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Guitar Hero: Metallica (Game Only)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Well, if you like Metallica...

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The songs aren't particularly challenging on bass or guitar but I imagine they are pretty difficult on drums (haven't tried drums yet). From a person who isn't a Metallica fan's perspective, this game got a little repetitive and boring due to the lack of diversity in the songs but if you're a Metallica fan I can see why this game would be good. I guess I'll have to just cross my fingers for a Guitar Hero - Incubus game to be released!

  Metallica fans rejoice!

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

If you like Guitar Hero and Metallica, this is for you! The Metallica songs that are on this are all awesome, ranging from there early days to there earliest stuff. There are also a lot of other artists on GH: Metallica like Mercyful Fate, Queen, Foo Fighters, Slayer and Machine Head to name but a few. The career mode is short and sweet but if you're playing it on co-op with someone at home, only the "Band Leader" will unlock the 100 stars in career achievement AND the achievement to complete career on co-op. But it's not as if you wouldn't mind doing career mode over and over in this game. I would say that this is the best Music Rhythm game out there. I'll just add that I'm surprised that Harmonix hasn't made a Rockband Megadeth lol. But as I said before, this IS the best music rhythm game out there and I highly recommend it if you like Guitar Hero games or if you're a fan of Metallica.

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  buy it buy it buy it now!!!!!!!!

| | See all nick0510's reviews (10)

what a game!!!! never played guitar hero but as a metallica fan i had to buy this game and i was not disapointed the songs are legendary and metallica are the perfect band to put on gh graphics are great but strangely some cool songs are missing i:e blackened! but i don't think my fingers could cope anyway


| | See all tracker's reviews (2)

I boght this game because i have got the other guitar hero games and they are all great. But, having never really listene to metallica before and just going with the how good the set lists on the other games were, i bought this thinking that it would have mostly good songs on it. I think that the only good songs on the game are the ones which arent metallica. This is also a very fun game to play disreguarding the set list.

  What did you expect? Its in the title!

| | See all ChaosancheZ's reviews (4)

All these reviewers that claim that its 'just' Metallica, have you any idea why?

It's in the title. Guitar Hero: METALLICA.

This game is absolutely brilliant. It's your basic Guitar Hero game, with some new features added to it. You'll be playing your favorite Metallica songs for a VERY long time.

There isnt exactly a story, just some cut scenes that show your supposed to be Metallica's 'warm-up' band before gigs. You wont be playing as that band alot, because when you choose a Metallica song you have to play as Metallica.

There are some epic classics in the game which are alot of fun to play. For example, you have:

Master of Puppets
Seek & Destroy
The Shortest Straw
Enter Sandman
The Unforgiven

and many, many more! It doesnt fail if your looking for a Guitar Hero game with classic thrash metal songs.

I've read some reviewers complain that it wont last long, or theirs no online band system. First, yes, it will not last you long if your not a Metallica fan. Second, there is a band system. But its only 'Band quickplay'. There is not band career, but why would there be? Their is no story to the game.

All in all, this game is a must buy for any Metallica fan. It will have you playing for hours on end...and you'll love to play those classic riffs from there older songs.

I hope this review has helped!

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  Pretty damn hard

| | See all Deadfang's reviews (15)

For every metallica fan out there this is definitely a must buy.
For other people i would like to say:
if Guitar hero world tour was too easy for you than buy this game.
the songs are really challenging and most of them are fun to play (GH:WT for me was 30%fun 70% boring this game is the other way around)
GH:M has enough songs to keep you busy for a long time and the guest act songs are good as well.

  Very Dissapointing

| | See all Ashman510's reviews (3)

Very good songs as i love metallica, they could off put alot more in though, the actual structure of the game is stupid, you cant do online band career, what happened with that??? The online play is terrible and annoying (you HAVE to search for other people, why not just add a private game function???) Fun game but wont last long. NOT WORTH £40, get Rock Band 2

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  If you're not a massive Metallica fan then don't buy it!

| | See all jonmango's reviews (9)

This game looks great and some of the songs are awesome to play but..........there is a BIG BUT!!

Songs are so long and boring and they've messed around with the Metallica song that was a classic on GH3 and now it has those stupid slide notes in the solo instead of the pull-offs in the original. You have to be a real hardcore Metallica fan to get long term satisfaction out of this game. If you're not and you're just a GH fan then wait for it to come down in price because it's no way worth the current price tag.

What is it with GH remaking old songs now but completely different and with bonk slide notes in????? Not impressed.

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  Love Metallica LOve ghwt Love this

| | See all scanchog's reviews (9)

awesome game charcter models of lars and other ones awesome sound qaulity awsome only downfall singing and some drumming to easy on expert