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Hitman: Absolution

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  It was going so well.....

| | See all JuttMC's reviews (3)

I WAS really enjoying this game, a lot more even than previous titles. I liked the graphics, gameplay, story and everything to go with it.

Why didn't I give it 5 stars then??

After clocking up a few hours on the game, it suddenly crashed. This was no big deal, as I had it once or twice before on certain games and thought it was nothing to worry about.

On restarting the game, I was asked to adjust my screen settings. I thought was strange, but carried on. The next stage was the hardest pill to swallow....

My game had been erased,

The only option I had was to start over again. I was worried this was my Xbox, but other games were fine.

This seemed to be a problem for not just me, but tons on the internet if forums were anything to go by.

6-7 Hours of game play gone and vanished.

Thanks IO Interactive for wasting mine and others time!!

  What a shame!

| | See all reinhard's reviews (3)

Seriously, this game had the making of being a classic. It has been let down by some very simple mistakes. It was just as playable as some of the other hitmans apart from some absurd featuers that have been added in. For example, the terrible fight controls when agent 47 is in a bar fight. This means that on the harder levels you can be killed by three punches to the face while surviving 10 rounds of pistol fire. Strange to say the least. Whoever added this aspect to the game should be strung up by the balls with agent 47s fiber wire. Another, and probably gravest flaw is that the disguise system is 90% useless. Even if you are completely covered in full body armour with complete head gear and face mask, enemies wearing the same outfit can spot you!! Completely ridiculous and this ruins the game. Enemies spot you easier in a disguise than if you and somersaulting about and jumping over walls in your black italian suit. In conclusion, this game should not be called hitman but rather Terminator vs James Bond vs Predator vs Robocop. You are not really an assassin anymore but a soldier sent in to fight and kill literally thousands of guards, cops and mercenaries. Plus they are all armed to the teeth and seem to be able to smell you a mile away. In conclusion I would just like to ask one question " Why oh why dont these game producers talk to game players before making such fatal mistakes?"

  Not for me

| | See all keiwilky's reviews (5)

This game is repetitive and boring, not what I expected. I had to force my self to play it and I just wasn't enjoying it.

  To Gun and Run or not to....

| | See all NeilSJ's reviews (3)

Having played this series across a couple of different consoles and version i consider myself a fan.

I'd read mixed reviews of this game and only decided to purchase after the price dropped - and i'm glad i did. I do agree with other people's comments regarding the "setting/focus" of the game, not primarily at being a "Hitman" which is what the other titles did so well - each mission used to be "right then, who's next...." but this time it's just concerned with getting through and progressing to the level - regardless of whether you decide to take a few people out along the way.

This is the key point - choice. You can decide how to "play" each level, sneak stealthily and use your surroundings to make the hit look like an accident - or do what i do and attempt this approach before gunning everyone down as i mess it up.....still equally satisfying though.

With regards the "instinct" that people are moaning about. This can be overcome to an extent using the disguises. As long as you're in a different "disguise" to the person checking you out then you don't need to use instinct. If you can master this element it leaves you to use instinct when you really need it - not just to walk through a load of people because it looks like the quickest route from A to B.....

For 14.99 this really is a no-brainer....

  Death of the Hitman.

| | See all Risso67's reviews (2)

I agree with dandanger's review. After playing all the hitman games I was looking forward to an improved all whistle and bells version that had been upgraded and maybe a couple of new features. Having to load a checkpoint was really bad, at one such load I was spotted everytime by guards that I had killed up to that point. If you don't finish a chapter you will have to do it all again when you go back to play it. The game play movement by the hitman was wooden to say the least. I finished this on normal in under a week and I won't be going back to it.

  Flawed But Still A Great Game

| | See all AaronAW's reviews (7)

I have mixed feelings about this game but I must say I did enjoy playing it but I feel they were so close to making a true classic. Let me start by saying the that graphics, sounds and cinematics are brilliant I am really impressed by the way the whole game is presented. I really enjoy the way the game lets you choose the way you want play it. you can either be the shadow that no one sees or the gun waving lunatic with a overly keen trigger finger.

Now for the negatives 1stly the disguises arent too well thought out and sometimes feel like more hassle than theyre worth and if you run out of instinct you will find your luck will aswell. The storyline is poor confusing and lacks any real substance or progression. Some of the characters cheapen the game somewhat and take away some of the class of the game. The first half of the game I really enjoyed but I did feel the game started to drag towards the end and truth be told I was glad to finish it. Also the fact that you cant save it whenever you want is a bit of a pain.

The reason why I have given it 4 stars is because I really enjoyed the way it is presented (apart from storyline) and the gripping gameplay. I think 3 stars would have been harsh because despite its flaws I do think its a great game but I feel with a few tweaks it would be a perfect game.

  Ignore the bad reviews!!!

| | See all BernieBabi's reviews (14)

This is a great Hitman! People are saying its not hitman anymore because you can choose to not be stealthy. But if your not stealthy you don't get get any points. Your rewarded for taking your time with each kill but if you cba you can do what you want.

  Excellent game, Excellent service.

| | See all EalesShutters's reviews (1)

When I bought this game, I wasn't expecting much as I hadn't played any of the serious, but it is in general a very good game. A defiant buy.
Gets difficult at times, and challlenging, as i'm not a very good gamer.

I'd like to also comment on the service of Play.com. I am very satisfied with the team, was alot better than a thought, and will defiantly buy from here again. Don't need amazon any more!

  Really good, although not classic hitman

| | See all jaytuck's reviews (2)

I really enjoyed the game. If it weren't for me loving the previous hitman titles i'd have given a 5/5. The game itself is really good but this one is focused on a story more than separate assassinations with a story back-plot like its previous titles.
There are however a lot of improvements on previous hitman games such as the hand to hand combat which is much better as in the older ones as is the graphics and the overall movement.

Don't let me comments put you off though! Still a definite purchase in my book especially at under 20! I brought it for 32 on day of release but i would easily have paid the usual 40, well worth getting. Excellent game!