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Fallout 3: The Pitt & Operation Anchorage (Expansion Pack)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  good expansion minus operation anchorage

| | See all stevenfall's reviews (24)

When i first looked at the downloadable content packs for fallout 3 i thought Operation Anchorage looked right up my street - i was very wrong, apart from the spoils you receive after you complete the expansion i found the storyline very very linear, boring and too short. Its a shame both of these expansions are on the same disc since it has brought down my overall score for the combination: - with this said The Pitt proved to be fairly enjoyable and had a stronger stroyline while sacraficing some free-roamability (nothing you would find it OA anyway). As i mentioned before there is some good loot to be found in both of these expansions, especially The Pitt and the storyline and character encounters are also pretty good in The Pitt too. They seem to have really worked on the landscape and cityscape in The Pitt and also included some pretty cool new weapons you can get your hands on. I would really reccommend The Pitt but not so much Operation Anchorage, for those xbox live gold users who are willing to buy point cards i would suggest choosing that option to avoid Operation Anchorage unless you are really a diehard fallout 3 fan.

  ancorage and the pitt.

| | See all glen117's reviews (29)

i love fallout 3 and the downloadble content is brilliant to ancorage is a change in to just acion and its not as bad as the mags told you and you get the gauss rifle after it you be yousing it into the other downloads and the pitt is a violent baren indusrian land full of dissesd trogs and there cool and a change from gray and dead to brown and dieing and the armour is cool and you get the auto axe how ever its over hyped but violent. the pitt realy makes you fell constricted with people dieing and not mutch stimpiks. its just a must for fallout 3 fans. im looking forword to the next downloadble content.

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  Both Excellent but Anchorage is too short

| | See all musicman66's reviews (1)

Fallout is superb game but the Anchorage scenario falls down due purely to its length. The Pitt is far more expansive and more VFM.
Playing on Very Hard at level 20 I found it quite easy to get through with all the perks etc ( Especially the Grim Reaper Sprint) I am not hard core gamer .

  kick ass

| | See all Hunkstain9's reviews (2)

This expansion pack is kick ass, but 2 short i completed it in like 4 hours, but im gettin broken steel and point look out when it comes out theres also a new expansion called mother ship zeta


| | See all mikeyydennedyy's reviews (2)

The very short amount of gameplay that is there is great but there is just not enough of it! 3 Hours to complete both quest lines!

Fallout and oblivion are equally awesome but his expansion pack is nowhere near as good as knights of the nine and shivering isles when it comes to quantity and quality!


| | See all Gregster1968's reviews (66)

I bought both of these from xbox live and loved them both. The Pitt is very gritty and as someone else has said, very "mad max". Operation Anchorage is a good old fashioned piece of shootyness and at the end, you get to keep some kick-bottom equipment (esp the Gause Rifle!)

  A Journey Continued...

| | See all mooked's reviews (13)

Both DLC episodes are great fun, for Operation Anchorage I would reccomend turning the difficulty up to hard if you usually play normal, this way you get more challange for your money. The pitt is fantastic if your a fan of the mad max movies! nicely written story and some intresting taboo situations.
Best of all is the price, to buy 1600 microsoft points on xbox live you would have to purchase 2000 for £17.00 so this is quite a few quid cheaper so good value for money.

  Brilliant but very, very short..

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Operation Anchorage: Very short, but a great story. Very easy, you hardly ever die and your team mate never loses health. 4/5

The Pitt: Very good, people say that it game crashes and glitches. it only glitched once and that was it.. The story was fantastic, the setting was brilliant and the game was cool... 5/5

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  Very good, very good indeed

| | See all Therevrend's reviews (13)

As many people have said, operation Anchorage is very short, but still very enjoyable when you are playing it, great fun as it is dam near impossible to run out of ammo. THough i have only played the opening stages of the pitt, it is living upto expectations and isa as good, if not better than operation anchorage

  good, but not as good as i thought it was going to be!

| | See all clarkeyboy01's reviews (4)

quickly to the person below me; you don't need xbox live to play the disc, i don't have it and have just completed operation anchorage. which brings me to the main point, operation anchorage was too short, i was expecting much more. although i havent played the pitt yet, so can't comment on that, hopefully it is much better than anchorage!