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Lost Planet 2

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Worth the money.

| | See all WHITEYxM's reviews (4)

At first i rented this game for a week as i wasnt sure whether to actually buy it, but then i went out and bought it, and for 30 pounds its worth it. Story isnt the best and aint that long but i enjoyed playing it and online is good fun, loads of stuff to unlock as you level up in the game, and you can play as characters like frank west from dead rising, albert wesker from resi evil and the gears of war characters. boss battles can be a bit annoying at times when you just keep getting knocked about but overall a great fun game. 4/5

  yeah its ok.

| | See all syaxius's reviews (11)

Bit of a game for the anal and meticulous so ideal if you have nothing but free time to get to grips with the game play. It does get fiddly, confusing and at time damn right irritating to play. The training mode on it is more of an impossible time attack.
The campaign is best played online with other gamers as the co-op AI is pretty rubbish. oh and if at any point in the campaign should your team runs out of life you start from the very beginning of what could be a 3 or more stage level giving the game its longevity (in a bit of a cheap and annoying way). On the flip side, its very well presented (despite the odd flicker in the graphics caused by the frame rate being too high in the cut scenes), has good music, forces you to co-op properly in campaign, has lots of customizing for your character and is one of the few if not the only game on Xbox with an actual worldwide running server. For the price to be honest, its worth buying but just dont expect any game awards on this puppy.

  good but there are problems

| | See all ClumsyLongCat's reviews (1)

the controls are not great and there are some problems such as the computer characters not doing anything. But the campaign is good but the storyline is not too motivating, however the multi player is good and the character customisation is great. overall a good buy.

  must buy!!!!

| | See all eojneb2009's reviews (5)

this game is soo good, the multiplayer is just amazing, i love killing all those big monsters with 3 of my friends:)

  It alright

| | See all besty92's reviews (2)

its an alright game better than the first but its really annoying not beeing able to save between every chapter, you have to complete an episode to complete it :/ the graphics are pretty good but then its really repetitive, your also mostly just fighting people and not the aliens, which is a bit of a downside seeing tht their the best part of the game so im a bit disappointed

  Good :)

| | See all HartlandGames's reviews (38)

Good graphics, tonnes of unlockables, yeah it gets a bit repetitive but if your online you wont care. the bosses are huge, and emotes are funny. only bad point is you can only unlock things by random spin wheel. but you can dashboard it if you get rubbish things. for 28pound its worth it.

  Enjoyable multiplayer (perhaps), but very very flawed

| | See all TheAzureDream's reviews (1)

Oh Dear. Don't get me wrong I rented this out and enjoyed at first. The graphics are wonderful and there is a lot of content there. Unfortunately however it isn't a game you can really ever play on your own and it is innacessable in the extreme. If you have a group of online friends you will enjoy this for a while however it feels extremely dated when compared to games like Gears of War. I was really hyped for this and expected greatness. It's just about passable but a great disappointment....

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  down to an individual taste

| | See all Khuan27's reviews (13)

to be frank, this may sound harsh to LP 2. the game does suffer a lot, from bad AI and repetitive game play and mission structures. find data post, go from point a to b - and finally boss fight. the graphics are average.. what really tickled me was the character design.. it looked poor and it also feels like the game was rushed rather then slowly developed. if capcom did listen to the feedback from LP 1 then i am guessing that this game is really meant for some gamers who were fans of the first LP 1 game. if you've played the first, then i am sure you will be in for some treat as 2 offers more. the life span in the game is short, 6 missions in all, how ever multiplayer is there so there are countless hours of fun online. all i can say its really down to your personal taste and interest in games, if you love sci fi and mechs as well as the passion for blowing creatures up with buddies - not A I, then try it out.

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  oddest game design ever

| | See all sephirothv2's reviews (3)

ok so here are the things that annoyed me the most too get a 100% completion thus get your achivment/trophie you need to do part A and B of the prologe but to do part B you have to be player 3 or 4 which is a downer if you play it solo and the split screen co op is unplayable do to funky screen layout o and theres a secret area in chapter 2 part 2 that you have to go in too get the last 1% of the campain but other then that its the most fun i have had with co op in a while. good game could of been designed abit better. and i forgot to mention the ai is useless

  Define awesomeness? Lost Planet 2.

| | See all 27stofo's reviews (1)

I have played the game now since launch and I can safely say that it's one of the most entertaining multiplayer oriented games I have ever played. I wasn't a big fan of the first game... It seemed sloppy and didn't have a nice and stable control, but it seems that Capcom have learned from their mistakes and produced an excellent sequel that shines when it comes to story, playability and graphics. The graphics are STUNNING and the landscapes that you fight through are just amazing. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a multiplayer game that will last a very very long time. Why do I think that? Well, not only do you have great classic online competitive modes but also 4-player coop through the whole story, both online and split screen (2 players only via splitscreen). It has a few flaws here and there but when the action is this good, trust me, you won't care. This game is meant to be played with friends.

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