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Virtua Tennis 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Obviously not coded by people who know tennis

| | See all pazzy29's reviews (3)

Completely unrealistic moves ....
looks like the developers were more concerned with what they
could achieve programming and the XBOX console being used to the max with little take for realism, I play tennis at a decent level and some of the shots in this game are completely stupid even for the likes of Nadal and Federer... they might as well have coded rocket powered boots .... + laser guns on the rackets...

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  Excellent For Tennis Fans

| | See all adamthekid4's reviews (4)

This is a very good tennis game but I dont think that it is a major improvement on Virtua tennis 3. When you go for a shot that is pretty far away and you get the ball the player does a bad stumble and takes a bit to get up on his feet making it impossible to get the return shot, and this happens quite often which is one of the downfalls. The graphics are superb with good detail, sound could be better but is good enough.
The bottom line is: if you like tennis games then you are going to love it, if not then leave it alone as you will not like/understand etc but if it was upto me I would stick to Virtua tennis 3

  preety good

| | See all craigyboy301's reviews (57)

dont no what evryone is moaning about this game is good and there is plenty of spin shots a long fight to get to the top but thats the fun of it
brilliant when playing with a freind online or offline lobing a mate whos to close to the net is a classic lol best tennis game out there in my opinion

  more Virtua than Tennis.

| | See all misterbloke87's reviews (4)

Firstly, I dont want this to be a rant about how bad this game is, without looking at a few positives first. Graphically, its pretty good, and you feel like your player is actually taking the shot, rather than ridiculous cross court shots with no bad swing you see on some games. However that is unfortunatly where the positives end.

The gameplay seems awkward and forced. Difficult to pick up and play, even with time and effort one lapse in consentration and your lose the point. OK prehaps this is just trying to simulate the realism of tennis, but the things that make other sporting games successful is that appears real, without being too difficult. This game isn't enjoyable, its a chore , so therefore in my opinion loses the classification as a game.

Overall its for those that want to put hours of effort in, and hammer all there mates without losing a point, leaving everyone very upset. Not my cup of tea.

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  would'nt bother

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Nothing new from the last one.

Not bad for a quick pick up and play tennis match, but you will get bored fast.

More fun in the Arcades when you only have 50p left

  dont waste your money!

| | See all fen6565's reviews (4)

This game has so many problems it's not worth wasting money on! Ok so to begin with the career mode is fun but after a few tournaments you've basically seen all the game has to offer. There are of course the mini games, which are the most fun thing about the game. Good points over.

Now the problems! There is currently an issue which stops you from ranking any higher than 146 on the professional tour no matter how many tournaments you play. This means that you have to start all over again and go through the amateur ranks and hope it doesn't happen again. This problem hasn't affected every person playing the game, but a vast majority.
There are multiple achievements which are glitched and can't be unlocked. And finally the online play. It's terrible. If you are playing anyone from another country online, then expect a few seconds delay before they return the ball.

Overall this game is not great and not worth the money! Wait a few months for the price to drop and you know for sure the problems have been fixed with an update, then consider buying it.

  Rip off

| | See all StevenDaniel's reviews (1)

Do not buy this game as you will be dissappointed. The mechanics are awful, the shot choices are awful, and the stumble animation is just simply overused. Career mode takes forever and after you've played two tournaments you've played them all. Without a word of a lie, Sega Superstars Tennis is actually more accurate at realistic tennis, as there are more shot choices and you can actually spin the ball!

  Rent it!

| | See all Lizy09's reviews (10)

I rented this game a couple of weeks ago, and i thought it was pretty good. i'd never played a tennis game before and thought i would try it out as i love playing and watching tennis.
when you first start the career, you're at number 100, and have to work your way up, which takes forever! i think the graphics are pretty good, and the gameplay is alright, but it's tennis, and thats it. you play against different people, and they get better up the ranks, but everygame you do the same thing... hit the ball into the corners and if they hit the ball back, hit it into the other corner until they lose. i found it quite an easy game, and if i had bought it, i think i would get bored after a while as thats all you do the whole game. there are "mini-games" which are fun for abit. you can also play in Exhibition matches and arcade, which are just the similar to the career.
i would recommend you to rent this if you're thinking of buying it, as i really enjoyed it, but it would get boring after a while =)

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  Oustanding Gameplay

| | See all Tolsoon's reviews (2)

This Has Outstanding Graphics and has the latest edge over top spin 3 in its recreation of the players technique. As I am a rather good tennis. I would encourage u 2 buy this game. hope this is helpful.