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  1.  Juno on acid!


    A great watch with some passionate performances from indie and mainstream actors/actresses.
    Kat Dennings is beautiful but also a fantastic actress who can portray a vast array of emotions. She is the next Ellen Page in my eyes.
    I liken this to Juno on acid washed down with a bottle of absinthe. Heart-warming and romantic with tragic characters making their way through mixed up lives.
    I cannot recommend highly enough if you enjoy films with layers and depth of story.

  2.  No Adjustment Needed


    Absolutely loved this film. Very much similar to Inception but with added romance. Damon just looks and smiles like a Senator so this was a role made for him, whilst Blunt really blew me away in this with her impactful acting and deep character. I wanted to give this a 5 but the only thing which brought it down was a bit of the hammy acting by John Slattery (which was disappointing considering his strength in Mad Men). Another strong performance comes from Anthony Mackie.
    If you like a film which makes you think a bit, then this is a must watch

  3.  Blu Ray is a must for background story


    Good film overall but the rugby sequences are piss poor. They actually manage to make Jonah Lomu look small (compared to his actual size) and the story is very Hollywood, and a bit far removed from what actually happened behind the scenes. However - the message of David vs Goliath is aptly portrayed in a good enough fashion.

    Blu ray is far better witht the picture in picture director, actor and player commentary as it fills in a lot of the gaps which the film leaves.

  4.  Like a Henman serve - weak!


    Top Spin3 was great - this is disappointing for me. On the basis that it is too similar to TS3, seems to have worse graphics than TS3, has terrible Move functionality and just generally does not have oomph for me (kinda like a Henman serve of old!).

    Still better than Virtua Tennis which makes it the best tennis game on console - unfortunately!

  5.  Live life as the Law!


    Amazing game with revolutionary face capture tech. But if it just had that as an attraction, the game would bomb. What keeps this game as a MUST HAVE is the fact that the investigative story and questioning techniques are not only unique, but are so ahead of anything out there.

    The way that questioning and investigating bond the entire story and multiple characters, is so fresh that it makes you forget that Heavy Rain kind of initiated the concept. This makes you realise what heavy Rain COULD have been!

    A genre defining game which will be copied in the future, but not beaten. Unbeatable!

  6.  Alba and Dane - cook!!


    One of my favourite comedy's. Dane Cook is awesome and Jessica Alba as hot as always. Plot is very much in the same vain as any other "clumsy girl meets guy" film, but this just keeps me laughing even after the 10th time of watching.
    If you like American Pie (original), Knocked Up, Employee of the Month etc - you will love this!

  7. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3


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     Better than 2, but still could be better!


    Very enjoyable game with a lot less of the gung-ho, US-centric X-games inspired rallying that was Dirt2. Still has a long way to go top be truly authentic to rallying but more of the classic cars has at least delved in to the history of rallying since the '50's.

    New locations and weather have added a great feel to the game with places like Finland, Norway and Kenya keeping the "spirit" of rallying fully evident - as well as added snow and night rallies. The super special stages are exciting to play in splitscreen multiplayer - another aspect of the game which outdoes the previous iteration.

    However - there are a few unforgivable problems still such as:
    1 - tracks are only varied slightly by different bits of bunting placed at some corners, but overall the same stage is used for each location. This very disappointing and lazy in my eyes.
    2 - Drifting on dirt?! Really??
    3 - Stages are far too short - how about some 5 minute stages where concentration is required for longer than 140 seconds?
    4 - Driving physics are still nowhere near the Richard Burns Rally quality that I always set as the benchmark. The physics are better than Dirt 2 however, and I realise they need to be pick-up-and-play for the masses.

    So overall a vast improvement but still stopped short of my and others high expectations. Introducing periodic DLC tracks and locations could be a big winner.

    Buy it however as this IS the best rally game available on this generation console.

  8.  Kitsch, odd but oh so very good


    Rented it - loved it - now going to buy the Blu-ray for keeps. Brilliantly done for anyone who enjoys indie-style films but on a bigger budget. If you are a gamer and have been for over 10 years, this will have even more significance for you.
    Michael Cera is a very enjoyable actor to watch and pulls this off perfectly - it was made for him.
    Kieran Culkin is hilarious and new stars (for me anyway) Alison Pill and Mary Elizabeth Winstead really shine through.
    If you love a bit of kitsch and odd - you will love this!!

  9.  WRC game - good but not great


    Blackbean Games have done a solid if unspectacular job at bringing an official WRC game back to the Playstation and consoles in general. Whilst the rallies stay true to the global FIA series with all the events, cars and drivers - there is a lot to be said against the scruffy looks and lazy design. However - I do and will enjoy the game further because the tracks have variety, the terrains are true enough to the respective countries and there is a good sense of physics differentiation between the different cars - 2 wheel-drive vs 4 wheel-drive, turbo vs norminally aspirated, WRC vs S1600 and Group N.

    So the POSITIVES:
    Track design - the respective countries and stages look good - all the official cars and drivers - challenging handling - depth in terms of the championship mode - fettling with set-ups actually does have an effect on handling - nice introduction to WRC after a lengthy time away.

    Looks (terrible when compared to any other driving game on PS3) and Blackbean have produced some decent looking games with Italian Superstar V8's/ Supercar Challenge/ SBK X etc so there can be no excuses - stages are too short - the physics of mud vs tar vs dirt are too similar - graphics/looks again - lazy course design by using the same road with very small and subtle variations to make up only 3 stages per rally (other 3 stages are just in reverse - very PS2!!)- driving physics are too far off Richard Burns Rally which is ultimately the bar to which everyone should look to match or clear!

    Overall a fun game if you are an aficionado of rallying like I am, and most who will buy this are. It certainly won't appeal to those who are "stoked" about all things Dirt!! I hope that the promoters of WRC now look at Codemasters to do with rallying what they have done for F1 with 2010's eponymous game. Blackbean have tried but failed to make a high standard game which all rally fans deserve and demand. Give Codies a go at the licensed game whilst them keeping Dirt as the US-centric version every 2nd year.

    For 15 pound on Play.com - absolutely bargain. Get it!!