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Lost Planet 2

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Customer Reviews

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  great game

| | See all raydio's reviews (1)

this is a great game and just as fun in single player as it is in co-op. playing co-op fighting together against huge monsters and hanging of mech suits my friends are controlling and not to mention unlocking new weapons! its nice to see some diverse level design which was refreshing after the first game which in gameplay is quite different. ive been a gamer since the 90s and i thought this game was a gem. im only disappointed lost planet 3 is going back to its roots gameplay wise.

if you want a co-op game and you want something different and freakin awesome check this game out!!


| | See all shatteredbones's reviews (15)

i liked the game i thought the graphics was gd the alien things looked gd and designed well the bosses r great fun but multiplayer is laughable i was expectin so much more but i give this game 4 stars for the fact i loved the single player and co op

  have to agree

| | See all SuicideGrunt's reviews (7)

i had played the first lost planet online and hinestly thought it was terrible and unfair, you versus people who play the game day in day out. fair? nope. the capmaign was also based less around enjoyment and based more around HURRY UP OR YOU'LL DIE. although lost planet two seemed to be diffrent, well, i was wrong. theres no thermal rubish in this one atleast but its still appalling online. this time in the sence that the longer you play the better equipment you get, making it almost impossible for new players to stay alive over 30 seconds.

the campaign is a different matter though. it has the potential to be a great story but is not empahsised enough as you just casually go around killing aliens. it is still loads of fun however, the boss fights are great! and it does include a good customization for your character to make him feel unique. this along with the four player co-op make a rather fun game, however it gets old fast. if your looking for a fun co-op experience lost planet 2 is great. if you aree looking for a long lasting RPG or multiplayer game, i suggest you avoid it.

  Trust me...give it a go.

| | See all Stiffgrippers's reviews (2)

I got this for about 9 quid a few weeks back. I enjoyed the first game and thought what the hell....
Most reviews have slated this game (mainly due to it's AI) but I feel they have been way too harsh. Sure it's not perfect, but it is blooming good fun. During the third chapter there was a time were I 'opened' up two gattling guns at once and the feel of the thing coupled with the grin factor was superb!
Lets face it, it's the price of a round of drinks now so why not take a punt!


| | See all LaMOi123's reviews (2)

I havent played the first one but I found this to be a highly enjoyable CO-OP game.. The monster the mechs and guns make a satisfying gameplay mix ...

My only gripe is that some of the areas are very small and with a load screen for each area, it sometimes makes for alot of freakin load screens breaking up the gameplay, slightly annoying.

  the best co-op game ever!

| | See all millenium11's reviews (1)

warning first, if you do not like co-op games, i do not recommend this to you, however if you like fast paced, third person shooters and garguntuan enemies, this is a must have. also if you love addictive storylines i recommend the first game to go with your package. the world you are brought into show a varied and wide set of environments, and a weird and wonderful set of allies and enemies. final note before you buy this game make sure you have friends that will play the game with you

  I like it, but must be played with friends.

| | See all CygnusReactor's reviews (2)

Firstly if you don't like playing online or Co-op avoid this game. This game can be controller smashing frustrating at times, but a great joy at others. The monsters are the biggest I ever seen, even bigger than Monster Hunter or Demon Souls, but the main problem is this game was made from the ground up as a co-op game and without online help your not going to get very far. NPC 'buddies' are thick , and as useful as a chocloate fire-guard. But if you have a round of mates and they are willing to die, often, you will find some amazing co-op set pieces.

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  Best kept lost...

| | See all wondalandinalice's reviews (2)

Hmm...not sure how all the mags gave this a good reivew as Im playing Lost Planet 2 and it is absolute garbage. The training missions are ridicilous and are virtually impossible to complete as they are against the clock - which defeats the entire point of training. The controls make no sense, the gameplay makes no sense, the random combat and deaths make no sense, and the story makes no sense. The in game is highly repetivie, boring and lacks depth or excitement. Multiplayer is diaboloical, you start as a noob and are pitted against level 90 plus players who have the best weapons and armour and dont die when you shoot them. Its impossible to get better weapons from the slot machine until you level up to 30, and getting the weapons means you have to play through the main campaign, which all seems like a chore. On the plus side the boss battles are fantastic and the musical score is ace, but not enough to save this. Not as bad as Rebellion's diasterous Alien verus Predator, but a definite contender as worst game this year.

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| | See all JonathanDR's reviews (10)

Built from the ground up as a multi-player game , sorry to say but I found this to be a very poor game , you really cant enjoy this is in single player , playing solo or with AI bots , if and only if you have three good mates who all have the same game and the time to play it , then you can get the best out of the campaign mode , the other modes are pretty basic and boring , bottom line disappointing

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| | See all masteraaronb's reviews (1)

the worst game i have ever played. the gameplay is INCREDIBLY repetetive and there really isnt any kind of story going on as far as i can tell. even for its cheap price it is still not worth it. dont waste your money. get a propper game.

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