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  1.  Guitar Hero 3.1


    Like everyone says, the gameplay, graphics, overall, are exactly the same as Guitar Hero 3. They have however added some interesting parts. When you move to a new venue it shows you a video, from Aerosmith themselves doing an interview about this perticular part of their history, which i think is quite cool. Overall i agree that £40 is a bit much for it, works out at just under £1 a song, but you'll be pushed to find an array of such good songs, and it should keep me quiet, when added to GH3 and GH2 until Guitar Hero 4 comes round, or untill i become a millionaire, and can justify spending so much money on rockband!

  2.  Shock Horror ANOTHER Greatest Hits!!!!


    Wow ANOTHER greatest hits by maiden. I've sort of come to terms with their recent runs of 1 new album, then 1 live/greatest hits album, but really, that takes the tally to 3 greatest hits albums? To be fair this is a good album and i accept its hard to be on the road and write a record material for a new album. On the plus side it's better than Edward The Great and does focus on Maidens most successful era. If like me you already have every single one of maidens albums including Live and Greatest hits compilations, you will buy this just to keep the collection going, but i have to say that this would really suit people newish to maiden who haven't heard as much of the old stuff. To be honest all the songs on this album are awesome and you could do a lot worse. I'll buy it, but I'll also be eagerly awaiting for an album of new material in another 2 years time.

  3.  Impossible Not To Like


    How ANYONE can not like this album is beyond me. The guitars are awesome, the song writing is inventive and the vocals are powerfull. This is a very feel good album with no power ballards and just pure poodle hair rock played all the way through. Hawkins has one of the most unique voices ever blending ability with chaos very well and almost every song is a winner.

  4.  Greatest Hits From The Greatest Band Ever!


    What a trilogy. 1 and 2 are awesome and have every song that you could ever want from queen from the likes of Bohemien Rhapsody to the heavier stuff like Hammer to Fall and I Want It All. 3 is a little bit of a miss and seems like a bit of a cashing in job. Nice to hear fermilliar songs played a bit differently but only when its done well, and unfortunately besides Elton Johns cover of The Show Must Go On, none of them are. I still give it a 5 cos the first 2 albums more than make up for this but i must admit that 3 doesn't get listened to even 10% as much as the other 2.

  5.  Maybe Slightly Over The Hill


    Love the foo fighters and have done since their first album came out. This however doesn't do it for me. In my mind The Colour And The Shape was their best and they have gone down hill a little in the last few years, maybe down to Dave's "i'll play in every single band in the world" attitude. Its still a good album with songs like DOA and Resolve 2 of my fav's but its just not as good as one by one or there's nothing left to lose, and doesn't even come near the colour and the shape. Shame really.

  6.  Not Their Best


    Don't get me wrong, i grew up listening to Green day and like alot of their stuff. This album however doesn't quite grab me as much as alot of their others. There isn't anything that i wouldn't prefer hearing on another album and overal it doesn't hit the mark as much as their others. Even so the album is good and its nice to hear them trying a few epics as opposed to the maximum of just 3-4 minute songs.

  7.  A Good Laugh


    Theres nothing better than standing up in a pub full of crowded people and as you do pressing one of the buttons to hopefully make a really funny sound. First time i did it my mate spat his pint clear across the table hitting some beautifull blonde he was chatting up at the time, Priceless!!!!

  8.  One Of The Most Consitant Albums I've Heard


    This album spanning most of Europes illustrious career is an absolute must for any rock fan. For all those people who thought it started and ended with The Final Countdown, i ask you to listen to this and tell me otherwise. Although countdown is one of their best songs there are plenty of others that are just as good if not better. Seven Door Hotel, Rock The Night, In The Future To Come And Yesterdays News are all brilliant songs and just as good as countdown. All in all this is one of the best greatest hits packages around and hopefully with get Europe more fans than just those who think they are 1 hit wonders.

  9.  Awsome (whistles the imperial march)


    We've got darth tatar, spud trooper and R2 potatoo, when are we getting Han potato, luke spudwalker, and the rest of the gang. Hours of fun whether you're 12 of 112 it doesn't matter either way. Get em all and have great fun with them.

  10.  Nice Try


    Good idea, after all stops me drinkin ash filled beer. Only problem is whe you're drunk you don't have the most delicate of touches. It can get a bit top heavy and all it takes is for either me or one of my drunkard mates for be a bit over enthusastic and you get a nice cocktail of beer, ash and fag butts all over the place.