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  1.  Actual review - the game is weak


    I just wrote a massive review but it was lost when I submitted. I will update this at a later date but fundamentally the game is weak, irrespective of login / always online problems, which I don't care about.

    1. The city sizes are not cities, they are small towns.
    2. The linking between towns is very buggy for e.g water, electricity, commuters.
    3. Game is very linear and click from one thing to the next, rather than being a clever economy / proper city sim... it's basically just like an addictive facebook game where you click from one level to the next, down the set process.
    4. Read the game's forums and you'll see many other issues. Including a guy who has $52m after 1 in game day in one un-linked town, due to trading processors. This is really stupid and emphasises the linear, one-right-way process.
    5. AI for busses, garbage trucks etc is poor as they all just follow eachother around.
    6. Can't connect to friends in game.

  2. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     Disappointing (from a fan of the series).


    FIFA 10 was easily the best football game to that point. There have been some improvements in FIFA 11 (passing and generally slowing the gameplay to a more realistic speed), but there have been some poor changes too.

    I basically only play online ranked matches with real teams and "be a pro" online ranked matches, so this review is based on those parts of the game.

    Offensive headers are now massively overpowered. If a cross gets thrown into the box, defensive AI is abysmal (always leaving the offensive runs) and even if you manage to control the correct player into the right position, it's far too hard to put off the attacker, who will invariably smash home a bullet header.

    The "be a goalkeeper" has pretty much ruined the online team play for "be a pro" because 50% of the time you get some clown in goal who can barely dive, so it comes down to who gets off the most long range shots (that wouldn't beat a computer keeper).

    Also, the waiting times for online team play are ridiculous. It waits a full 2 minutes every time because nobody ever presses start. There is no need for this and EA have had a common sense bypass on this menu.

    Likewise you can't save team lineups for online play, which is nonsense. You can save a formation but it will put all the players in default positions, so you get 35 seconds and have to redo the whole team every time you play online. Completely nonsensical and is something you would consider a very basic and fundamental feature.

    AI in general should be EA's top priority from now on. Yes it's a lot harder to develop than basic features / leagues etc but when you run an AI vs AI match and neither team has a shot for about 40 minutes, you know there's something wrong with the fundamentals of computer controlled players.

    So to sum up, it's a decent game but there are some serious AI flaws and apparently a lot of bugs in the parts of the game that I don't personally play. If you NEED to get a football game, I would still recommend this one. If you're not in a massive rush to buy a football game in general, maybe wait a few months until it drops in price, because there's a high chance it will wind you up in one way or another.

    My suggestion if anyone from EA ever reads reviews. They need to improve;
    - marking when players on the opposing team are making runs
    - the offensive runs themselves. The attacker checks his run about 0.5 seconds before I want to play through balls - make them run offside and I'll choose when to play the pass, rather than making them cut back early to stay on side.
    - make defensive headers more realistic as mentioned above... at least make it so the defender puts off the attacker.