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Rock Band: The Beatles

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  €John, Paul, Ringo and George!!!

| | See all elite87vide's reviews (2)

This is such a good and fun game to play, everything looks and sounds amazing! 100% Must Have.

  Disappointing lack of old classics

| | See all DevilishMongrel's reviews (19)

I had been dying to get my hands on this game since it's release but held off because of the price. I was ecstatic when I found it for 5.99 and snapped it right up. Having played through I can say that I am so glad I waited for the price to come right down as I just can't see how this game can justify the expensive price tag it was released with. I was disappointed however by the lack of some classic well known songs and confused by some of the obscure tracks we had been supplied with instead. Overall worth a run through but you wouldn't want to spend more than a 10 on it

  Makes me wanna twist and shout!

| | See all bigdaddyx25's reviews (5)

Hadn't listened to many Beatles songs before but then decided to buy this as it was cheap and now love all there songs with my ipod being dominated by them. A must buy if your a fan or are just looking for something new to listen to.

  An okay game, while it lasts.

| | See all ELIITEGAME3R's reviews (2)

I bought this game yesterday, and my view of it is, there are a lot of beatles tracks to play to, including; Back in the U.S.S.R (which i found pretty good) and the old favourite yellow submarine.

Good Points - A lot of songs. Easy enough for any new beginners to rock band. A must have for beatles fans. Videos and pictures showing you their glory.

Bad Points - Wasnt long enough. Bad graphics with bad animation of characters. Wasnt challenging enough for those masters of rock band. The game will sometimes say that you missed a note when you clearly hit it.

Furthuremore, if you want this game but you have guitar hero controllers, then i know for a fact that the guitar hero guitar works on the beatles rock band, im not sure about the microphone or drums though! sorry.

All in all i rate this game 3 out of 5. which is like 6 out of 10.
For 5 pounds, on play.com then i suppose you cant go wrong, but anything above 10 pounds, dont bother! hope this review helped.

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  no better music game

| | See all phatrob93's reviews (5)

i've had all the guitar heros and currently own all the rock bands, this is by far the most fun, not much of a challenge but really fun. somtimes when i'm playing other games i'll fail a song and get pissed off and leave. playing this was just fun and enjoyable, by far my best experiance. one of the other things is that it looks beeter than any other game, the animations inbetween gig's is smooth and lovely and fun to watch, i even look forward to them, also the brightening of the blue and green colours on the highway actually suprisingly really brought somthing to the game. 10/10

  I play this game eight days a week.

| | See all JosephC95's reviews (1)

I can honestly say that I found no faults to this game what so ever, although including all of their songs would not of been a bad thing. The graphics are brilliant, even if they are quite cartoony they resemble the "fab four" perfectly. The gameplay is of course the typical Rock Band style which allows you to feel as though you are actually John, Paul, George and Ringo. This makes an imitation of Paul's head shake almost impossible during Twist and Shout. EA Games have also done very well in imitating famous Beatles venues such as The Cavern and Hadouken Stadium, they have also gone as far as including crowds of screaming fans making the experience as realistic as possible. Over all this game is possibly the best game in my Xbox 360 collection and is a must buy for any Beatle fan or even someone who isn't...so anyone really.
All you need is love:)


| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

I went out on a limb when I got this game for my birthday but boy was I glad I took that chance. The music in this game is simply amazing except for one or two but even at that they're decent. There are 43 songs in this game ranging from "Twist and Shout" to "Octopus's Garden." The career isn't very long and could be finished in about 4-6 hours depending on difficulty. The new dreamscape feature is bright and vibrant and filled with psychedelic colours but is often very distracting and confusing when you're trying to focus on hitting the notes. It is also one of the easiest RockBand/Guitar Hero games. If you are a decent player you should have no bother with this game on the harder modes. After playing through this game, I finally understand why The Beatles were THE biggest band in the world! Buy this game if you are a fan of The Beatles or even if you're not because I had only ever listened to about two Beatles' songs prior to this and I absolutely loved this game. Overall, one of the best music games EVER falling just short of Guitar Hero Metallica.

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  I'm Not Even a Beatles Fan!

| | See all James91w's reviews (13)

Well the Beatles were around certainly before my time and I had only ever heard a couple of there songs, I picked this game up cheap to try it out and all I can say is !!!WOW!!! I cannot belive how many of the songs on here I reconised from TV, ect, In the story mode there are around 54 songs and I promise you atleast 40 of those are dam catchy and fully enjoyable to play!

Defently pick this up! :)

  By far the best rock band game to date.

| | See all SimpleUK's reviews (7)

This game is excellent for beginners, its by far the easiest band/hero game to play along with on the easy setting and if you speed it up (harder settings, etc) it is very challenging also! out of all the band games this gets the best marks from my point of view and i was never really a beatles fan, some of the music on here is very psychedelic, dont be put off by the monotonous yellow submarine as the first song, it will suprise you!

  A must have for any Beatlemainiac

| | See all Scar182UK's reviews (17)

Being a big fan of the Beatles, I loved this game. The graphics are great for a music game and the story mode really shows you how the Beatles progressed through their career. The setlist is good, a few songs missing but the new albums available for DLC will keep you satisfied. However, if you've never really listened to the Beatles before, I can't see how you'd fully appreciate this game.