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Terminator: Salvation (Terminator 4)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  terminator salvation

| | See all TheExsperience's reviews (1)

Loved the film!!! Loved the game trailer!!! Hated the game!!!.
For me the game was the biggest let down ever i listened to many reviews saying how good it was and so i brought it , what-a-mistake!
the graphics are what the first XBOX 360 games looked like and you spend half your time loading. Game very short. very over-rated and very repetative! not worth a look in!

  I'm the only hope you have

| | See all GibsonsReviews's reviews (4)

This is by far the most underated game of all time! i had a few good hours blasting terminators. Sure its short but for coop this game really does shine! the graphics are pretty decent and the sound is class and i loved the terminator music during the epic battles between man and machines. i felt as if i was connor himself!
overall good game for coop only! rather short but still worth the easy gamerscore.


  Do Not Buy This Game

| | See all Extremist's reviews (10)

The title summarises this passage really but I feel that its justified. I'm a really big fan of the Terminator series (1, 2 and the TSCC), not Salvation or Terminator 3 which were very poor. I wasn't expecting much from this other than for it to be a more complex marketing tool for the movie and the game does that wonderfully. However, I don't think a 6 hour advert is worth £30. I rented this from Blockbusters to see what it was like and I'm glad I did not buy it. The gameplay feels so repetitive and the graphics are not good, the game has no plot and it feels like more of a long tutorial than an actual game and the characters are prone to glitching and are poorly made. I completed this within 6 hours on Hard difficulty (including me having to redo a third of the game as it didn't save at all) so this game is short, has no multiplayer and has no replay factor, this is more of a one-off pay babysitter for children to keep them busy for a few hours. I gave it two stars though because I liked the opening cutscene and I like the loading screens (I'm trying desperately to find good points) but I will reinforce my initial point: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.


| | See all tommycb's reviews (6)

ignore all the other, if you like terminator this is the game for you, yes its short, who cares. i thought it was amazing... so much fun in "5 hours"

  Its not too bad.

| | See all senseisanchez's reviews (2)

Having read all of the rather negative reviews I went into this game thinking that it was going to be awful when really it wasn't too bad. It's not perfect by any means, it has a large amount of flaws and it could have been so much better.

It plays a little like a poor man's Gears of War only with terminators instead of locust. Being a fan of the Gears franchise myself I found the gameplay quite enjoyable, if a bit tedious after a while.

The lack of variety in enemies annoys me a little being as they're are only 4 main type of enemy in the game, but at the same time how much variety can there be in a movie universe with already well know established enemies.

The vehicle driving levels are the bane of my life in this game and they will literately have you tearing your hair out after a while.

The music in this game, is in my mind the best feature, for a fan of the Terminator series it is fantastic to hear that trademark terminator sound every time I fought an enemy and especially when it auto saves.

Overall the biggest problem with this game however is the length, it is incredibly short, but it is an enjoyable game for fans of the shooter genre.

  il be back? lets hope not.

| | See all crazyeyes21's reviews (18)

Oh my god, what a waste of £30 of my money and 5 hours of my life. This game is on par with Fall of Liberty and Hour of Victory, yes its that bad. Where to start, Firstly only 4 yes thats right 4 types of enemy and only 6 weapons to choose from. The voice over and dialogue are terrible at best, we need to flank them, we need to flank them. That sentence must have been spoken, well god knows how many times. Its also ridiculously short and easy, hardest setting, game completed and 1000GP in less than 5 hours,you can go level after level without even dying and this is on the hard difficulty! I feel cheated and robbed of £30. DO NOT waste your money on this utter garbage.

  Hell No

| | See all GuNn3rTH14's reviews (5)

This game had so much going for it, i don't know what they where finking when they made this game, they had a good idea but messed it up, got repeated enemies over and over again, no boss fight and the AI was dumb, also the shortest game ever.

  Terminator: Salvation

| | See all JohnBoy11's reviews (1)

Do not waist you're money or you time in purchasing or playing this game, what a total rip off. I doubt I have ever played such a linear one dimensional game in which my daughter could have completed within three hours. The characters and graphics are reminiscent of the play station 1 era. All the hype must of been written by a politician on an another fast buck. To say the least I am very very disappointed.

  Got Spare 4 Hours?

| | See all JCShop's reviews (1)

If you've got a spare 4 hours , bit of cash and fancy 1000 Gamerscore. This is a perfect game for you.

  Oh dear...

| | See all Rush319's reviews (101)

Forget what you have seen in the terminator movies, this game throws all that out the window with a story that has no place in the series and gameplay that will make you cringe. The main objective of the game seems to be just to get behind some generic enemies. (of which there are only four types). Good for achievements but little else; bad graphics, bad gameplay, awful character design and no challenge. The list goes on but it all adds up= One bad game.

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