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WWE: Smackdown Vs Raw 2007

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  what a game

| | See all brandonwwe's reviews (22)

one of the best wrestling games i have ever played.this is
a must buy game.make sure you get it.the best wrestlers on it i think is edge,batista,triple h,umaga,rey mastirio,
shawn michales,vicarer,undertaker,kane,john cena and
the great khali.this is a must buy game

  A MUST buy

| | See all lewUK13's reviews (9)

I'm a huge wrestling fan my self so that good have something to do with the fact that i love this game and i still play it alot even though i just pre orderd the next one =D there are hours of endless fun to have with great online play where you can create then defend your very own chapionship on. there are some easy and some hard achievementswhichs a challenge but a fun challenge


| | See all GenocideAL's reviews (6)

This game is so much fun, especially with friends.

The wrestlers you can create look even crazier then ever.

Its hours of fun, and the acting in it is just like the show.

It looks good too, the characters all look good, and you have so much more moves available to you it makes you feel like a true wrestler.

Hours of fun guarenteed!!

  A must if you like wrestling

| | See all northy's reviews (91)

If you like you weekly dose of WWE then this game is for you! All the superstars, moves, ppv's are there. Good all round fun! Enjoying it:)

  SmackDown Vs Raw arrives on the 360

| | See all TheMovieKnight's reviews (85)

First off; I think this title should be called Raw Vs SmackDown, because I think that sounds better. But, oh, well.

The visuals in this game are nothing short of stunning; from the movement of the wrestlers, to detail of blood when they are busted open, to when they brake objects and surroundings.

The stories are done well, althought I think it could have served them well to have it so that you could be made to challenge for the minor belts before challening for each Brands' respetive World Championship.

It adds a nice touch of authenticy by having the reak superstars' voices on there along with their official theme music.

Create-a-wrestler mode continues to get better by being allowed to add even the smallest detail to your created supertar.

The creat-a-belt mode is a real good finishing touch on what is already a good game by adding good personal touches to your ideal looking Championships.

This is easily one of the best WWE games ever made. Why? Because the WWE fans said so!

  it really is 'TIME TO PLAY THE GAME'!

| | See all boner101's reviews (12)

best WWE so far , cnt emagion wt svr2008 will b like ! the graphics are quality,, blood is realistic and takin the fight into the crowd is gr8 fun ,, even if your not a wrestling fan its gr8 to beat the living hell out off ppl, if u set a ladder up in the middle of the ring get another ladder and rest it on the steps of the ladder already set up then wait for your opponent to grab the belt then run up the ladder rested on the steps and press X(not gna tell you wt it does but u will love it!) 'must have game'

  Anoter great smackdown

| | See all HannibalLector's reviews (2)

The game has everything you could ask for and more. I enjoy creating superstars and then trading them over xbox live. That is a great feature to this game, the career mode takes a while to get through. As at the start your superstar has to fight through the ranks with low stats. These are just a few things, but for 17.99! This is a MUST BUY for anyone who enjoys wrestling or MMA

Downside: Online can be laggy if there is 4 players in the game. A lot of quitters/ cheater online, however this can be resolved by only playing with your friends.

  Best wrestling game yet!

| | See all massterleaf's reviews (38)

Brilliant and fun to play. New control system works a dream. You can really feel it when one wrestler hits another. This is probably the best wrestling game there is!!!

  If your a fan

| | See all Nightjar's reviews (46)

I bought this game on release quite to my disappointment at first (read on).
I was into Wrestling in the 90's but grew out of it as I got older, I haven't had a wrestling game since my SNES days so I thought I would give this a go with my youngest son.
The menu system is messy & can take a while to get used too although admittedly it's not as bad as some games.
The controls are quite difficult to master but once you get used to them you will be fine even though you will be probably only using a select few.
The management mode is a waste of space, not a bad idea but its all cluttered menu's & takes the focus of the main game.
BEWARE OF THE LOCKER ROOM CHALLENGE MODE, a serious glitch that had me screwing, in season mode you cannot access the challenge mode machine in the locker room, to play challenge mode you need to enter the locker room through the main menu & then goto the challenge mode machine.
Overall not bad, worth buying as a cheaper game but not at full price.
Acheivements are not the worst to get but some of them are quite tidious like winning 100 matches online

Here's hoping 2008 will be better, I may buy it!

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