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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Very nice!

| | See all Lugubre's reviews (1)

good game, not perfect and afflitted by the lower player on the online. if you have 1-2-3 friend/s who plays with you on the live it will be a great experience!
but the competition match are very low populated...
great choise for the price!

  Better than you might expect!

| | See all mashamasha's reviews (8)

Ok, it might not have quite the same feel as Ace Combat but HAWX has got it where it counts, fun. Very easy to pick up and just enough of a challenge to keep you interested. Graphics are generally good as long as you don't get too close to some of the scenery.

Buy it, it's cheap as chips right now and is better than HAWX 2.

  cool cadet

| | See all danb1996's reviews (2)

i have recently purchased this game and i am amazed with the graphics of it. i am addicted to aircraft and flight games i i am really amazed with it.

i would definatley get the game as the graphics are amazing.

  Good game!

| | See all Jimmycus's reviews (4)

I think this is a great game with good graphics. You will either love it or hate i love it !

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  For under a tenner, why not.

| | See all MissChromeAngel's reviews (3)

I've never played the Ace Combat games nor was I a fan of flight sims for that matter, but I enjoyed this game. Graphics are good and the gameplay is fine. A fine game if you ask me and worth the price - even more for under 10 quid, 5 quid cheaper than I had originally payed. For under a tenner you cannot go wrong.

  A big let down!

| | See all nobbyclarkster's reviews (2)

As a few other people have said, if you have played Ace Combat 6 then this game is a real let down. The planes look too false, they dont fly as expected, the storyline must have been wrote by a crack addict and spoils it even further. The f15 with added canard wings is just ridiculous. All the planes fly in exactly the same manner with the only variation being some are slower than others. I normally see the best in games and play them through to the end but I may give up on this one.

  Looks great but sadly handles poorly

| | See all GuruCube's reviews (1)

I've been a massive fan of Ace Combat on the Xbox. I'm usually more of a proper flight sim player but I thought the level of realism alongside the more 'arcade' gameplay made it highly playable. I expected the same from Hawx...
Being part of the Tom Clancy games, I was also expecting a little more realism as well as the stunning graphics I had seen on the trailer. I certainly got the graphics, it looks fantastic. Unfortunately, it was missing a huge chunk of realism, mostly when it comes to the aircraft handling. In fact, I find this one nearly unplayable as the aircraft will not perform how I expect them to - something Ace Combat had but Hawx has lost.
If you are not a big flight sim player or want an arcade-type experience, this will be a great purchase. Swanky graphics and simple controls. However, if you are a seasoned flight sim. player, you may be disappointed by the aircraft handling.

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  the real deal

| | See all bondyuk's reviews (9)

I was unsure about this game. Being an ace combat fan i didnt think it would live up to my expectaions...but it certainly exeeded them. With a wide range of planes, weapons and modes to play in this game lends its name to the tom clancy's series. With many hours playing time i would recomned this game to anyone

  Exactly What It Says On The Tin

| | See all Sebastiao's reviews (6)

When I bought this game what I wanted out of it was to sit behind the cockpit of a jet fighter and shoot planes, choppers, tanks and boats out of land and air. It turns out that's exactly what I got. I played the whole campaign through in co-op, and whilst a couple of the missions were a little tiresome the majority of the game was excellent fun. I would say it's a little on the short side with the campaing lasting little over 6 hours, but this is extended with some entertaining online play. If you are looking to think you're Maverick from Top Gun then I would say this is a good bet, if however you are after more realistic simulation then this probably isn't for you. Would definitely play through again.

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