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Arcania: Gothic 4

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Who on Earth could compare this to Skyrim?! It's poor.

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What a waste of money. I cannot believe one of these other reviewers calls this the 'best RPG ever'. Clearly someone needs to play some real RPGs..!

The storyline begins well enough, but any experienced player will soon realise that this game is pretty linear and boring.

Character development is stunted and overly-simplistic. You can focus on being an archer if you like, but ultimately you'll end up bashing buttons until you win anyway. Don't the developers realise that most of the fun in RPGs is tinkering with character builds? Introducing sliding bars for development makes it difficult to really know what difference (if any) your choices make.

Spells are uninspiring, and the 'gameplay' soon descends into 'go here on the map, do this, then run back', which results in a lot of time just running through fields or over beaches, wishing you'd bought a game that was either interesting or fun. There is no real choice. You get a mission. You do the mission. You don't deviate or get lost in a side quest. Walls, cliffs and fences stop you going anywhere except to the next checkpoint. You think "I bet there's a secret thingummy in that alcove on the beach, right? Like, a magic ring, or whatever". But even when there is something, it's just some pointless statue (you've now collected 4/50 of them). Feel the intensity of the lack of any real reward system!

Looting the corpses of the enemies that you have button-mashed to death is a confusing experience that regularly results in my getting to a shop, only to realise that I've been (apparently) carrying round a better set of armour than the one I've got on. But God only knows when I picked that up... and who knows if it would have made any difference in a fight anyway?

Good RPGs immerse you in a universe of characters, lore and valuable items that genuinely reward your hard work. This RPG doesn't do any of that.

This is a horrible parody of a good RPG that makes Dragon Age 2 look like a non-linear, in-depth experience. Which is really saying something. If you ever played NWN1 or 2, Baldur's Gate or the first Mass Effect, then playing this game will make you lose all hope in humanity.

I gave it 2 stars because it functions as a game. There are occasional bugs, but they don't ruin it. So, I guess it's done an ok job in that sense.

  Best RPG EVER!!!

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This game may be rough around the edges with lack luster voice acting and other slight issues but what it lacks it more than makes up for in character. I have never played an RPG that was so engaging before, This game looks and feels vibrant and interesting and you find your self wanting to play more at 5am when you have already been up all night playing it. The game's balance in its game play and characters means you never find your self wondering aimlessly or being bored at any time. The game starts off with a pretty underwhelming opening sequence where you play the king in a dream but once you actually start the game with your character the game opens up into a magical world off addictive role playing, CG beauty and a perpetual story that has you begging for more. All in all I would say that the story is engaging, the game play is well balanced and more fluid than most RPGs, the graphics are stunning and keep you interested without long periods of dullness like games such as dragon age. This game is definitely worth buying especially if your a fan of two worlds 2, Skyrim or dragon age.

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  Meh, alright for a game. But a letdown to the Gothic title.

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The game is all right for a 3rd person action RPG. But I find is Massively linear. I managed to make it to the 4th quest zone before becoming very bored and looking for a new game. Because it is so linear (one quest at a time, forcing you down one path before unlocking the next quest path) I found the game repetitive. There was no chance to branch off and explore, since invisible walls and convenient caveins blocked your path. The other Gothic games were free roaming, and they soft 'controlled' where you could go by the monster difficulty.

Its a step back from Gothic 3, and a leap back from Gothic 2 in my opinion.

If you sympathise with my comment and want a real follow up from Gothic 3, you might want to check out a game called 'Risen'.

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  A very nice suprise.

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This is a very good game, i was suprised. the graphics are decent enough and the gameplay is fine. There is a good variety of quests and side quests to keep you entertained.

buy it for a decent little RPG !!

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  Let the Adventure Begin!

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I recently baught the pal version of Gothic 4 for my brother and as of right now I have played the game more then him. There's just something about the world that makes you want to keep playing and exploring. The game does have it faults, mainly in the graphics department. The framerate is constantly chugging and the game does seem alittle blurry. But look past this and you will be hooked. The quests, while being your usual go here and fetch this, go there and kill him variety; never get old. The same can be said about the combat aswell. No matter how many enemies you kill it never seems to feel boring. If you enjoy these PC RPG's then Gothic 4 will definitely be for you. While the quests and combat are nothing new, the game world is simply amazing and definitely worth venturing in to!

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  Gothic 4 arcania

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If you love RPGs you'll love this little beauty this is as good as games like oblivion, risen, dragon age. This is a must!!!!

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