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Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (Game Only)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  great game, all down to taste though

| | See all Heinrich's reviews (11)

I personally enjoyed the majority of the setlist
thats what makes or breaks the game for you really

google "greatest hits setlist" if you don't like the songs then its not for you

  Great Re-iterations

| | See all Daviduk2000's reviews (40)

all the best songs from guitar hero 1, guitar hero 2, guitar hero 3, guitar hero rock the 80's, and 1 from aerosmith.
now made better with full band play, nice neat display
my only problems with it is, some songs they didnt put in that i thought should have, like knights of cydonia, and paint it black

The BEST NEWS EVER THOUGH IS. Activision anounced that, Songs From
Guitar hero Greatest HITS.
Guitar Hero World Tour.
will be exportable to Guitar hero 5 !! woo hoo

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| | See all Billabobdooda's reviews (3)

awesome game, though i cant help but wonder "why did they need to release it as a whole other game, why didnt they just release the songs for download on GHWT or GH5?"

and theres no Megadeth which SUCKS!!!

  Not Played but see the point

| | See all mattmason81's reviews (1)

Ive read a billon reviews on guitar hero games and ive played the hell out of No# 3, Aerosmith, world Tour & Metallica so when it comes to thease titles im definately experienced. Although I know most of you think "ive played thease songs before, why is it worth me buying this title?" heres the answer: How many of you have sat there while 2 of your friends have tried to get through songs and felt like you have been left on the sidelines? knowing that you could lend a hand by wailing into a mic or pounding the drums?... truith is, this game has taken all the fan faves and threw the whole band experience on them making the songs you know and love have more depth. All GH games keep you coming back for more and what i say to you all now is: Don't judge them as games, judge them as archives of legendary interactive tracks which you will add to your collection!

Rock on!

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  Make them exportable

| | See all breathtaking's reviews (6)

Good game, If your a real fan of guitar hero/rock band you will have noitced that guitar hero never seems to make any songs exportable. If you look at rock band 1 every song is exportable on to rock band 2 for 400 points (inlcuding dlc *downloadable conent)! We have to pay 39.99 for 48 songs of what appears to be the "greatest hits" from other guitar hero games? Also non of the guitar hero dlcs are exportable which is a shame really because that dragonforce pack would of been interesting in band mode. Activision sort it out please...

  great for drums

| | See all StvHow7's reviews (6)

I agree with some of the reviews. if you've been playing guitar hero since the first one then there isn't much point in getting it cause you've played all the songs on guitar, i bought this because i play the drums mostly and wanted it for that, great fun on the drums!

  A Game or a Legend?

| | See all molloyd1992's reviews (6)

OK- Activision have put some of the best tracks from the orignial guitar heros as a band.- the tracks are excellent all complete master tracks so you dont have queen sounding like McFly! The only downside to this game is that the gameplay isn't exactly hard and the game is over within an hour- but justifying this is the fact that you can play through the fire and flames or rock and roll all night on drums which to me is awesome. People say this is not the best of games compared to Metallica but what you have to take into mind is that they didnt spend that long on this game as they were only updating old to new whereas GH: Metallica was a new creation from scratch and they had to make a well renowned band to look even bigger and better during gameplay. Anyone who is interested in buying this game should only if they have a drum kit as well otherwise your best off with Guitar Hero 2.

  This is just getting silly!

| | See all 8Matty8's reviews (35)

Why do people need this many Guitar Hero games? Don't get me wrong, I think it's bags of fun, seriously though; is there any point in making this many installments? I think it was fair to make a Metallica version, but now Van Halen! Everywhere you look, there's a new Guitar Hero game or Rock Band game being released. And now all this talk about a game called Band Hero!!! No doubt going to be exactly the same. Activision must make so much money from the sales of endless new Guitar Hero games. The only good thing about this installment is that you can play all the greatest songs seen in Guitar Hero games on every band instrument. However if you only have a guitar, there isn't much point buying this one!

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  What A CON!!!!!!

| | See all Dexter68's reviews (2)

So a rehash of playlists I already have.
Come on XBox. get your act together. Give the people who pay your wages what they want. How about some new songs. Its the same with the game "Lips". Hardly any new songs each month. I love my Xbox but Playstation 3 starting to look like a better option. Singstar has much better songs. Save my money for something better !!!

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  OK but not GH good

| | See all gizzmo666's reviews (7)

i have been a big fan of the game's since day one! playing Cow boys from hell on expert for the first time on GH1 i will never forget! But now i just feel like all the hours of practicing (sad i no) was just a waste time and effort. They have made the songs so so so easy now! good for new players but not to old school fans! the only good thing is playing most off the good song in HD?! so buy it for a party game not a guitar game!