some missions easy and others are hard,the game has good quality sound.


| | See all DeeperZulu's reviews (13)

Over G was ok, but got boring really quickly! i only paid like £5 for it so it wasnt too bad a purchase i am now considering trying out another flight sim game, blazing angels or ace combat are on my mind.

the graphics arent the best but there are alot of planes and acts to choose from, unfortunetly only 2* :(

  flying greatness

| | See all stealthfinger's reviews (1)

This is the best(only real) flight sim on the next gen consoles. If you're after a proper flight experience and not an arcade missile fest *cough*ace combat*cough* then look no further. The graphics might not be the best for the ground textures but the models and lighting are awesome. It has enough single player action to keep anyone busy for many hours, whether in one of many missions, arena mode or strike the possibilities are endless, and then theres multiplayer (if you can find other people, google "360th vfw" :s).

Its by no means as indepth as a pc flight sim but its got all the core functions. E.g manual landings and countermeasures, multiple radar modes, very decent physics although the jets seem to be somewhat underpowered and a multitude of jets with enough differences to warrant inclusion, some major some very subtle. Accurate weapon simulations and combat make this game a blast if you're into flight sims.

In short, if you want a solid flight sim on a console with proper physics, weapons and handling then click buy, now. If you're looking to be king of the skies and destroy everything within a 10 mile radius give it a miss and buy ace combat!

If you do buy this, and start on beginner, for the love of god go to the options and set controls to "real" asap as the default controls are one of the main reason for low scores across the boards, that and the low level graphics. Gamers eh. ;P

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  Seriously Flawed

| | See all ozwaldDunlop's reviews (2)

For a supposed next-gen game, the graphics on this game are awful. The missions are uninvolved, too easy and over in 2 minutes. It is seriously the worst game i have ever played.

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  Good Graphics Bad Game

| | See all BobtheBiro's reviews (6)

This game is one of the most detailed fighter games on console however the storyline is bad verging on stupidity in places who of you has heard of the energy air force? no-one exactly could they not of simply made it the earth air force, it is small things like these that make this a bad game however if you value visuals above gameplay then go right ahead and buy this game overwise get somthing else


| | See all BigSteakPie's reviews (3)

Very under-rated, u will probably look at my review and think i'm a screwball. though this is the best flying game ever made. alot of missions, great storyline and great graphics and great detail. in my opinion if you like flying games then buy this!

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| | See all Dickinson's reviews (13)

This has got to be the worst game EVER! The buttons are more confusing than maths. And the missions are to easy.

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  Disappointing, very

| | See all daveycooper's reviews (2)

I have played worse games, but not that many. I really like flight sim games ie microsoft flight sim, the old falcon games etc etc, but this game is very arcade-dy and really boring. Buy ace comabt instead!!!!!

  Brilliant Flying Game

| | See all JACOBKFC's reviews (15)

Whats wrong with it? if you like flying games then this is your game, the storyline is good but gets very hard at some points. the online is good. the graphics are brilliant the details and the fact its so realistic makes it even better. if u lyk flying games u should get this its a bargain at this price!!!!

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