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  1.  I can't sleep now


    Hello, before I go into this (short) review I just have to let you all know that its 2:21am, my wife and son have left me for the weekend so I thought I would relax tonight and enjoy a film, Trust was a bad choice, why? Because its now 2:22am and I know that I will not be sleeping anytime soon as a result of this film. I haven't written a review in quite a while, and I have no spell check software, but I feel so strongly about this film that I had to say something.

    I've read some mixed reviews on this site and I can't understand what some people expected this film to be. this is not an all action film, if you want that, watch Expendables.

    Its been years since I felt so strongly about a film, I actually can't go into too much detail about the film as I need to go watch something that will cheer me up before I go to sleep. So, here is a short review.

    Great acting coupled with great directing and a terrifying story that will make any parent think twice before letting their kids go near the internet. It is a tough subject matter but if you have the stomach for it (which I clearly don't), then I recommend Trust completely. It loses a star from me as it has cost me a nights sleep.

  2.  Please please dont be too discouraged by reviews.


    I am going to start this review by listing the games flaws. There are some amateur mistakes throughout the game, like, very bad shadow effects, enemies getting stuck in the middle of tables, and quite frankly, some of the weirdest A.I. glitches I have ever seen (although they are far between). I have heard people say the dialog is bad, but, there is a reason for that in the story. The graphics are not standard setting but they do the job for the most part.

    All these flaws mean nothing when you look at the games good points! There is a great variety of weapons at your disposal, from machine guns to flamethrowers, pistols to miniguns, oh my. These guns all feel great to use, they are very satisfying. Grenades are fun to use, especially when you douse one in Nectar and throw it in a room full of Mantel troopers and watch them go nuts.

    There are some features that are not as well realised as they should be, like the "play dead" one. It gets old very fast and sometimes you will get run over or blown to pieces while in this fake death state, which is annoying. The driving parts are not that bad but if you enjoyed games like Half Life or Halo for their vehicles, then you will be disappointed in this one.

    All things considered, this is one of the most underappreciated games I have ever played. Most reviewers' rate games like Turok and Timeshift higher than Haze...this is just wrong! The story has an interesting premise and there are some set pieces in the game can be outstanding. If you ignore the minor flaws this is a great ride, I give it a solid 3 out of 5.

  3.  Great fun


    Please ignore these bad reviews. This game is a Rail Shooter! Which is a light gun arcade style game, it says that in the review. If you don't like these type of games then you shouldn't buy them.

    If you are a resident evil fan looking a game to brush up on the res evil story before RE5 comes out, or, you are just looking for a different way to enjoy the series, this is for you. While there is not a lot of innovative or original ideas thrown in here, it still is a top class Rail Shooter.

    The story is told by Wesker who is the main villain in the Res evil world, which is great. The game covers Res evil 0, 1 and 3, unfortunately Res evil 2 was left out. There are also some new missions added, which are well tied in to the story. I cant say to much about them without ruining the story but they are fun.

    The game brings a lot of fond memories back and is a welcome addition to the Res Evil collection. Cant wait for RE5!!!

  4.  Just short of perfection.


    Killzone 2, we first saw this game back at E3 2005 and hear it is nearly 4 years later. So, was it worth it? My answer would be yes and no.

    There is a huge number of FPS games on the market and while some try (and mostly fail) to be innovative and original, Killzone 2 just takes the best elements of FPS gaming and solidifies them. The gameplay is stellar. This is not as 'run and gun' as the like of Resistance but neither is it as 'pop out and shoot' as Gears of War...it is somewhere in between. The cover mechanics work really well (you may forget about them when you go online though) although you can't hide for too long or you will get flanked. The camera will stay in FPS even when in cover, unlike Rainbow 6 which switches to TPS, which is sweet. The weapons are pretty standard for FPSs with one very notable exception, the electricity gun. While you don't get to use it for long it is a memorable weapon. The standard weapons all work really well, you should fall in love with the green sighted rifle.

    The story keeps the action going but nothing really exciting happens until about half way through. There is an extra 'kick' in the story if you have played the first game but if you haven't you shouldn't be to disadvantaged. The story is the weakest part of the whole game. You can't help but think if the story was better that this game would be the single greatest FPS ever.

    Online is awesome! The levelling up system is near perfect. As you progress you will get things like extra grenade slots, more starting ammo and better weapon choice. You also will be able to pick different classes, like medics. You do get the feeling that there is a lot more still to come!

    I have to end with the campaigns Mech level near the end of the game. It is one of the greatest gaming moments ever! (I couldn't help think of REX and RAY ;))My only problem is that it's over too quickly.

    You will get more than your moneys' worth with this game. While the single player game is over very quickly it is a memorable experience. However, the online mode should keep you amused for months to come.

  5.  I have not enjoyed a game this much in many years.


    The story is the first I have experienced which blurs the line between game and film. It is exciting and you will always want to see where it is going. The characters are great, they are funny, interesting and you will fall in love with them. The graphics are colourful and beautiful.

    The gameplay is great and the A.I is the smartest you will find in any game on the market today. You cannot stay in the same place for to long or you will be outsmarted and killed. Enemies are not afraid to throw grenades and they will be constantly on the move. P.S., watch out for guys with shotguns...trust me. You will have to think strategically about your ammo later in the game, which is great. You will find yourself out of ammo and you will have to carefully sneak around and melee attack an enemy and take his ammo. This adds tension and varies the way in which you will think about enemy encounters, no two fire fights are the same in this game.

    I will leave it there cause I could go on and on. My final note is, if you have a PS3 and like action / adventure games, buy this.

  6.  I cannot overemphasise the brilliance of this game.


    I bought this game on release last year and have just recently played it again and I can still find no fault. The story is great, with characters that you really feel for. The visuals still hold their own with today's releases. The gameplay is well designed and combined with smart A.I. makes for a great challenge.

    For £15 this is an absolute must own for action/adventure fans with a PS3.

  7.  Good fun, for a while


    There is not much to say about the single player campaign, you go into an area, kill everything, look for gold and move on, that's about it. The characters are moronic and uninteresting.

    Now, Battlefields main attraction is online, which is good fun for a while but, with only one mode to play it gets very repetitive. The graphics are a little grainy and there are some sound issues which are distracting. With the updates on the way there is promise with this game but I would rent it first.

  8.  A mixed bag.


    The story could have been great but it is told in a downright boring way. There is no character development at all so odds are you wont care about the main character (or any other character for that matter).

    The gameplay revolves around the glaive, which I must say is a pretty awesome weapon which you can control with the sixaxis, which makes you feel sorry for 360 owners. This is more than a weapon, you can pick up distant objects with it, which is a nice feature.

    The boss fights are easy but long, although it is sometimes not obvious what you are meant to do. Shooting down the helicopter with the rocket launcher is pretty darn cool (I loved the lock on mechanism).

    I did enjoy playing the game but mainly because of the glaive. Take that away there is nothing left.

  9.  A dream come true!


    This film was made for us fans. That may sound like an obvious statement but this film brings back everything that was great about the series. There are references to the series that are subtle and pure genius. The story is very well written and strangely emotional.

    Can't wait for 'The Beast with a Billion Backs'.

  10.  Remember Hour of Victory? Well, it has competition!


    I am sorry to report that this game is just broke! You are often stopped by invisible walls which is just unacceptable. This is just the start of the problems...when climbing on top of dumpsters for example, you fall off for no reason, again, unacceptable.

    The story starts off well but just dumbs down as it progresses. I just lost interest after a few hours play. I have to say, this is one of the most disappointing games I have played this year. When there is great games on the shelf like 'Call of Duty 4' games like this just don't cut it.