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UFC 2009: Undisputed

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (57 reviews)"

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| | See all offord96's reviews (9)

i only played the demo of ufc 09+ufc 10 2day brilliant 10/10 im gonna get this graphics great most the time commentary bores me but this dosent a must buy for anyone

  a decent start

| | See all shogun79's reviews (14)

i love MMA and UFC and so could not wait until this game came out. i foolishly rushed in and brought the game at full price. i wished i had waited and saved myself 20 pounds as it was reduced quite soon. anyway the game itself is a very good start in a series that will hopefuly evolve over the years. a very complicated sport is translated well to this game but not perfectly. some fights end too soon and some go on far too long, there is no real way of telling who will win (which is good in a sport but not when you have smashed someone for 3 rounds and they land one punch and you lose). the ground game is probably the biggest let down along with the fight builder mode. the ground game is over complicated and most fights end fast once they go to the ground. all in all a must buy for a fan of the sport and the next one will be alot better, i hope.

  great game

| | See all tezjaggs's reviews (21)

this is a very good game and very enjoyable the only problem i have with this game is the career mode is a bit slow and clunky and online play when u beat someone they can quit and u do not get the win or they get the loss which is a terrible design flaw. but the game itself is good and fun with real fighting. people who dont like this game just dont know how to fight for real they rather put gloves on like girls, they are not real men, they are little boys. they probably think tripping somebody over means they have ''smashed them up blud init'' lolololol

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| | See all musicalminds's reviews (8)

Fighting games no matter what type are fighting games. This game is a smart game not a good one. It made money because the sport is good just like wrestling. but just like wrestling games this is a flop if you want real fighting action play fight-night round 4 or street fighter.

  Good, but not great

| | See all LittleMissGeek's reviews (2)

With UFC so popular a high profile game release was inevitably due. Featuring many current fighters over 5 weight classes it is a good representation of the real life sport.
The game has a simple striking control system which is easy enough to pick up and play for most, and a deeper grappling control system that can be tricky. The career mode is decent but repetitive with an average length. There are other modes such as online, exhibition and classic fights.
Unfortunately the game is let down by a haphazard knockout system which means at almost any point the player can hold one button and knock out the opponent (or be KO'd). Sounds fun, but in practice makes for short games based on luck rather than skill, especially playing with friends or online. The grappling system attempts to be innovative using the thumb sticks, however feels uncertain and clumsy.
There is still entertainment to be had, however the games longevity is below rival titles such as Fight Night Round 4 or Smackdown titles.
Worth playing, but not for that long.

  Submissions aren't hard

| | See all cashers12's reviews (21)

put the right analog stick in the crack between your forefinger and your thumb of your right hand. spin the analog as fast as you can with your right hand and with your left hand keep moving the controller diagonally. this should spin the analog really fast.
make sure you try the submissions when your opponent is tired and has got low stamina.
put this all together and you will get a submission every fight ;)

the game is brilliant when you can get submissions and knockouts whenever you like.

  Suprisingly addictive.

| | See all misterbloke87's reviews (4)

It must first be said that I was very sceptical when I bought this game on impulse. I thought it would be a cross between Fight Night and WWE Smackdown. However the truth is much different. UFC manages to create its own style of game play, its mixes button bashing with skilful technique, creating an exciting bout of manly aggression towards your opposing animated fighter. Never have I felt so alive to see a spinning back fist connect and win a fight I felt I would certainly lose.
This game is not for the faint of heart. This harnesses the realistic game play that allows a knockout at any time, whether this be 4 mins 20 into the 5th round of a championship fight or 12 seconds in from a single kick to the head (I have been on the unhappy receiving end of both) but that makes winning all the more satisfying .
As some people have said, the career mode isn't fantastic, but still fun.
Definite for those with friends, either virtual or real, there is nothing more satisfying then walking in toe to toe and walking away the victor after less that 20 seconds in the round go through a rear naked choke whilst your mate is still asking "which button is punch?"
Gameplay 5*
Visual 5*
Career 3*
Audio 2* (predictably repetitive)
mult-player 5* (could be bought solely for this reason)

  good but not the king.

| | See all glen117's reviews (29)

i was looking forword to this and i expected it to be hard and fun.
but insted i was slightly disapointed. the game has got brilliant graphics and the face ripling is awsome and every thing is easyish
to master but iv tride everything but i just cant get a submission its to hard and there no presing agenst the cage play its not fair. and knockouts happen all the time to me and may enemy its anoing when he lands a week jab and .K.O.s me it anoing. but offers fun and so does the career.

+the riple
+the graphics
+the cuts and blood
+the career mode is short but good
+the charecter likeness

-gets repetitive
-hard submisions
-knockouts are to often
-slightly empty crowd

lots of good and bad and fun makes for a game the shood have bean better but is still great and solid.

  Ultimate Fighting King!

| | See all craney360's reviews (1)

Fantastic game, if you are a avid UFC fan or just a casual who tunes into the live or repeat shows on television. As soon as you have your first fight on this game you will SWEAR its real. The game is VERY life like and the presentation, gameplay and sound (commentary) is top notch you can tell THQ and Yukes have taken alot of time and effort into making this game different from any other fighter whilst mantaining the core essential gameplay elements that make it UFC all over. Trust me this game is money well spent, the achievements are good and the online play is immense. There is a classic fights mode where you can re create classic UFC fights wich is a nice touch for the older more avid UFC fans. The games options are endless and one tip, dont fall for the button bashing one punch one kick tactics get used to the ground game offence and defence or honestly you will get ripped apart online and offline. There are a few minor things that you will hardly notice unless you are a true UFC fan, the fighting styles are limited but not as limited to make the game bad and i have 100% belief that UFC 2010 will improve in every area that needs improving on.........and theres not many.

You would be MAD to not have this in your collection, IT IS TIIIIIIIIME!!! 5 STAR!

  Good but repetetive!

| | See all JoshWrexham's reviews (6)

When i first downloaded the demo for this game I was hooked on the amazing graphics and the stunning gameplay! Playing the demo over and over just to see the amazing knockouts and submissions! After a day of playing the full game i became bored! The career is frustrating and is just the same thing over and over! This game is definitely made for online play and giving your mates a hiding as the beating has to come with verbal abuse!