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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Could be better.

| | See all Speeding10's reviews (8)

I don't like the putting. Two player is good, you can pick different games that you wont to play, it is four player. The tournaments are very good and very challenging to. I dont like the rain, especialy when your begginer. I mean controlling your speed good to get it in the whole is very hard. It's ok. Sometimes very fustrating. It's an ok game.

  :D awesome game

| | See all laingyboi10's reviews (2)

I love this game :) but i think they should bring back the sponsers like they did for 2000 etc that was sweeet

  Not Much Difference Compared To Previous Games In The Series

| | See all Juffy7's reviews (2)

Had the game since release and to be honest, theres isnt much difference compared to previous Tiger games but i give it a 4 star simply because of its good graphics and that ive always been a fan of the series. Although, i seemed to have got bored of the game after a week or two.


| | See all miller1's reviews (6)

Personally with the older Tiger Woods games I got bored very easy with them but ths one has kept me entertained and challenged for a good while.

Must buy for fans or even newbies of the series

  Carryning on the excellent TW/EA tradition

| | See all Pousta's reviews (11)

Great game. Had the game since release and not once has it crashed or frozen or failed to load so not sure what other reviewers are talking about.

  on demo

| | See all ccfccskid's reviews (1)

great game based from the demo, the big change is online mode,you can set weather and wind what ever u like,where in 09 good game but no wind change in online mode far to easy.the putting is harded and better, sweet game,must buy for golfers,best tigerwoods ever, wow..ps played full game now,,,I was having freezing problems constantly with this game, couldn't get more than 4 holes in.

I tried everything, and then finally deleted the demo of TW10 off of my HDD, and now it doesn't freeze at all!


| | See all fazerphil's reviews (3)

The online play is fine when it,IF IT LOADS!,which can take ages,kicks u out in middle of game,takes points of u when OTHER PLAYERS QUIT of which there are plenty,other problems are game freezing,crashing all of which should have been fixed by xboxlive patch,its a shame because its a great game with great graphics and gameplay but online is just plain frustating!!! never had any probs with TW09 or any other game crashing,this is just not a UK problem but worldwide and EA REALLY NEED TO SORT IT OUT


| | See all jals91's reviews (59)

personally i think everyone has forgotten how good TW03 was!!!!!! i mean, everything from the putting to the gameplay to the game modes and the mechanics of the game were GREAT!!! Now you have an unreliable putting indicator and boring characters with no humor or interesting qualities; same goes for the main career mode. It's good for new comers but the best is 2003. "yo go make me loose my mind up in here... up in here!!!!" - thank you DMX aka a wicked song from TW2003.

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  An improving Tiger Woods

| | See all StellaArtois63's reviews (40)

Every year EA release a new T/Woods, every year I say I am not going to buy it and do, and every year EA release a new T/Woods with an annoying bug in it. This years is no exception.
I have been really enjoying playing the new installment with its sharp graphics, new courses,its new putting feature which I think is the best one yet,working my through the challenges to boost my players attributes up, playing online which is excellent definately a big improvement, and finally being able to play in the rain which being English makes it so realistic with the amount we get.
Then I find the customary EA bug. I created my player and for 2 weeks been building him up, got all the gear, clubs, clothes etc, then I decide to create another one. I am playing the new one building him up, then a mate aks if I want to play online. This is where the bug is, I now cant return to any other created player it starts to load up then freezes having to reboot the xbox and now I am stuck with just the one player. Having gone to the EA website the moans about this one are huge and the same response as ever is EA dont seem bothered. So until the patch is made up I basically have to start again which is so annoying.
Over all if you like golf and the Tiger Woods series you will enjoy TW10 providing you dont create another player and end up being stuck with him. A good game spoiled by the usual bugs


| | See all robmagic's reviews (3)

If you have last years then dont buy this one. I dont feel its much of an improvement from last year. I could play 09 for hours but this years just doesnt feel right. I rented it to see how good it is and im glad I didnt buy it. The rain makes a good addition but thats it. I prefer 09 but thats just my opinion.