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Mass Effect (With Bonus Disc) (Classics)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  not everyone's cuppa

| | See all dogrobber's reviews (57)

I read the glowing reviews and thought I'd try this game.Sadly I found I must be the only person on the planet who doesn't like this game.I found it to be a bit of a tedious slog fest.About halfway through I started to lose the will to live(in all honesty I wasn't that keen on creating my own character at the beginning....it made me wonder about my choice of game).If you have the serious RPG mind it's probably a damn good game but if you want some fun from a game then this isn't for you.Still think this game is awful.


| | See all crazyboy655's reviews (10)

I enjoyed the game very much, there was a great story line and lots of good side missions. Upgrades and leveling up is awesome as you can choose what aspect of your character to improve. However, it can be aukward to find where you need to go on the map. Overall its a good game and definately reccomended to buy!

  Bioware's Best Game Series To Date!!!

| | See all Baazar's reviews (1)

This science fiction role playing game has everything; large plot narrative, great character customisation and interaction, many side missions that help with other aspects of the game, a morale compass for the main character to become good or bad and best of all, the choices that are made will foreshadow future events that occur later on in the game.

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  Just Amazing

| | See all RumpusPompus's reviews (1)

I only bought it a few days ago but i know what i missed, the interaction with the characters is one of the things i like about it.


| | See all Dirtbeaver's reviews (40)

Really impressive game. If you do all of the side missions as well there is plenty of gameplay time. Weapon customisation is good and the characters and story keep it interesting. Also the Bring down the skies dlc on the bonus disc is one of the best missions so definitely get this version.

  A universe worth exploring

| | See all Clarkeyy's reviews (41)

You have to approach this game in the right frame of mind. It doesn't provide instant thrills, so you have to have a relaxed attitude whilst playing, one that enjoys a good story as well as blowing stuff to hell (because you do, a lot). If you're the sort of person who twitches every time a cut-scene comes up in a game, this definitely isn't for you. You play as Commander Shepard, a human in the forefront of human galactic exploration where, for once, humanity is one of the more primitive races of the universe. Your mission is to stop a callous alien villain named Saren who is bent on destroying the universe. Thus follows a deep, engaging and very enjoyable game. The range of personal choices are staggering, with your decisions contributing to you being regarded as either a Paragon (good) or a Reaper (bad). You and your squad of five (two of whom you can take on each mission) have a range of abilities, from raw combat ability, to Biotic/Jedi skills. In addition to the main story line you can explore the dozens of detailed planets dotted around space, mining minerals and investigating various anomalies. There are a couple of small issues. The AI can sometimes be irritating, running in front of you in the heat of battle, the auto save system is pretty much non-existent and the frame rate can sometimes be clunky. However these negatives cannot detract from the overall feel of the game, and the incredible effort that has been put into it. It's a truly remarkable achievement, with an ending that will leave you gasping for breath. A true masterpiece.

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  Slow Burner, but worth putting up with.

| | See all StevenLeicester's reviews (2)

First off in terms of graphics this is amazing, even after 2 years this game can still compare well with new releases. The game is also absolutely huge with tons of sidequests and extra equiptment to buy so is fun for many playthroughs.

One slight issue with this game would be the first 1-2 hours which are poorly explained and little tutorials, and leave you wondering around the citadel lost without clear instructions, but after this the game really comes into its own, the vast areas of space to explore and a epic storyline make this a great game.

One thing i didnt realise when i brought this game was this it only includes bring down the sky dlc, so i had to buy the other at 400MSP. Although for 10 pounds Mass effect is an absolute bargin.


| | See all stan51q's reviews (1)

I'm playing mass effect 2 but i didnt relise how great the first mass effect was. Theres so much detail in the game like theres information on almost anything from planets,races,weapons. The story sucks you in and the amount of hours go by when you play it. If you want an adventure i wouldn't even hesitate to buy it . Then buy the sequel theres even better.

  A MUST have for any Xbox owner!

| | See all James91w's reviews (13)

This is a mind blowing game, for the price you cannot not aford to not buy it!

This game combines elements of RPG, action, puzzles and shooting! What more could you want?
The multipable choice aspects of the game are vast and makes it very fun to play through even more than once, for this cheap price you are not only getting a great game but hours upon hours of great fun playing it too!

  Good but could be better

| | See all shadowecho's reviews (6)

A good blend of the RPG and shooter genres, but not without flaws. As the game progresses you begin to notice how samey the design of building layouts and materials used become and how several different races use exactly the same weapons. That said it is worth getting the game especially as your character and decisions can be imported into Mass Effect 2 and begin to impact your world there. This game could have been very bland but instead it is well worth buying.