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Dead Rising 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Could have been so good

| | See all Dusta0's reviews (6)

This games is flawed in one HORRIBLE way the time limits, when you but a game like this which is effectively a sandbox game you want to spend hours running around exploring and creating every type of weapons and just have fun killing tens of thousands of zombies in new and interesting ways and fallow the plot at your leisure. However that's not the case you feel constantly under pressure to just get on with the plot and can never enjoy the game. What a shame.

  Good, but...

| | See all Jakehoo's reviews (1)

I have 2 major problems with this game.
1. TIME LIMITS. They get so annoying. Which is not helped by number 2, and I shall expand on both.
2. No Auto Save feature.
The two of these combined means that not only when I die, do I have to go back to the last point in the game where I visited a toilet (Yes that is how you save the game), it also means that when I run out of time on a main mission, I have to do the same. This gets unbelievably irritating. If you're like me and like to be able to free roam with no time limits, then I'd think carefully before buying this game. However, I gave it 4 stars, it can't all be bad. What I have played of the story so far is good but basic, but it's a zombie hack and slash game, who buys those for the story? The combat is alright, but by no means amazing. The combinations of weapons is, however, a lot of fun. Running round zapping zombies with an electric wheelchair is a particular favourite of mine. So as far as being a zombie hack and slash is concerned, I'd highly reccomend this game. But if, like me you are an RPG fan with Free roaming without a time limit, being able to do every side mission, then this game might annoy you. If I could give this game a rating of 3.5/5, I would. But seeing as I'm limited to 3 or 4, I'm giving it 4 because I do feel that 3 would be robbing it somewhat. Overall, a fun game, not to be taken too seriously.

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  When there's no more room in hell...

| | See all Clarkeyy's reviews (41)

Dead Rising 2, a Zombie slasher set in an overrun Casino complex. If you enjoyed playing as Frank West in the first Dead Rising then you shouldn't have any trouble transitioning into the shoes of jaded biker Chuck Greene as you roam the Zombie riddled streets of a Las Vegas styled Fortune City.
It pretty much is the first Dead Rising in a nutshell, but enough new material has been injected into the game to keep it a fresh and satisfying experience. The extremely tedious manner of rescuing survivors has been eliminated, which in my opinion made it a little too easy to escort them back to the safe room at times, which was one of the more challenging aspects of the first game.
The most notable addition to the game are the combo cards, where you can splice two random items together to create a plethora of crazy weapons to dispatch your undead foes. However the way the game runs, leaving you with rarely any time to explore the city itself, means that you maybe don't have enough time to take advantage of these combo cards as you should, as well as other aspects of the game such as the juices and magazines.
Hence it seems Dead Rising 2 is not a game for a person who will only play a game through once. In fact it is screaming to be played over and over again and you will find yourself enjoying it more and more with each play-through. It's not the smoothest of games and often feels like the first Dead Rising, but these issues will be pushed to the back of your mind, because Dead Rising 2 is, at its core, a cheesy, bloody and unashamedly fun game.

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  Dead Rising 2

| | See all laloona9's reviews (3)

The story is better conceived and game play is smoother then Dead Rising 1, although having the timer run out on the smaller missions gets a little annoying.

Also the terror is reality online multi player is limited but lots of fun!

If you like killing zombies & making weapons then this is the game for you.


| | See all jjlovesamerica's reviews (21)

i bought this game after it was recommended by a friend. never bought the first one, never played any dead rising. i was blown away. the amazing weapon combinations, saving survivours, helping your daughter, its so realistic. whats more theres loads of endings making you play it loads until you get the ending you where hoping for. you have to beat the clock to do all that must be done in three days. bored of all your games and considering to get this, buy this, trust me you will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  A good buy

| | See all crazyboy655's reviews (10)

Dead rising 2 is so much better than dead rising. The storyline and nonstop killing is brilliant. However, sometimes you run out of time to do the little side missions and because of this to get to level 50 i had to complete the game 3 times! Overall the game is very fun and the weapon combining is a great idea. I would reccomend to play!

  Dead rising 2?

| | See all unluckydave's reviews (6)

Dead risising 2, more like dead boring!! Annoying game play everthing timer based spoils the flow of the game! Boring Boring Boring!!!

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| | See all Naomism24's reviews (15)

Love this game, great story, far more playable than the first and with better graphics. Its not going to be to everyones tastes but if you liked the first you're def gonna like this one! Original online game to make cash for spending on weapons and such is a great idea!


| | See all JamBonJovi's reviews (2)

I bought this over the weekend, its now Monday ive traded it in already. What exactly is the point of this game. Its mind numbingly boring!!! How people can give this a 5 star review is beyond me! Avoid at all costs!

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