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Alice: Madness Returns

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  platform wonderland

| | See all rolanratt's reviews (16)

Just started playing this true wonder how i miss these platforms running jumping missing the jumps? baddie round every corner nice graphics old style done well thank you make another please ?

  Awesome game!!!!!

| | See all babesharon's reviews (4)

This game was gothic,scary and well worth the money. I jumped a few times and it took ages to complete. Lots of different levels and easy controls. Want the next one to come out !!!!

  At last a decent platform game for 360

| | See all NLC1982's reviews (2)

This game is incredible....I am hooked! I have only played 3 hours worth of the game so far but I can honestly say this is the best game I own. I have waited along time for a good platform game on 360 and this fits the bill perfectly....its got all the jumping and leaping you would expect from a platformer, its got puzzles that get you thinking, and its got quiteabit of gore in there too! Definately not for the kids!!! I bought this and rayman origins at the same time...this beats rayman hands down!!! Awesome game!!!

  What a Game

| | See all dawnc06's reviews (7)

i think the game overal was outstanding the twist and the story line was incredible just wish it had online features then it would be 5 but a must buy by far no dissapointment to be had with this game.

  Great Buy!

| | See all kjlc95's reviews (1)

When clicking the Checkout button within the Site, I had been amazed by the super fast delivery by Play. Upon that the game is superb! A great Storyline with pleasent suprises throughout, it is one of those must play games on todays market! A good Buy by play!

  The Madness has landed.

| | See all Becarra's reviews (1)

Hey guys:) Alice in Wonderland has entertained us for many years thanks to Disney's masterfully classic animated adaptaion of Lewis Carroll's acclaimed story of a young girl and her adventures in Wonderland. Now thanks to EA we can continue her adventures as she returns to Wonderland for more frollicks and fun. The original game, 'American McGee's Alice' gained cult status amongst gamers worldwide and this follow on set years later looks like it might do the same. Purchasing the game 'new' is highly recommended as you recieve a code to download the original game for free, well worth anyones time. The new game 'Alice: Madness Returns' blends elements of action, platform and puzzle style gaming without effort and includes some of the most vividly realised characters and locations seen in a game of this type, whether you are floating on the air or piloting a sunken ship in a 2D hommage to classic shooters this game never fails to deliver. Simply put, a must have for fans of the title and a worthy addition to anyones game collection.

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| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Visually very good, despite the graphics being a bit off, but the creativity more than makes up for it.

At it's core it is a platformer and nothing more, but fun and interesting to play.

It is rated 15 and has a big knife in it. So why can;t the make it a bit more adult. Say... Alice in a latex mini-skirt and heels... yup... that would do.

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  Definitely worth a look

| | See all AndyRu1's reviews (7)

Just a short summary of what I think:
+Great animations and a variety of locations
+Combat is really nice and effective
+Brilliant value for money as it's lengthy and includes a port of the original game which is still very playable even thought it's 11 years old!
-Mainly let down by repetition as despite the fact the locations are vast the gameplay that occurs within them isn't very varied. Playing it in short sessions is definitely better because things can get a bit bland otherwise!

  Alice is back and she needs our help !

| | See all gaychris's reviews (5)

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are not the best in the world but they still are very beautiful from the colours to shading effects it all adds to the dark yet colourful nature of Her wonderland. There are also many themed stages that alice travels through on her journey such as an underwater stage , japanese themed stage, the mad hatters domain filled with machinery, There is so much variety to each stage you will never get board on whats going on around you.

Gameplay: 9/10
The controls for the game pretty basic, And that's not a bad thing at all. Each weapon is assigned to a different button and switching between them is simple and fun. Combos are funa nd easy to pull off and once you get the hang of using them all you can do some real damage.
There are also loads of collectables in this game but I wont spoil it all for you.
this game also supports dlc outfits for alice to wear which effects how you play the game aswell.

Music: 10/10
Music is disturbing and atmospheric but can also be tranquil in certain parts of the game, every track is a masterpiece.

Story 9/10
even without knowing all the details of the first game, you don't ever really feel lost. It is a very unique twist on the story of Alice and her Wonderland. As you explore Her Wonderland.
The main story of alice madness returns is focused on Alice trying to figure out the tragic events from the first game surrounding the mysterious circumstances that lead to her families death as she tries to piece together her fragmented mind and destroyed wonderland.
as the games story unfolds its gets very dark and even quite disturbing in A good way.

This game is amazing simple fun from story to gameplay im on my 2nd playthrough and its just getting better there are 4 difficulties to try out so dive into Wonderland If you Dare !

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  it doesn't change

| | See all Toonarmy666's reviews (86)

Alice is a good game for the first few hours but soon drags on and on with no change in the game play and boring levels. The good thing about Alice is the longevity is very good so you get a good 10 hours from it but a bit of variety would have made this so much better! There are mini games to play but the controls are poor on them.
The weapons are different and you have to use a variety of them to overcome the bigger baddies. There are cut scenes and mini walkabouts in victorian London but all you do is walk around, whats the point of that? You collect bottles but with no aim. i got to the point of getting to the end of the level just to finish it quicker. Its a shame because its a throwback to games of the past but it needed just a tweak to become great.

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