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Unreal Tournament III (3) (2007)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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| | See all callan24's reviews (31)

Single player is abysmul, i mean what were Epic thinking? It just doesn't have a storyline or maybe it does i don't know but its the most pathetic storyline i've come across in gaming. Online however is a different matter, the graphics aren't the best i'll give you that, but the gameplay is smooth and fun. I'll give it a 8.4/10

  2007 graphics, 1999 gameplay.

| | See all REBiohazard's reviews (3)

Gameplay hasnt changed much since the original UT in 1999, apart from vechiles, which were added in UT 2004 (came out in 2003).

The game might seem cool and a novelty at first, but after a few days or a week, you will realise that it's a good thing that the industry has moved on to a more tactical based approach rather than just running and blasting everything that moves. Story is pretty much non-existant, yep they actually tried to make a story out of capture the flag. Overall Gears 2 has better graphics, but this still looks better than the original Gears and actually has better textures than both Gears titles on the smaller maps.

Still a decent game, but we're not in 1999 anymore, things have changed. If you must get this game, get the PC version, or if you don't have a half decent machine get the PS3 version. Both versions have free mods to download and the tools to create your own.

I'd give the 360 version around 7.0 out of 10

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  u r 3

| | See all zacsmith's reviews (12)

Overall not a bad game, the graphics are not the best but there equally not bad, the speed of the game play is very good fast and fun, i have found it very enjoyable online and cop op, i would reccomend, as for no story line who need one its a shoot em up.kill kill kill lol good game to plug in and get going with out having to watch hours of scene plays. Worth adding to your collection.

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  not as good as, as the old ones but still good

| | See all samuelmccloud's reviews (6)

It is a goo game but it got too boring with the amont of same old same old game play types with nothing new in the game

  this game is soo good

| | See all stuffhappens's reviews (3)

Storymode is pretty decent but its generally only good playing online doing co-op. Multiplayer is amazingly fun. Weapons and vehicles are well balanced. Graphics are as good as their gonna get for a game like this and all round completely worth the money.


| | See all Lisandro's reviews (3)

This game is very good online, the offline is not so good so if you dont have an Xbox live gold account dont buy it but if you do and you like FPS you should buy it

  unrealtournament 3 is such a good game

| | See all imfamousrabbit's reviews (1)

this game is a good game because the graphics,game-play,everthing about it if you want to chat my xbox360 gammer tag is imfamous rabbit a space peace out epic is sick

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  A Masterpiece of the Genre

| | See all ninja1082's reviews (1)

A lot of people don't appreciate the art of Unreal Tournament.
Most say it's too brutish,un-refined and a cheap formula that's repeated every title.

Personally my opinion is that this is possibly the best FPS ever made,better than the too simple Halo 3,better than the sophisticated Call of Duty 4.
The truth is this game probably doesn't deserve to have a full price tag of £40,because it doesn't.Whilst it's taken a while to develop,the fact is that this game has nothing more than the bare essentials of an fps,which is vehicles,bots and deathmatch.
There's very little story,which are just cutscenes between matches,and all this game is,is a multiplayer mode deathmatch which is stretched out into a proper game.

But I think that's what's important to remember after all is said and done.That all the game is,is Deathmatch,made into an entire game.
But boy is it fun :P

I'd Sudgest the pc version more,for new maps,modes,and modding.But the 360 version is the best of it's kind on the console,and can only be compared to COD4.It's definatly worth a buy,especially at this price.

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  Falls short of my expectations

| | See all machineboy's reviews (9)

Unreal Tournament 1 was to be fair amazing: it was new the graphics for the time were brilliant and i couldn't get enough off it online or off. So when i saw unreal 3 was coming out i was pretty excited because i thought it would be just like unreal 1 but with better graphics. Not exactly. First of all although the unreal 1 campaign was just a lot of matches like unreal 3 but it didn't try to make a story out of it which this does. And to be honest it really doesn't work because of the Gears of War like characters and i didn't get into the actual story because the missions have nothing to do with it. Saying that Unreal isn't really about the single player so maybe that's a bit harsh. Multiplayer is great online and offline but it is not brilliant like Unreal 1. First of all where has the ripper gone?That was one of the coolest weapon ideas ever. Secondly on Unreal 1 it was possible to snipe a headshot which i don't think is the same as this where it is hard to even find a sniping position which leads me on to the maps. I just don't think they are as good as the Unreal 1 maps which were superb and they all feel a bit samey. I do think the vehicles are good though, i think some of the secondary weapons like the blades are creative and original. XBOX live is very fun and because of the fast pace can be very hectic which is fantastic. Overall Unreal Tournament 3 is a good fps but not as good as Unreal 1 (don't know about the others). This isn't meant to be realisitc like other FPS at all, it's just meant to be a whole load of fun. Which i think it succeeds at very well

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| | See all adamni's reviews (13)

The singleplayer is online with bots really
If u dont have xbl dont buy if u do buy!!!