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  1.  Run, Fat Boy, Run


    I thought this movie was amazing, people in reviews seemed not to have liked it that much, but people who say 'not that funny' Well, It's not actually meant to be just comedy, It's a drama with funny bits and actually gets quite meaningful and heartfelt at the end, a brilliant film!

  2.  Hilarious


    Very random and very funny, great original story, great acting, well directed and the characters made were very good and well done, well put together and probably the best comedy I have seen, if you liked this look forward to 'Due Date' & 'The Hangover 2' Must see!

  3.  Brilliant


    I kind of had doubts about this film before watching it, the whole history and Rome stuff doesn't really appeal to me, but this film was simply amazing, stunning effects and very action packed! A must see!

  4.  Funny


    When I first saw this movie I was in love, I had grown up with the Simpsons and visually this was a step up from the TV series, but no one stopped talking about it and the spider pig part which I didn't even find entertaining, then they pushed it too far by adding the pig in some TV episodes and making merchandise about the pig, they ruined their own movie, but still very funny

  5.  Great movie!


    This film is one of the best super hero/cartoon movies I have seen next to Batman Begins & The Dark Knight, The first is very much better than the sequel! Trust me! This is very entertaining, explosive and action packed! The ending battles are just visually amazing! I definitely recommend it to anyone!

  6.  Great!


    I love this series, I'm not sure if this is my favroute out of the three but definitely not the worst, I think I prefer this to the bond series, this film is explosive, racy, action packed and still manages to deliver a great storyline! Never dragging and great acting, and at 2.99 where can you go wrong?

  7.  Very long and mediocre...


    When I watched this back in 2007 it was entertaining but I remember constantly looking at my watch to see how long it had left, very long. I got it on DVD and watched it a couple times, very disappointing, too long, wait till you can find this much cheaper. The first Pirates is the best one. Hopefully the 4th one (Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides, released summer 2011) Will be better and shorter unless they can make it less draggy

  8.  Batman!


    One of the best films I have seen, the acting is simply amazing and far better than Tim Burton's batman series (Personal Opinion) Heath Ledger shines in this movie as the Joker, portraid brilliantly by Chris Nolan's brilliant directing, the style of this movie fits perfectly with Batman, and at 4.99 It's a must buy

  9.  Hmm


    This movie is a great 'Girls night' Film and good for family sing-a-long if that's for you (It's not for me) This movie can be VERY corny and Pierce isn't the best singer ever, but a great tribute to Abba and very heart felt! More of a chick flick though

  10.  Incredible!


    I watched this the other day and I was amazed, quite bloody but I'd say it's suitable for most 13 year old's, even though it is about a truck of heroin and a psycho killer, It won a award at the Cannes film festival, it really sets the scene with the silence for most of the film, without music actually fits this film, and some very good acting including Tommy Lee Jones! Definitely worth buying, at 3.99 this is a steal!