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WWE: Smackdown Vs Raw 2007

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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| | See all Rich360's reviews (8)

Similar to other reviewers, this is the first WWE game I've bought since the good 'ol Smackdown days on PS2. The new control system is particularly well done, with special context-sensitive moves, like smashing heads on the steel steps (Mwuahaha) .. Season mode is the reason this game didn't get a 5 star rating, someone else has already commented, but it gets annoying when winning/losing a match has no effect on the storyline outcome, so far the last three seasons I've started all used the same beginning storyline, I won't say too much but you team up with Carlito, Chavo, and some other guy. Overall, a very good game, definately worth the money, just look out for Smackdown v Raw 08, hopefully they'll have revamped some systems that needed changing, I'll deffo be buying 08, that's based on a good impression from this game.

  Surprisingly good

| | See all Stutch's reviews (18)

I got this game in a promotion (basically to get the other game a bit cheaper), but I was pleasantly surprised with this game. The graphics are excellent, the controls are well laid out. and no two fights are the same. Recommended purchase, especially for the low price.

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| | See all Karl1988's reviews (2)

this game as amazing graphics as when fighting in the ring the wrestlers actually sweat on screen which makes it look really realistic and when doing the finishers they look really good when they connect

  Great Fun... and thats the bottom line!

| | See all johnnyr11's reviews (17)

Not being the biggest fan of wrestling, i was a bit apprehensive when i first bought this title for my new 360. I used to play the original smackdown on ps1 years ago, and i just fancied trying it out.
When i started playing, i knew it was a good decision to buy it! The game is so much fun, you can spend hours playing it!
The story mode overall is good, and worth a look for a few hours, but it does get repetitive, and annoying when whatever choice you make, another wrestler screws you over.. but this isnt where the fun in the game lies.
The fun lies in the exhibition matches, whether youre playing alone or multiplayer. There are a large number of matches to choose from, the best being the Money in the Bank matches. These can go on for hours at times, but theyr so competitive, its real good fun! Royal Rumbles are also good, with a large number of wrestlers being allowed in the ring at the same time.
There are a large number of superstars available on the roster, and theres also the chance to unlock quite a few more, meaning theres hours of fun to be had with different wrestlers, trying out different moves.
There's also a good creation zone, which gives easy achievement points just by using them.
There are a couple of negatives however, the story mode is repetitive, and the franchise mode is just stupidly hard and makes no sense, but the gameplay itself makes up for this!
If you like wrestling, fighting games, sporting games or even if you just fancy playing a game just for fun, WWE is a great game! One i just cant put down :D

  Very Repetitive

| | See all TomHutch's reviews (11)

I got this game with my xbox, and it was good for a day on story mode but after that it got boring, I had no idea how to do the manager mode so I gave up doing that, but I hav to admit that it is very fun when playing with your friends.

Not worth buying for the story mode but for the multiplayer mode it is definitely worth the money.

  Good but....

| | See all MaullMan's reviews (8)

PLayed a few of the WWE games back in the PS1 days but that was a few years back....thought I'd try a new up to date version as on offer here. It's a reasonably good game, but there is a seriously steep learning curve for anyone who has not been playing recent incarnations of it. And the loading times are pretty shocking, but all in all I've been playing a frair bit and if you can hack the initial frustration it pulls through.

  Good stuff

| | See all Connobi's reviews (29)

This is a great wrestling game. Tonnes of options & game modes, & the graphics are superb. In HD its even better!
At this price, its money well spent!

  The best of the best.

| | See all InfernoAtlantic's reviews (3)

The best edition of the best franchise around at the moment, this game is immense fun taking your own custom wrestlers to the world and laying the smackdown to them. The one issue i would say is dissapointing about this game which is not the games fault at all is that the online community is extremely unsporting and unfair, using spam attacks to quickly grab a terrible win or quitting the match when ur pinning them for the 3 count. Shame that them kind of people have to spoil such a great xbox title.

  A great multiplayer game

| | See all Stustar's reviews (6)

THe Smackdown Vs Raw brand of games get bigger and better with every release and this is no exception. With more wrestlers, more moves, more gameplay modes and enhanced graphics and commentaries.

The main difference is getting used to the buttons, having previously playing it on a PS2 you get completely different buttons and often press the wrong ones. They have added more grappling options for the wrestler making the wrestlers repetiore of moves from about 10 on the previous versions to over 30.

The online gameplay is good fun and the career has also been well improved and lasts longer and has more options depending on the wrestler you choose.

You can create your own belt and defend it online as well as taking your created wrestlers to the online arena. Much fun with hours of use.

I dont even watch wrestling on the tele but i enjoy these games alot as its one of the best you can play with your mates

  The best WWE Smackdown game so far

| | See all MightyZoltar's reviews (17)

If you like your wrestling, then this is the game for you.

Great looks draw you in, and solid gameplay keep you returning. There are plenty of game modes available, allowing you to set up pretty much any type of match you want, or allowing you to re-create a classic from years gone by.

There are plenty of customisation modes, which means that even if a character you love isn't in the game, you can create them pretty accurately. Hell, make a representation of yourself in the game so you can kick some butt.