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  1.  Great fun ... if a little short.


    It's truly difficult to dislike this film. It's harmless fun with a decent story and some seriously funny bits. Short and sweet, and could have done with another 30 minutes or so. But rather watch a film wanting more, than struggle through something which feels like it never ends!
    Very much in the vain of Pineapple Express cross The Hangover.
    Jesse Eisenberg pulls off funny quite well ... and look out for classic line relating The Social Network - hilarious.
    McBride and Swardson do what they do best - silly. But the standout for me was Ansari who was very funny and has a thousand different facial expressions. I would buy this on blu-ray for those Friday nights when you are looking for a good laugh.
    Would ideally give it a 3.5 ( or 7/10) but there are no halves on Play.com!

  2. Rio



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     Vivid, funny and a deeper message than most.


    Great film for kids and adults alike with generous amount of humour, pause for thought and the now obligatory "Disney moral story" over-arching plot. All these fantastically animated films are just modern extensions of Aesop's Fables which we read as kids in the 70's and 80's ... and many people probably read before that.

    My little one of 7 loved the vivid colours and change of destination from stereotypical USA-ville to Brazil. Along with the vivid colours came an abundance of questions from her related to jungles, the Rio Carnival, birds of flight and non etc ... so, really I missed out on the depth of the film and need to watch it again :) ... any excuse really to enjoy it again.

    Better than the likes of Up and Megamind for me personally ... but not quite there with Despicable Me, Rango and Toy Story/MOnsters Inc.

  3.  Leaves you wanting more


    Luther is like 24 done Brit-style. Great characters, plots, stories and acting. Idris Elba is the next Pacino, de Niro, Freeman and Denzel Washington. He has such gravitas and charm, whilst being constantly at odds with his inner demons as Luther. Supporting cast play a great role in keeping every second believable and engrossing. The only shame is that there are not 24 episodes per season like the US would do.
    But it is always better to be wanting more, than something which makes me snore.

  4.  God of Mist ... not so much Thunder.


    Could have been worse ... should have been better. Redeeming features: Idris Elba, Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth. Disappointing: poor acting by Anthony Hopkins (never thought I would say that but the role was too empty for him), unimpressed by Tom Hiddleston as Loki, whilst Kat Dennings was too under-utilised. She is an excellent young actress who only got a bit part.
    Less God of Thunder, and more God of Drizzle.

  5.  Profound and hard-hitting


    Provocative, profound and hard-hitting. Blending between film, documentary and real footage of the war in Iraq, this film astounds with its ability to suggest what we all already know - that the War is somewhat run by governments for the benefit of multinational corporations.
    Fergus is a character who starts off all bristle and energy, and we slowly see him emotionally decay as pressure take its toll. Great acting.
    Knowing people who were contractors in Iraq, they have confirmed how close to reality this film sails.
    A hard-hitting docu-film.

  6.  Slow and unenjoyable


    Couldn't get into this film at all. I usually love" period pieces" which show localised social entropy, especially Brit-related. Helen Mirren was brilliant as usual - but as for the rest of it - very "meh"!

  7. Blitz



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     Underrated, brilliant, must see.


    What an awesome film and so underrated from what I have heard (or NOT, as has been the case) about it Statham's best role since Lock,Stock for me and far more depth to the film than the likes of Transporter etc.
    Gritty and visceral look at London's police departments in the council areas. Great to see Statham in a UK production where he just fits in and has massive believability.
    Beautiful lighting throughout the film with such vivid colours really bringing out the best (and worst) of London.
    Aidan Gillen (aka Murphy) really shines throughout. It's a travesty that the likes of him and Tony Kebbell don't get more high-profile roles, whilst the one-dimensional bores that are Gerrard Butler and Clive Owen get Hollywood recognition. The World is a mysterious place devoid of justice in that respect.
    The end result of the film is obvious from the beginning, the story to get there is just so damn good.

  8.  Soars!


    Great film where Jamie Bell once again proves himself as one of the World's most underrated actors. The film is there between Gladiator and things like Troy. Far better than Troy, Alexander etc with greater emotional ties to the characters and a more engaging story. Not as powerful or profound as Gladiator however. Went into the film with little expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The cinematography and scenic sets are breathtaking alone in High Def.

    Thoroughly enjoyable and watchable numerous times.

  9.  Evolution rather than Revolution


    Great game - engaging, intelligent, action-packed and good bits of humour on occasion. Stealth vs shooting/combat - and both are expertly designed. IN fact combat in DE is far better than ME2, but ME2 has slightly further-reaching decisions and consequences linked into the choices you make as the story progresses. On the rare occasion DE lacks the same engrossing story, it more than makes up for with great and varied design and stories.

    There are a few bugs which I came across which meant I couldn't complete some side-quests which was highly annoying. The only way to complete the side quest would have been to start the whole chapter again.

    Overall ... amazing game without being genre-defining.

  10.  Stays on track.


    I'll admit I know less about the railways and railroading than Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock combined! So whether this was factually or technically accurate in reflecting the true nuances of railroading, I will never know and neither do I give a hoot. And it is probably for those reasons that I enjoyed this film.
    Denzel was his usual wily, knowledgeable character who plays the underdog who comes out smelling like champagne and roses.
    Chris Pine is proving himself to be an actor of class who brings a believable feel to his character.
    Beyond the obligatory America-centric fist pumping and show of corporate negligence, the film rolls on at a consistently fast pace with some novel ideas.
    This is no Speed - because it is better due to credible actors keeping this "on track" and making it a very enjoyable few hours of entertainment.