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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (137 reviews)"

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| | See all steathkiller's reviews (11)

had this game 2 days now an its an epic of a game batters call of duty in every department great game play tons of the best weapons of any war game jaw dropping graphics huge levels and the best on line game play of all time.the DLC CODE works a treat and all for 14.99
a bargain from play.com people have gave this a 2 star rating sorry but you have to use your tactics in this game not like call of duty run and shoot anything in battlefield2 you work as a team. just get this game it brilliant am off now to the battlefield cant get enough had no life for 2 days this is bravo dell signing off.

  Amazing multiplayer experience. The campaign could be better

| | See all andy80it's reviews (1)

The multiplayer experience is simply fantastic! It's so funny to play with other friends. The campaign is funny too, but could be longer. I finished in 5-6 hours.

  Good - BUT

| | See all xojimox's reviews (3)

Up until a week ago I would have said this is the best shooter I have ever played. I really only want to play these games on multiplayer but to get to know the ropes I completed the campaign first which was ok. I have been playing this game for a couple of months now and as I said up until a week ago I would have told you to throw your COD in the bin in favour of this, the maps in terms of size and detail are fantastic, you can also drive tanks, helicopters, armoured vehicles etc... which add to the experience. But now I can't even connect to the servers to play online, looking through the forums it looks like they are migrating the servers for the next version of Battlefield (3) and it is seriously affecting getting online to play this version. IMHO, wait for 3 or you will be disappointed with the multiplayer game

  Battlefield brilliance

| | See all FRIDGE1981's reviews (28)

I have been playing this game fairly recently and its absolutely first class. Huge fan of its predecessor, the comical wit and charm gives an excellent feel and in number 2 it continues but with a slightly serious edge. Very good graphics and very realistic sounds and game play. More of the second game which is always a bonus and last but not least no 3 looks out of this world ! cant wait.

  best of the series

| | See all Edonn14's reviews (6)

amazing you must get although you will need a vip code in your box to actually be able to play lots of maps!

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| | See all robcmc's reviews (8)

I must admit, I wasn't a fan of the first one. But if you play the game like its meant to be played, not like CoD you will realise how good it really is. Honestly, best game on the market at the moment, without a shadow of a doubt

  great multiplayer, awfull single player

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

first of this game is better than cod the storyline on this game isnt that good but the multiplayer is so much more fun than any cod. you can fly helocopters, drive tanks,trucks and even quad bikes. however battlefield bad company i (bbc1) has a much better single player because of this i prefere bbc1.

i would recommend this if you have xbox live but if you dont you cant go wrong with bbc1. great game. much better than cod

  The only way is the Battlefield way

| | See all innerface's reviews (5)

Ok so I admit the only FPS I ever brought was COD this title never even entered the edges of my radar how foolish and ignorant have I been.
The single player is AWESOME blowing stuff up is what every guy has ever wanted to do and I find adds to the effectiveness of battle also you cant do what you do in COD and just spray people with bullets because you will find out the hard way that you need a new gun.
And in Battlefield it wont automatically lock on to a target you need skill in the way you point your gun.
The Battlefield is bigger and you can do more of what you want to reach your destination unlike COD where youre a bit limited in what you can do.
I also found the cut scenes shorter than COD because you do start shouting at the TV because youre getting bored with the scene ok cinematically there great but way too long.
Battlefield cut scenes are shorter and the dialogue from your team during battle and on the way to the next checkpoint is pretty funny.
I have not played much on line but what I have played is found to be much smoother and less annoying. With COD you re-spawn in the middle of someones line of fire or on top of a grenade.
Last of all I will say with COD you are just buying a label like a piece of clothing (e.g Gap) but this does not mean its better Battlefield might not be known as much as COD but its better. I traded my copy of black ops in. The only way is the Battlefield way.
Buy now before Battlefield 3 comes out.

  The Best Game Ever, Ever!!!

| | See all weeman247's reviews (28)

I have never been a fan of shooter games, I even got bored of COD and Medal Of Honor. But this game is so addictive, I have completed this 7 times now and still play it.
I just love picking up the high velocity sniper rifle and picking whole towns full of enemies.