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  1.  Uncomfortable but essential viewing


    An outstanding film albeit dark, disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. Enjoying this film is tough and unlikely - but being moved by it is undoubted. It flits back and forth along a timeline which extends over years but really encapsulates the emotions (mostly that of hatred and despair) on display. Whilst at first it is difficult to comprehend exactly what is what, the film quickly begins to tie up the loose ends and places you directly in the centre of a maternal nightmare. Tilda Swinton is captivating in her performance whilst young Ezra Miller is haunting. Uncomfortable but essential viewing.

  2.  Brilliant indie film


    What a gripping film by way of storytelling related to complex relationships. Isle of Man - where it is set - looks stunning as it always does cinematically. Sebastian Koch and Felicity JOnes put in convincingly strong performances, but for me it is Jessica Brown Findlay who steals the show. Her acting is powerful - intrinsic fragility played to a subtle perfection, overlayed with her more obvious portrayal of a beguiling young women at odds with her past and lack of a future. A true indie gem which must be watched if you enjoy depth of character and plot.

  3.  Spy vs Spy


    Astounding. Period drama with real teeth and depth. Oldman, Cumberbatch, Strong and Toby Jones are wonderful. Disappointed with Firth for first time in ages. Upstaged in TTSS by stronger actors. If you like slow-burning spy dramas - akin to The Good Shepherd - then this will be right up your street.

  4.  Unmissable. Unforgettable


    Incredible film with Gosling showing why he is one of film's hottest properties right now. His portrayal as a sensitive individual with a mean dark side is perfectly played. His awkward charm is juxtaposed by his visceral temper. Awesome!
    Carey Mulligan brings a delicate awkwardness to her role which dovetails well with Gosling's quasi-pyscho nature. Although she is mainly in the background, her character is integral to the emotional development of Gosling's character.
    This is up there with Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers in terms of cult classics. Unforgettable film which will stick in my memory for a long time.
    Beautifully realised on blu-ray with great cinematography.

  5.  Good film about brave professionals in the field


    A good film with nice character portrayal despite some ineffective and cringeworthy South African accents. The action however portrays vividly and representatively the dangers involved in being a photographer t that tie in South Africa' bloody past. The streets were awash with brutal tribalism and senseless killing. The press of the time were incredibly brave and often irresponsible in their pursuit of the ultimate photo and associated acclaim. The 4 photographers depicted in the film are all heroes and more importantly, professionals of their art.

  6.  Amazing Argentinian Gem of a Film


    What an inspired gem of a film. Fantastic acting - some of the best I have had the pleasure of watching in years. Unique plot and story with some great humour. But overall a dark drama with undertones which you can never quite see, but can certainly feel. The film starts scratching a bit deeper below the surface, and this is when it really keeps you captivated.
    I just wish more people would watch it and experience the clever directing of Campanella. Forget the subtitles ... I would rather "read" a great film, than watch a mediocre one any day!

  7.  Depth and Diversity


    A truly great film with multi-faceted scenes and such a diverse story. Such eccentric dark humour with a complex look at family and all of its problems.
    Highly recommended.

  8.  Elegant and captivating


    Astounding film with great story and fantastic setting. The magic feel and adventure of a circus was brought to life on screen in such a surreal manor. There was not a moment in which I wasn't transfixed to the screen whether it be due to the beautiful cinematography and depiction of the animals, or the way in which the story just motored along from half way through. The film reminded me so much of Titanic by James Cameron in it pacing and evolution of plot.
    It was great to see Robert Pattinson in a new role and I think that he really did his character justice - although he is not a scrapper by any means! Reese Witherspoon continues to be a hugely intelligent and believable actress when she gets a serious role. By the end of the film the relationship of the 2 protagonists was very believable.
    But actor of the film for me was certainly Chrsitopher Wlatz who is now a Hollywood gem after this and Inglorious Basterds.

    Highly recommended film for thos ehwo want something a bit different but still captivating and mainstream.

  9.  Full of layers


    Great little film and probably Ewan McGregor's best in years. Portrays significant depth of emotional and sociological ideals such as growing old, finding love and dealing with inner demons. So may layers are peeled back slowly throughout the film, allowing the viewer to really feel each characters pain and burdens. Melanie Laurent shows herself to be a true gem, and a talent of the future.

  10.  Intriguing Slow-burner


    Good film - slow burner but I thought that the pacing was spot on for what is an historical period drama. I never even knew about the intrigue behind Lincoln's assassination so this was a learning experience for me. Great to see Robin Wright Penn and Toby Kebbell in a film again - great, undervalued actors of the current film generation.
    Highly recommended.