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PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  Critique from a Pro Evo fan

| | See all IRamsbottom's reviews (3)

This is a really bad game. Yes it is the same old Pro Evo with a few graphical updates and has extra physical motions that the players can act to make tackles look more realistic, and the body motion flows a lot more naturally, but these all seem to be varnishing over a lot of very unrealistic tackles and such. Basically I found so much of this game frustrating and infuriating. It is impossible to tell if you come out of a standing tackle with the ball, your players will miscontrol the ball often (usually into the path of the oposition) and often when you want to play a through ball sideways to your overlapping full back they'll just play it off the pitch. The goal keepers coming out of their area glitches are still in there, and your defence will often let you down (not a new feature of PES with marking), and don't expect a player a yard from a pass to attempt an intercept, even when they pass it to you quite often it either just goes through you or you miscontrol it. One thing I find strange is how fast the opposition gets around the pitch, they literally surround your strikers with 5 of their defenders on the edge of their area, this is less a complaint as a strange observation. Free kicks are similar and thus a fun trial and error =) The gameplay itself is very similar, and thus challenging and fun, but for myself I find that there are still far too many basic glitches with the game considering that this is the 9th incarnation of this (a truly great) series...

I think it comes down to if you can overlook the silly mistakes your players will make, and waiting whilst the opposition meanlessly passes the ball round it's defence as to whether you will be able to enjoy the Pro Evo experience.

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  Very different technically improved PES

| | See all Horseballs's reviews (2)

I played this for the first time a couple of days ago and was quite surprised, the game play is a lot different to other versions of pes and the graphics are a lot more precise and real life.I agree with other comments made the game play is something you need to adjust to.I played my mate who i used to thrash every time and this completely evened up the playing field.Instead of using your better players to go through 5 men then break the net every time you have to play a lot more patient and tactically in this version.Pace certainly helps in the players(especially with torres running away from defenders)but cannot be used in the same way as previously.This is a lot more realistic and gone are the days of lionel messi single handedly taking on the whole team!Im certainly enjoying the challenge and hope to master it in the same way i did the others!One criticism i have of this however is the ease at which goals can be scored by headers, where they have made it harder to score in other areas it seems like it is now a lot easier to score from headed goals!i find myself increasingly sneaking down the wing and whipping in crosses at every opportunity as the success rate is through the roof!I never used to bother crossing but since goals are so hard to come by these days i feel it would be criminal not to exploit this!Aside from this the game is pretty much bang on and i for one welcome the new technical dimensions and diversity PES 2010 brings!

  Better than Fifa 2010

| | See all AndyHazy's reviews (2)

My friend has Fifa and I have to admit it really impressed me until I bought pro evo 2010. Fifa 10 is still a good game but not only are the graphics in pes 2010 better the game play is a lot more realistic. Fifa is better online but single player in pes is great and the official champions league music really sucks you into the game.

If you want to play online then maybe get fifa but if your more interested in the single player then pes is far superior to Fifa10 in every way.

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  It's getting there!!!

| | See all redblueblur's reviews (5)

Okay i am not going to say this is the best thing since sliced bread but what it is is a big improvement on last years attempt.The speed of the game has slowed down a lot meaning your build up has to be much more measured in order to pull the opposition around and create space,you can no longer score the speed burst goal ,beating six or seven as you go ,goals really have to be earned,the passing and through balls are very effective if your pass is timed in conjunction with a forwards run,tackling is pretty much the same although ignoring the opposition with the ball and funnelling back to the final third is the best action as in a lot of cases the opposition will give you the ball back via a poor pass or an interception.If you are a long time player of this title you will notice the change in player levels,level 3 now plays like level 2 and level 4 now plays like level 3,to get the best out of it play on pro setting(level 4).The presentation of 2010 is excellent,animation of players is very life like,they have redone the stadia including the new wembley and a very close version of old trafford .The new slider settings mean you can change tactics and your approach to a game very easily and quickly,the master league is now very similar to fifa with regard to you dealing with real money as opposed to a points system,and it appears to be very deep with youth teams and sponsors all incorporated,couple that with the champions league and europa league ,of which the presentation is brilliant you have a game which has a lot to offer and will keep you interested for a long time .

  A game that has lost its sole.

| | See all RodgerRedHat's reviews (1)

Well u might be forgiven for enjoying this version of Pes abit more than the last, because the last one was so bad anything after pes 9 would of been an improvement.

