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Terminator: Salvation (Terminator 4)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (63 reviews)"

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  Not as bad as people make out!

| | See all SlimJohnShady's reviews (10)

I'm sick of these critics, this is a good enough game! Especially if youre a terminator fan! If you are a good terminator fan and are need of a terminator game this is nice and simple enough, nice easy gameplay, fun enough, good theme and easy achievements! Worth the price


| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

Very easy 1000g gamer score ---only buy this game if ur a gamer-"0" like me graphix are not bad u jus seem to fight same 3 enemies all game very bad lol now i have 120.000g gamerscore very nice 8)

  You'll feel terminated after playing this heap!

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Even though I had heard bad reviews about this game, I decided to get it anyway as I liked the movie and I wanted some easy Gamerscore. I knew it wasn't going to be good but this was ten time worse than I expected! Awful voice acting, lifeless characters, generic enemies and the shotgun has the same, if not better, range as the assault rifle. And it's not really based on the movie, it's a "prequel" so you don't even get to experience some of the movie's best bits. Only, and I mean only, get this if you're looking for an easy 1000G.

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  Easy 1000G that`s all it is

| | See all jakeysnakey's reviews (13)

This game is awful. The graphics are rubbish, almost all the missions are the same. It has no online play and you should not waste your money on it.

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  Easy Achievement Points

| | See all ThirdWingGames's reviews (8)

If you're looking for easy achievement points then this is for you. The game is pretty bad but I finished it on hard in 4 hours and got all 1000 achievement points for doing so. The achievements stack, i.e if you finish the game on hard you get the achievement for finishing on medium as well and all the achievements are related to finishing levels. There's no collecting, no challenges no unlocking extra rubbish just play through and you'll get everything.

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  oh dear

| | See all blanchman's reviews (22)

any one who's bying this game now only want's it for the easy 1000 gamerscore, and quite frankly that's all it's worth. No online play and bad graphics. Becomes boring after the half hour of play. Also veyr little similarities to the movie with only four different enemies. only thing preventing this from a one star is that it has some variety of guns. avoid unless your a gamerscore hunter

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| | See all jayboy12's reviews (1)

I played the game recently it is good but it dose lack multiplayer content and the graphics could be improved. Also the game is REALLY REALLY easy my friend and i completed it in 2 hours on hard. I recomend not buying it.

  Achievement sensation!!

| | See all PheonixAl's reviews (13)

Picked this up today finally for 5.95 for a week at blockbuster which i reccomend, its short as in 4hours short and one section takes 38seconds to complete,

But other than that its a nice little achivement earner the graphics and lighting of the areas are nice the weapons look nice animation etc, character models bit dull and lack some good animation there its just hard to get into a fight because every 5seconds theres a dam video popping up!!!,

if you want easy 1000g go for it, the game is really forgiving so hard can be played on first run through without a sweat,

  What a load of tosh.

| | See all Optibuck's reviews (14)

This game is so bad it dosen't desserve one star francly. Graphics are terrible because the charcters don't look like anyone from the film, no terminators just really annnoying spider machines that to kill you have to go to the back of them. Worst film to game.

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  A load of rubbish

| | See all tonicdemonic's reviews (4)

i got this game for £30 and when i played it i was not inpressed the graphics were good but gameplay was aful it was to easy and most of the time you just run if you go behind an enmy it ses leeving battle field no xbox live co-op or versus just single and split screen you get good acheevment points for it but in my point of view its a load of rubbish.