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Guitar Hero 5 (Guitar Bundle)

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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| | See all Mars85's reviews (4)

I have played both world tour and rock legends. I found using the controller for legends of rock was better than using the guitar on world tour, since I also had trouble with the strum bar and the keys jammed when pushing them in. So I missed notes or notes got stuck.

I haven't yet played guitar hero 5, so does it require the guitar or have they done the good thing nad give you the option of using the controller in its stead??

  Good Game, Bad Guitar Controller

| | See all Jake12137's reviews (7)

The Guitar Hero game itself is great, quite a wide range of songs and a feww that I had forgotton I liked. Very enjoyable to play, especially in the Party Play mode with friends.

However, the Guitar Controller is useless. The first few days of use were fine but then the Strum Bar started to go faulty and either did not register my strum, or registered that I had hit the strum bar in quick succession meaning I lost my streak and accuracy. I'm certain this is a technical glitch because at the end of a few songs, my hands were not touching either the strum bar or the fret keys and the guitar registered that I had apparently hit a note.

I'm not happy about the controller, but the game is worth the buy (on it's own) =)

  All round top performer

| | See all waidey's reviews (2)

Great game, had many a fun hour online, alone and with friends playing this.
Guitar is easy to assemble and straight forward to use.
Song list is to my taste but expert mode blows my mind. You'll have a crazy fun time trying to get them 600 note streaks on expert.

Great animations, looks amazing in 1080P.
I stuck the poster and stickers on my wall :)

  Do you feel like we do?

| | See all arty666's reviews (137)

Yes, this game is amazing.. The avatar's are funny and the online is fantastic. As for the songs, a pretty solid list with a few minor set backs e.g coldplay, arctic monkeys.. The online is simple and easy. The achievements are actually... Achieveable!! Yes, i am a medium player and i finished with 330 gamerscore from it.. The guitar is pretty good as well.

Definitely get this game if you are a guitar hero fan!! 5/5

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  Same old song and dance and... guitar controller! :-(

| | See all IronLion's reviews (10)

+graphics are OK!
+avatar-rocker is a nice addition
+multiplayer is easy to join
+challenges bring more gaming hours
+few excellent songs: Dire Straits - Sultans, Iron Maiden - 2 minutes, Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain etc., funk songs were a groovy addition.

-bundle includes GH:WT guitar controller - WE WANT THE NEW RED-WHITE BEAST with better strum bar & digital tap board!
-some odd song charts
-challenges could be better
-overall average track list


GH: Metallica and GH: World Tour had better track lists.

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  Good fun to play

| | See all happygnome's reviews (32)

I pre-ordered mine and so I got world tour as well which for me was a very good buy. Like other people have said the setlist isn't as good with previous titles having better setlists (world tour, greatest hits and GH 3) and including songs which are painful to play such as fame by david bowie. However there is a range of songs with something that everyone likes. For me this gets 5 stars but thats only cos I got world tour with it and the game itself is probably only 3 or 4.

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  too much hype

| | See all nick0510's reviews (10)

i love gh3 and world tour and metallica but this is not as good as those before it the setlist is poor to begin with but there are still some good songs on but does not live up to the hype i am afraid there are songs on the game that should not be on .

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  Could've had a better setlist

| | See all Dodo666's reviews (5)

Got my copy day of release with the free copy of world tour so I would definately say the price is worth it for 2 games and the guitar.
The chance of you being able to play up to 4 of the same instruments at the same time is great :P only fallback is that the setlist isn't great but does have some hidden gems

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| | See all KopiteMark's reviews (1)

This Guitar Hero is by far the best yet. The ability to play with four lead guitarists makes the game so much better. I GOT THE WORLD TOUR GUITAR THOUGH :S

  Dissapointed with the Direction the game is going in!!

| | See all Milney's reviews (5)

This game has some good points in relation to old guitar hero's but also some rather big bad points.

I'll start with the good ones. There appears to be a lot more options to accomodate for multiplayer and internet game play. As many people have said before me, you can all play with the same instrument if no one wants to sing or be stuck on bass.

It's also nice that there are so many songs and that you can play them all from the start. The graphics are the best I've seen and the gameplay is very good.

However, the song selection in my opinion is dreadful. For about the first 5 venues you play I'm bored to the point of just giving up. Because the game is now directed at band play some of the songs selected have hardly any decent guitar in at all. So if you just want to play the guitar and dont have the band you're abit nakered. I wouldnt mind but I had the full band set and 2 out of the 3 instruments were faulty.

Sympathy for the Devil has hardly any discernable guitar in it, yet they leave it on there and instead they for some reason map out the piano section for your guitar. The same with Superstition, the main part is played by an accordian not a guitar.

The songs, half of which I've never heard of and I have quite a broad taste mainly focusing on rock music, are so dull that if you fail them you just cant be bothered to have another go. Especially now as there is hardly any point.

Instead of having to complete all the songs to move on like pre World Tour games, you just have to get enough total stars. But because the songs are so easy you can complete half of the early stages on expert first go at about 98%.

So after about 5 Venues or so you only need to complete one of the songs in each Venue to open up the next one because you have so many 5 stars from the early stages.

It's lucky they did make it so you can play all the songs at once because I seriously can't be bothered to play through the career mode and thats usually the only bit I do bother with.

Of the song list the only songs I really get into are You Give Love a Bad Name, Two Minutes to Midnight, Sultains of Swing and They Say.

The rest of them could be good but for some reason they have made them far too easy even on expert.

Couple this with the fact that, like most others, I have received the old guitar which, due to its stupid tap pad, keeps going off at random and ruining my game with a failed note every now and then.Have reverted back to my Guitar Hero 2 wired guitar because this problem is so annoying.

To some up. The guitar hero game seems to be going down the line of becoming for the band instruments. And when you by the band instruments and they dont work properly its majorly off putting. You're basically being forced into buying something you know probably will break after a fortnight. NONE OF THIS MIGHT I ADD IS PLAYS FAULT they were good as usualy with delivery and what not.

As I was saying if you have a working band set then buy the solus of this game only if you like the songs. If you have a previous guitar Hero and aren't sure about the songs then steer well clear of this because unfortunately they are not catering for us axe men any more.