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Guitar Hero 5 (Game Only)

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Bad times.

| | See all A1D3N000's reviews (10)

Could think of atleast 3 Guitar Hero titles better than this one, which really does sum up the fact that the Guitar Hero games do get worse as the series goes on in time.

  Good Game

| | See all jaaames95's reviews (21)

Although like others I agree that GH5 is not as good as GH3 this game is very good. The setlist is very varied and there is something in this game for everyone. If you are a fan of heavier rock then I would suggest you buy GH3 or maybe GH Metallica.

  Very Entertaining

| | See all PsyberPixie's reviews (2)

A great game to play on your own, or with friends, i really enjoy playing online in competative mode, momentum battles are the best, in my opinion lol. The only downside are there are only a few really good songs the rest are ok or very bad, but i guess this is subjective.

  Great game

| | See all flyboi92's reviews (22)

i disagree with the reviewer below. i also only saw a few songs that i thought i had heard of when looking at the tracklist. i asked for this game (the guitar bundle) for xmas and loved it when i played it for the first time on xmas day. i found that many of the songs i did know its just i hadnt known the name of them previously. the game has some great tracks (nirvana-smells like teen spirit, the raconteurs- steady as she goes, nirvana-lithuim elton john-saturday nite, muse- plug in baby just to name a few). i like most of the songs on the game and there is lots of variety (great mix of music genres). i would really recommend this game to any guitar hero fans or newcomers who want to get into the instrumental game genre.


| | See all TheIrvster's reviews (1)

I've been a dedicated GH fan since the series started and even with the release of rock band before GH could release their version of a full band with World Tour, I still remained faithful due to the brilliant song list.

Unfortunately looking down the list of songs on GH5, I saw about 10 songs I recognised and about 3 I liked. Guitar Hero has quickly became Indie Hero. Sorry, but how hard is 'sex on fire' and 'never miss a beat' to play? Yeah fun songs to sing but I can't recommend the game for MY PERSONAL song preference.

Due to the song list, I'd only give it 3 stars, really it is a good game still, good features as always and graphics are improving all the time.

If your going to get it, I think I'd check out the FULL song list first.

If your after a game full of challenging solos, try Greatest Hits, the songs (I believe) are a lot harder to play on Greatest Hits than they are on the previous versions.

I remember Through the Fire and Flames being unchallenging once mastered once on GH3 but it was more difficult on GH:GH.
Also Beast and the Harlot on drums is very fun indeed!

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  Guitar Hero #Fail D:

| | See all HaiiTomm's reviews (1)

Guitar Hero 2 to Guitar Hero 3 were great games.
Amazing track list and some pretty decent metal bands and hard rock which is always fun to play (being an actual guitarist its even more fun). But as time's gone on, the GH franchise has turned to mush, bring back the challenging songs with slamming solos! The songs just don't have the feeling anymore. If you want a great game, Buy Rockband 2 (and use the Guitar Hero 4 drums and guitar and you're set), borrow RB1 from someone or rent it and install the songs to hard drive then youve got a massive playlist for RB2, and all the songs are pretty interesting towards the harder end and a few pretty good ones all over :)

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| | See all JayIISkelton's reviews (2)

This game does have some great features, things which have never been done in a rhythm game before, such as the 'drop in and out' party play etc. But for me, and many of my friends, matchmaking is slow at best and the track list is one of the worst I've seen I mean, 'all along the watchtower' by 'Bob Dylan!?' ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I wouldn't recommend this game, I would of rather just spend by money on rock band DLC instead, or have saved my money for Rock Band Beatles/Lego, which comes out late November.

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  Not As Good As Rock Band

| | See all Lshadows's reviews (2)

Guitar hero has everything. The graphics, the gameplay and the customizational features. But it just doesn't have the same feeling as rock band does. RB also has harder, more fun songs. Sorry but i'm sticking with Rock Band

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  poor? Nah mate

| | See all Brendan16's reviews (2)

Despite all those bad reviews, i think this game brings out the best in the guitar hero series. The fact You can jump in and out of songs is brill and you can actually get other people on-line to help you with the career. Ok the track list could be better but still i would recommend buying this.

I have had this since release day and im still not bored of it.

5 out of 5 :)

Cant wait for tthe next Guitar Hero

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  Its pretty good, there getting there.

| | See all spektral's reviews (1)

To put it simply. If you like the ease and cheesyness of World Tour or GH3 then you might not like this one. It has got a good track listing in my opinion, i find it much more mature with much less of the annoying teeny rock songs and more real music. As an Expert player i still find it a bit easy but its much more of a challenge than world tour.

With band hero in the pipeline i think we are in for a more challenging GH in the future. Band Hero will be great for all the people that want to just have some fun with pop music. Guitar Hero will then be left for the more serious players after a bit more than GH5 or the rest (well apart from Metallica!) can offer