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Magna Carta 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Strong RPG, well worth the time.

| | See all Soujiro85's reviews (8)

After hunting for this game for some months, i was lucky enough to find it in a local store, i wasted no time in playing it.
The "official" reviews are a bit harsh granted, and i found the game a bit slow to start, but after a couple of hours of play the story really picked up and i found myself hooked.
With a strong cast of characters, great voice acting, an interesting combat system and an orginal story with some great twists. This is well worth picking up.

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| | See all LukeyB89's reviews (5)

Like others below me I was also unsure about this game reading mixed reviews on it but all I have to say is this game is easily one of the best rpg's I have ever played. The story and the gameplay are just awesome and even after completing it I wanted to put disc one back in and start a brand new game!!!! 100% worth the money!!! Bring on Magna Carta 3


| | See all mum8l35's reviews (4)

When I first started playing this I thought "oh god another waste of money", an hour in and i was hooked, so glad I had the patience to learn the mechanics of the game and stick it out. Now i'm kicking the misses out the door to work so i can play!! The voice acting is good, the graphics are alright, but that's just personnal preference as not a big fan of manga although if you want to see a big pair bouncing round the screen this is the game for you lol!!. Overall well impressed with this game, the combat is different as I prefer the turn based RPG's but it's more interactive than them.


| | See all ShadowTrader's reviews (3)

i ordered this game about 2 days ago after watching videos about it on youtube lol and reading a ton of reviews and read alot saying its not worth the money blah blah and then i also read some saying its worth it so i got it

to cut a long story short extremely WORTH THE MONEY! look people take a flying leap of faith like i did lol i got well rewarded this game is well i cant put it into words all i will say is

GODLY if u love RPG then u must add this to ur collection buy it u wont be disappointed trust me i am not

  Magna Carta II

| | See all Hawthorns's reviews (10)

If you're a little sceptical about buying this game due to the unfavourable 'professional' reviews then fear not! Reviewers are biased and don't take too much interest in an RPG unless it has Final Fantasy written on it. If you're an RPG fan then this is the best one since Lost Odyssey. The graphics and character/weapon designs are awesome. The voice acting is surprisingly good. Battle system is different! You should enjoy it once you get the hang of performing chain breaks and working your way towards the beastly 500 chain breaks achievement! I'm currently about 27 hours into the game and can already say it's one of the better RPG's I've played. Can't wait to see how it ends but unfortunately my second disc has a nasty scratch on it that i'll have to get buffered out soon. So yeah...don't listen to the reviews! If you're an RPG fan you SHOULD enjoy this. Brilliant!


| | See all Nephtice's reviews (27)

great game gfx aint amazing but gameplay is great

good points -

free moving combat , long story loads of side quests , good weapon look , magical combat , puzzles , easy trigger points , chain moves that adapt to your situation,

bad points -

DLC ruins game but u need it to get 1000 also when u get the dlc they dont tell you there is NO better weapons in the whole game so if u buy it at level 1 you never swap weapons in the whole game

graphics seem faded at times but i must say the game play does make up for this and its easy avoidable

the best bits

its a great game if you thought FFX was the best final fantasy they made cos this is basically that with a new combat system :) i love this game i been playing it for 19 hours and im 23% complete its long as u want it to be if you choose to do every side quest it will last months :)

i would rate this 9/10 in any magazine under one of the best rpg's of 2009

  very very good! 4.5/5

| | See all JohnJackson's reviews (18)

First things first the good points!
The story in this game is excellent, certainly the best in a long while and has a few plot twists that i never saw coming, which is a very rare thing in RPG style games these days. Another plus is the battle system. It is very similar to FF12 in where the enemies are on the field in real time and you can attack when you move closer. The main difference is that you cant button mash, the battles can be extremely tactical and there is a fair bit to them to make them fun! (big must in any RPG when your faced with thousands of enemies lol) Another plus with the game is the voice acting which is consistently good from start to finish making the interaction between your characters realistic and really draws you into the game very quickly.

Now the not so good stuff!
The story progression is pretty linear and you usually have a few side quests to do in between the story parts. For example progress the story a bit, do 2 side quests, bit more main story then 2 more side quests... does get predictable but doesnt really take anything from the game. Also the game world is not the biggest, you can pretty much explore all of it in a few hours if you just run around not fighting any monsters which draws me onto the game length, i completed it in 36 hours and that was including 85% of the side quests.

Overall this is a decent game which to be honest i was completely addicted to for a week. I work a 40hour job and still managed over 36hours into this game it really does draw you into the game world and you really feel for the characters. I would recommend this game to any RPG fan as its brilliant, just wish there was another 20 hours in it somewhere!

  soldier x

| | See all fear8less's reviews (7)

Got this game the other day, and if you like rpg's this won't disapoint, graphics are great gameplay is great, good thing is if you played the first one it's nothing like that thank god. A great rpg will do till dragon age

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