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TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  great fun and well worth a play

| | See all stozza's reviews (59)

great fun and really easy to pick up and play, i got the full 1000g on it but there are a few tricky bits to do but defo a worthy purchase and fun while it lasted. Cowabunga dudes !!

  Easy Achievements.

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Buy this game for achievements simple as. Game takes roughly about 4 hours to complete. The game itself is actually really enjoyable. Never seen the new movie but I am tempted to get it after this gem of a game from the masters themselves... Ubisoft.

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  poor movie tie in....just good if you want 1000

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

this is,like alot of other movie tie in games,very predictable affair...color by numbers and just averageville game.
if u want the 1000 gamer points..rent it.
the xbla games are way better...and turtles in time is coming which is going to be amazing!"!


| | See all AnUnhealthyChicken's reviews (1)

This game is actually a rather good game, you get to do free running and occasional fighting. Its good for gamerscore, could achieve it in 4-5 hours, or less if you have pacience! i got full 1000G for £6.50, cheaper than avatar :)

  1,000 GAMER POINTS FOR A 10ER!! Games Not Bad Ither

| | See all SamsSales's reviews (41)

Everybody who likes to have the most achievement points they can get should buy this. You could get the full 1,000 in about 3 4 or 5 hours.

Its pretty simple with only two parts to it that actually made me think for more than a seccond. It's a kiddies game really if you're a father or mum for that matter who has a son or daughter who likes to play your xbox, buy them this and let them get you some achievements ;)

The way in which you run about in the game is really fun, running along walls, climbing up walls, doing that wall to wall thing like in Ninja gaiden, getting another turtle to throw you across the screen, it's just good fun makes you feel like one of those 'Freerunners' on youtube.

But the combat is sadly nothing more than standing there hitting B B B B B and occasionally throwing a Y in.

I'd just buy this because it is fun to play because of how you get about in the levels, and running about like that is about 70 - 80 percent of the game anyway.

There is no difficulty level, to unlock all your achievements all you need to do is complete it.
Then do the first level again without getting hit, which won't take no more than 20minutes even if you do get hit and have to restart it a few times.

Then that's it, a simple 1,000 gamer pointers, loveley.

  If you like your gamerpoints you will love this game!!!

| | See all 11giggs11's reviews (6)

I bought this game for £15, on the first day i got it i recieved all 1000 gamerscore. I enjoyed the game so much i completed another 2 times for my m8s and because of that i managed to sell it on for more than i bought it for. So all in all this game equals points and money!!!

  dont knock it untill youve tryed it

| | See all Hammo65's reviews (7)

people below give it a break the game isent that bad its a fun easy to complete kids game that you keep coming back to and the 1000 gs takes about 2 days i mean thats deff worth 18 pounds great for the little ones and you can allways sell it on.
i realy enjoyed it.

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  C'mon this is great

| | See all RampantRoss's reviews (27)

Easy to play, fun to play. You can easily jump and climb around and look here you can complete this game in 4 hours (well i did, if you sorta rush a little) and thats a nice easy 1000 points in the bag for only £18 then sell it on PlayTrade!!!

  made for the ps2 or ps1

| | See all nathan6011's reviews (11)

this game is not ment for the 360 its the most rubbished games i have ever played nothing like games r surpossed
to be like on the 360. i give it a 2/10.but if your looking for gamerscore fast and easy rent it for a night dont buy it. STAY CLEAR

  nothing... impressive

| | See all GameViper's reviews (19)

This game can be easiy completed in a rent time, it is your advrage platform game... not very good i would say for people under 10 but the age sert is 12... not made for the turtles fans really...

rent first, do not buy first, 2/5