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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (357 reviews)"

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  Multiplayer Issues

| | See all malteser1966's reviews (36)

When I first ordered MW2, judging from my friends' feedback, I was extremely excited to play it. But time has changed MW2 ALOT. The campaign is still by far the best in the CoD series, and the Spec Ops is a fun alternative. But I mainly bought the game for mulitplayer but unfortunately I was dissapointed. Infinity Ward have abandoned the game in terms of patches and the Multiplayer is full or tryhards using over-powered weapons. For a person like me who had no previous experience on the game, I found it quite difficult to level up, due to games in which I went 8 kills to 27 deaths.

For the price MW2 is at currrently makes it worth buying, mainly for the campaign and Spec Ops, but in my opinion Multiplayer will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

  Almost Perfect

| | See all B00mLD's reviews (4)

After more than two years after release date it is still a great game the only thing that lets this game down is the people who play it.

In my opinion i think its better than black ops or even mw3 and so do many of my friends.

Overal i would give this 4 out of ten, because it is a great game but it has its faults

im not goin to rate the game worse because of the people who play it. still a great game to play and now only better people play it now.

  It's an exellent game. but with rankaholics

| | See all JDtallproof's reviews (3)

I usually play cod 4. even when black ops came out i was on cod 4 but with mw2 it's just better to put it simply. I love the killstreaks and new emblems etc and the campaign is exellent. But it's not the game that makes it a four star it's the people. they become so obseesed with getting to 6 billionth prestige in multiplayer it becomes an occupation rather than a hobbie which is a shame. i play the game to have fun and enjoy leveling up rather than rage quitting when my KD is below zero. the game is quality and is an exellent addition to all things fps. even if alot of the people who play it are sad geeks who want to get to tenth prestige as quickly as possible by camping like noobs and getting a nuke ruining the game for everyone... nice job nuke!


| | See all BumFuzzle's reviews (6)

This game was a very good game when it was first released, now it has deteriorated. The multiplayer aspect to the game now feels very unbalanced and unfair. The campaign was good but is quite short. Wait for Modern Warfare 3!

  true call of duty???

| | See all Wm95ere's reviews (6)

You'll often hear people saying that this (mw2) is the best game ever made, is it?
First of all the campaign, with other reviews i have readd i completly agree, you will be asking yourself what is the point of this? or what's he got to do with the game? Dont get me wrong very good campaign but it just makes no sense, it's to over-scripted and focuses mainly on the S-FX.
The multi player aspect of the game is what attracts the millions of fans, but is it really worth it? Yes and No, the multiplayer is very addicting and when you get streesed you WILL go back and play it the next day just to better yourself. But the annoying bit of it is all of the "campers" and the "noob-tubers" while there are many more annoying things in the multiplayer these by far top it and make the game less enjoyable for everyone.
If you want a true call of duty game simple gameplay and nothing complicated or annoying you are best off sticking with playing call of duty 4 or WaW, but for 25 pounds is it really worth it because i wouldnt pay any more then 20 pounds for it, i just hope that whats left of infinatty ward have made MW3 110x better

  Awesome game.

| | See all TheErasus's reviews (1)

This game is awesome, yes there are a lot of campers, but if you are getting owned by one, you are just a total newbie. Game is awesome, guns are awesome, mostly all killstreaks are awesome, except for noob gunner. Noob tubes are over-powered, yes. But whatever, still a great game.

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| | See all MikeBrownsell's reviews (2)

Worlds most over rated game. After cod4 i was unbelievably disappointed with this game. The game lacks any form of skill and is entirely rage inducing. I played 21 days on cod4 multiplayer, i didn't even manage 3 on MW2. I haven't played it since BO came out and i intend to trade it to knock off a few pounds when i buy battlefield 3.