Pes10 is slighty better but by no means back to its best like pes6. Now the game pretty much promotes playing without out using the sprint button, if you are like me and played the game for its fast give and go's then, this game at times will make you hate ur PS3/xbox. Though balls are sameful they are either to long or to sort and the first toch of eaxch player when he recives the ball is really a disgrace.
The online game play is slighty worser than the last pes and at times totally unpalyerble. almost every person online plays without using the sprint button and almost all the games are played in slow montion.

the give and gos are almost taken out of the game totally and this kid sybass ? needs to ask him self why so many people have not liked his privous efforts and should step aside and let someone who knows a thing or two about football have a go.

all in all pes10 should thank fifa for not coming out with a edition of fiffa thats is romotly better, or ud feel that allot of people would jump ship fast .

i could go on all day about pes10 but im pretty sure other aspects of the games bad quality have already been expressed

im just waiting for gta to be released so i can trade it in

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| | See all friendlywizard's reviews (5)

The best thing about this game is the un-predicatable gameplay, the ball feels seperate and ricochetes off players, creating exciting matches. The brilliant Master League now has the UEFA Champions LEague (fully licensed) with a pool of familar european power houses like FC Barcelona and Dynamo Kiev, the atmosphere of those midweek ties are captured perfectly here. The player card system is interesting, for example Joe Cole if played in the SS position you can activate his "Mazing Runs" ability, and boy! does it look good if you manage to twist and turn the defence. Online is now solid, some perseverence required sometimes to find a good connecting opponent(s). Not to be missed.

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| | See all Roobie's reviews (1)

had game from launch playing on pro setting and let me tell u this game is a sim makes u think about everything formation ,players,tactics every goal is precious and very rewarding playing as england vs any small team eg united states easy ride no chance u have to earn everything u seem to learn a little more after every game so game will stay fresh for long time game looks brill and apart from commentery sounds are very good and really feels like big game night in champions league had 5 games online 3 with no lag and 2 with a little so overall pretty good not tried masterleague yet but from what ive read it seems very good so if like me u feel fifa is getting abit samey try this and playing on pro setting after a initial breaking in period u be rewarded with a tactical deep football sim ps i was a fifa man last year

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  Thought I'd give this a go and pleased with the outcome

| | See all Grovesey's reviews (7)

OK so in 2007 I bought PES 2008 and it was so rubbish I bought FIFA 08. Then in 2008 I bought FIFA 09 and didnt even look at PES. This year I bought FIFA 10 on release day and I was really excited about it being the best footy game ever but how wrong I was. After three weeks ive completely gone off it and ive tried my best to like it but there are so many problems this year namely all the bugs and glitches in Manager Mode (patch 2 only fixed some of them) and on the pitch inconsistancies. So I downloaded the PES 2010 demo and I was a bit dismayed with it, in fact I was satisfied that FIFA 10 despite the problems was still the best option this year. But having read the reviews on here and other sites about the full game I decided it was worth a go in buying this as well.

So here's what you really want to know, well so far I've only played about 6-7 games but the positives are:
- Amazing Graphics and Likenesses (puts FIFA to shame)
- Great Champions League match presentation, squint and you could be watching a real life game
- Good variety in goals and shooting
- Master League looks brilliant and already looks a million times better than Manager Mode e.g. league games are played in the day and UCL games at night (how EA got this wrong in MM I dont know!)

Negatives would be (or where FIFA is better):
- Short passing not as slick as FIFA, ball doesnt seem to stick in the same way and it seems to me that every player is leaning back too far when the pass it.
- Fewer teams and players than FIFA and not all the licenses (obviously)
- Skill moves not as good as FIFA

There must be thousands if not millions of footy game fans that years ago all used to like PES (or ISS) during the PS1 and PS2 days but since the next gen machines came have gone off PES as it went down hill and bought FIFA instead. This years FIFA is good but is a long way off a finished product, most people might be able to look past that but I know gamers and we just want something that works really well and doesnt have unlogical programming that spoils the realism and fun. I would advise people to give this years PES a chance as I have and they might be surprised. I played a Champions League game last night with Man Utd away to Beskitas and I am still replaying the two goals I scored over in my head. I havent done that with FIFA this year, so maybe that says something.

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  Wow, incredible

| | See all jackkikz's reviews (3)

This is the best game i have ever played, its fantastic. Its so realistic and initially i wasn't that keen, but after about 10 games, i realised i had to alter how i played it as its quite different from the last version and needs more build up to your play. It is just so realistic, you really feel like you are in the game.They have improved the master league and the graphics are brilliant. I have played the newest Fifa and it is good, but this is much, much better.

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  Return of the King

| | See all McFearless's reviews (7)

PES 2010 is hands down the best PES on next gen consoles and a real return to form. The gameplay has return to its roots so to speak, a more patient simulation type game compared to the arcade 'rush' of old. The graphics are easily the best ever to grace a football game. Offline gamers will love the Master League, which has been totally revamped and it is similar to Football management games with scouting, sponsorship, training, youth team, fitness and transfers all having an influence on your club, plus Europa League and Champions League are incorporated into the Master league Structure. This years ace card is definitely online. For the first time since PES6, PES offers practically a lag-free online experience. Also online has competitions like Champions League online, 2 V 2 and the fantastic community mode. PES2010 is a real step up from 2008 & 2009 and arguably up there with the best in the series like PES5.

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