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Aliens Vs Predator (AVP)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (113 reviews)"

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  Biting off more than they could chew

| | See all Richmaester6907's reviews (3)

Short and sweet review here for people the game itself is fine just nothing special, apart from the odd control issue all the factions play well.

Human campaign is at first shooter horror but soon turns to just monster shooting, still fun though.
The predator campaign is stealthy and alot of hand to hand combat is involved with the odd plasma caster its quite short but still fun to play.
The alien campaign shamefully short about 2hours long AT MOST I am not exaggerating it was very fun but my god I thought it ended 5 hours early. Do not get me wrong it was the best of the campaigns because I came to be an alien hunting and terrorfying my prey!

Multiplayer is strong but the balancing issues make it very annoying a marine can take down anybody with his arsenal as can the predator while the alien players must rely on being fast and stealthy which is a fun combination. Overall the game is good but it tried to do far too much for just one game. 3 stars.

  Split decision

| | See all Skrtelboy's reviews (38)

I bought this game at its reduced price mainly because I felt had I of bought this for its full price I would have been ripped off. But the game did surprise me, I enjoyed playing the game as it did have suspense, humour (for me anyway) and multiplayer was fun. But I just got the feeling that this game was just not for me at times, not sure why as it's hard to explain but I'm very grateful I did buy this game on the cheap.

Good points were the dynamics of that as both predator and alien, they were very fun to mess around with and hunting the marines, although playing as the alien you can get lost at times as well as dizzy. But playing as the marines gave that added boost of horror because I was pretty much crapping myself at every opportunity when it came to me shooting at aliens.

And bad points were that at times there was difficulties within the game as the objectives didn't make much clear, the dizziness that came from the alien and predator gave me trouble too, the storylines were that great but enough to fulfil my tastes in the game and thats about it really.

Overall a fun game to play, but it does have a split decision for me seeing as its both enjoyable but something does not feel right for this game. Preferably rent this game before you buy it because you may have similar opinions much like mine.


  this game is the worst thing ever invented

| | See all coyle16's reviews (1)

i baught this game exspecting good thing then i got it and did not even complete the first mission because it was soooooo bad if you are thinking about buying this game well dont because you will be disapointed and waste of money

  Better than expected

| | See all bertiebubble's reviews (23)

This game was suprisingly good. It has loads of tension, relatively good storyline and decent graphics. The way you can play through as each of the characters (marine, alien, predator) is very clever with the interweaving stories, and the fact the gameplay with each is different but each very good. As this game is now under a tenner is an absolute bargain and is definately worth a purchase.

  Pretty good for 7.99 single player = yes....multiplayer = no

| | See all Poor01's reviews (16)

i played this a while ago and enjoyed it thoroughly....each campaign brings a different element to the screen. Marine = Horror, Alien = Aggression and Predator = Stealth.

i dont personally think the multiplayer is worth playing...whenever i tried i either got put in a game with 2 people or it lagged beyond belief. not really very fun or interesting enough to keep you wanting more which is why i gave this 3 stars.....a good single player just isnt enough anymore (unless its Fifa) it needs a strong multiplayer to keep things fresh (COD or Halo)

ALSO another annoying thing is when your a predator....fully stealthed.....in the trees.....marines ALWAYS know your there and open fire in a split second. after getting absolutely owned numerous times i ended up just running into gunfights like a crazy fool. kinda ruins the point but still fun

  A game of terror in the fun

| | See all 88Baghy's reviews (2)

Wonderful graphic engine. Not often understands to have a game that allows you to howl and to jump from the chair with so so much facility. If he/she is thought then that you/he/she can be played with everybody and three the characters. The powerful predator, the fleeing alien and the fearless harbors. Total clash one against so many, for a discharge of adrenaline that doesn't end anymore.

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| | See all Therevrend's reviews (13)

As a fan of the origional Alien films and preadator for that matter, i didnt think twice about buying this game, and i wasnt dissapointed. Its brilliant it captures the esscence of the 3 races perfectly, from the predators massive strength and cool gadgets to the marines pulse rifle and motion tracker. The aline universe has been captured so perfectly that playing this in the dark with surround sound will make you jump and thats no joke. As a game goes this is buy far the best adaptation of the alien universe that has been made to date.

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  its not MW2 obviously...

| | See all H3LLRAI5ER's reviews (2)

if you dont try and compare this to MW2 or BC2 then its a great game. it is what it is, a computer game version of a science fiction movie.
3 story single player campaigns, marine, alien, predator.
marine campaign captures the panic and insignificance of 1 marine against either alien or predator and it makes you realy fight for your survival always lacking enough amo to feel comfortable...
the aliens and predators are well represented, you get a real feel for the animal you have become, each with its different styles.
each campaign is short but enjoyable.
think of each campaign as training for online.
for 8 quid its worth a try.
there is lots of money to spend downloading map packs etc. so be warned you can end up spending more.

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  Brilliant game, Brings back memories of the classic!

| | See all MrTjgale's reviews (4)

Such a great game, it's amazing fun going from Human, to Alien, to Predator and follow roughly the same story. The graphics are good, what you'd expect from a not so much blockbuster game so to speak. The story line is interesting yet maybe a little predictable. It has plenty of bumps and scares in the dark, and the feeling of controlling an Alien never ceases to impress.

The 1 single downside i can find is the multiplayer, it takes a decade to find games. Thats about all!

Really worth buying for the single player, but not so much for the multiplayer.

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  What a let down...

| | See all Freeway565's reviews (1)

As ive always been a fan of the original game that came out some time ago on the pc, i figured enough time had gone by to work out the kinks that were present in the original... i was wrong. Now i know its hard for fps to compete with the high market value and presentation of such games as call of duty, but theres a limit... this game just reeked of poor production and lets find another way to make more money out of this amazing sequence of films, the franchise is big enough, theres no need to pump out whatever they want to call this... i mean 6 missions to complete a campaign that hardly vary... im sure the online aspect is fine but i havent even bothered... shakey, poor quality... looks like it belongs back in 2004... shudve bought bioshock 2 instead... theres a tip... dont waste your time...

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