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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Collector's Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Well worth the money

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When I bought this it was exactly the same price as the normal edition of this game, that was enough to make me purchase it, but the actual size of the game and the detail and gameplay make it an essential buy for RPG fans

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  A good old fashioned RPG

| | See all j2000nr's reviews (9)

I think the first thing to talk about is what an RPG is all about, if we go back 10 years or so then most of the RPG's then were very much like Sacred 2, in that you level grind, pick up loads of equipment, do quests and generally have a good time. This is the sort of RPG that Sacred 2 is, it is not like Oblivion, and not like some of the FF series that i think most people will now compare it to. In terms of classic RPG then, Sacred 2 is excellent, i have spent about 70hrs playing it and have still not finished it, the game world is huge, and i love to explore it, finding random little villages everywhere where you can pick up quests etc. There has been a lot of negativity that surrounds this game, and i think that it is unfair, people focus on such things as the now infamous camera angle and the graphics. Let me try to address these, firstly the camera angle was tricky, for the first 10 mins but then you realise that it actually is pretty good, as it does give a good view of your surroundings. Secondly the graphics, i feel that today too much is made about graphics, obviously its nice if games look good but its not the be all and end all. If a game does have bad graphics let it be said, but this game does not. The environments are lovely, the enemies are well realised, so i don't see the problem. One of my favourite parts of the game is the 'special mounts' as the name suggest each class gets its own unique thing to ride on, i've only ever played as the inquisitor and his giant spider looks great. Another good point is the story line, there is the main story line, which depends upon whether you follow the good or evil story as well as individual class quests. There are some negative points, like the fact that the classes are pre-set male or female, you can't change that, which is a shame. Also there are a few bugs, but these don't ruin the game at all. If you enjoy what RPG's used to be then you will totally love this game. If you are new to the genre then there are worst places to start than this


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iI'm not going to pick on it like some people, but I'm not going to say it's the best game in the world like most! I'm going to REVIEW it (like people should!!) by telling you what's good... and whats bad. I'm going to start good coz i'm in a good mood :D
its a fun game, if u like rpg's and if u have the time for it, it makes you want to keep playing it to just get better and better like a "Good" rpg should. The equipment is amazing, there is a vast amount to choose from and all the drops auto level. Good game to start with a good chouse if characters and skills to level up. And all in all a fun "good" rpg. The camera is O.K don't listen to the other guy it actually pretty good... well I liked it, its simple to use and control, you can zoom in and out. (depending on what is comfortable) and the details is alright.
well that finishes that. I'd like to say I liked this game... a bit but I'm doing my best not to be one sided like everyone seems to be in these reviews, but I'm sorry if this next bit should one sided. (if you are reading this and already have the game, you'll know what I'm saying is true :) )
So... bad points
all in all there are allot, simple ones get on my nerves allot in games like this, and this one has a prime example, you can't change the sex of what race you pick (if you can please tell me!!!), and when most of the races are girls and chances are your a boy (not to offend girls that play this game) your kind of stuck only having two races to chouse from it you want to be a boy. But (and this is a BIG but) there are enemies everywhere you walk!!! and although there easy and there is a fast travel method to certain places, when you have to go some where that's 5miles away and you have never been anywhere near that before, you looking at around 100000 enemy to kill on the way, it got to the point when me and my mate just forgot fighting them and just brought some horse and rode through while they followed like a dog. But disaster struck when we came across and enemy with a freeze spell that stopped use in our tracks! And we both die losing 100000 coins worth of horse o goody!
And here i must end the review due to boredom of righting. Hope it helped. And thank you for fining the time to sit down and actually read this without being bothered about the size :D bye

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  Relaxed game

| | See all FatherDave's reviews (2)

I have played the original Sacred game and have played Sacred 2 on the PC before getting the Xbox 360 version.
All in all, I think the game is a bit of an acquired taste, but the strength of the game is in other things than the usual RPG's. Admittedly most combat isn't as challenging as some may want but it still is very addictive and fun to play.

Personally I quite like the game's background with it's mix of Fantasy and some Science Fiction. In a lot of the comments made by the player and non player character there is an underlying sense of humour. It is specific and a bit dry, but I love it.
The gameplay is easy on the one hand but building up your characters is tricky at the same time. I like the idea that not everything is clear right away but that there's still some things to wonder about, to discover.
The game world is quite big, there's a lot to do and it's a game that's more relaxed to play.
Yes there are some pathing issues and the quests aren't necessarily new and progressive but the atmosphere is great. It's just fun to play and to be in the game.
Also as a port from PC to Xbox 360 I must admit that I prefer playing the Xbox 360 version over the PC version.
There are some things of course I would've liked like more options with character creation but I just love them Seraphims and off I go.
The collector's edition as such is a bit disappointing but I for one thouroughly enjoy this game.

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  Very Good

| | See all Spaceman7o's reviews (3)

I liked oblivion and played runescape and such for a while and this is amazing. I would choose the Dryad class first because they seem pretty easy and very friendly to new users. Dont give up on it at first its hard but you like it after and hour or so when you get used to the main components.

But* the collectors edition is a let down you would never listen to the music to be honest (unless a classical fan). the seraphim model/figure is nothing the size it shows in the pic its like 3 inches so be aware if thats one of the things you are buying it for. the only thing i have used from this is the map (and the game of course)

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  Old School,not for everyone,but still a nice effort.

| | See all smegma's reviews (26)

This is a nice game,lets get that out there first....not cutting edge or the most thrilling experience on 360,but nice.
If PC games like Diablo/Dungeon Siege etc float your boat big time(welcome to my life!) then this is manna from heaven,ok the quests are samey and the pace is..well...sedate would describe it well,but the point in these games is character progression and this is well handled here,lots of things to advance with your character....
Graphically it is a little dated,but it still looks good,so overall,really only for fans of this type of RPG,if you prefer Fallout 3/Oblivion type of rpg you will be bemused by this game,but if diablo is more your thing,then this is a nice stopgap.


| | See all FireflyMav's reviews (6)

I really wanted to like this game, as I love the old RPGs where you wonder around collecting new items, leveling up, upgrading your character etc... but this game is really dull, the combat is boring (hold down one of the buttons, that's about it), you never feel like you are on a quest for anything, it's just a case of walk to point A, kill/collect something, then walk back to point B, so what if there are hundreds of quest you can go on, they are all the same and very boring !! The graphics and sound are pretty poor as well.

I had more fun playing Too Human, and that's not saying much. I traded Sacred in after 5 days (I couldn't get to the shops any time sooner).

Also - the collectors edition is a rip off, the model is only 2 inches tall and bendy plastic (no where near as big as it looks in the photo). But as it's cheaper on Play.com than the normal edition is in the shops, you can't really complain.

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  great game

| | See all GuNn3rTH14's reviews (5)

This game at first don't look good but when ya had a few hours on it u get hooked. A great game to buy 5 stars.

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  ok but not great

| | See all Tinkerbell66's reviews (40)

This game is not worth the price,the graphics are terrible, the gameplay is to slow and boring, the figure looks huge on the picture but its tiny but still cool,dont buy this game

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  About 10 years behind the times

| | See all Seriousgamer's reviews (6)

This game is truly awful, it's game structure has not moved on since it's predecessor. It is like playing a poor version of the original Diablo but nowhere near as much fun. The voice acting is laughable and the combat is clumsy and repetitive. Save your money and wait for Diablo 3.

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