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  1.  His best??


    This album is truly fantastic.
    The addition of the band has picked Ray up and made him a bit lively and it only makes him even better. Pariah Dogs are essentially a group of session musicians but they are all absolutely fantastic musicians. Lyrically this album is his best work by far, some great lines on here.
    I think that this is possibly his best album. I would put his other albums in order of Til The Sun Turns Black (being weakest but still good), Gossip In The Grain next and then Trouble being the best by a long shot...but this one is definitely up there with it, possibly even better.
    If you're a Ray fan then this is a must and if you're not then nows the time to check him out because this is amazing.

  2.  GREAT!!


    I have quite a few KISS t-shirts and this is possibly the best I have. I like that it has the new members on as the others I have are the originals so it's about time I got one with Thayer and Singer on.

  3.  Wonderful


    I love Sackboy...this keyring is just great, one girl I know said he was scary, but what does she know! Cutest thing ever.
    I really want an angry pose one now too though!!!

  4.  Amazing TV, only one flaw


    This TV is seriously good, you will not regret buying it...the picture quality and the sound are great!
    I have hooked up my PS3 to it and have played games and watch a blu-ray and it's fantastic.
    The one and only problem is that it attracts dust like nothing I have ever seen!
    The other problem I had, which doesn;t reflect on the TV itself in the slightest, is that this was sent by HDNL and the first time around they were a complete disappointment...they actually LOST the TV!!! I had to fill a claim form which play.com sent proptly...play sent me another TV as soon as they received the form and luckily this time it arrived within a few days.

  5.  WOW!


    This is amazing! 3 great modes in one game!
    The single player is great...the story is a bit crazy and hard to keep up with but the set pieces are brilliant and you really get into it.
    Spec ops is brilliant, especially with a friend online.
    And the multiplayer is just totally amazing. Best multiplayer ive ever played.
    GET IT!

  6.  Really good but not that comfortable


    The quality of this headset is excellent, really clear sound. Unfortunately it doesnt sit in your ear very well and is constantly loose.

  7.  Great if you get the 2CD & DVD version


    This new album is great! There are a couple of dodgy songs on the main album itself but on the most part it's excellent, particularly 'modern day delilah', 'never enough', 'all for the glory' and 'when lightning strikes'.
    The 2nd cd, the kiss klassics one, is brilliant. It goes without saying that these are great songs, you should all know them and the new line-up does the songs very well.
    The dvd is excellent. Great live performances by the greatest live band ever!!
    Get this!

  8.  One of the best ever!!


    This game is truruly a classic, one of the best I have ever played! InFamous has nothing on this!
    If you're all about graphics then don't get it, but you will be missing out on some of the best gameplay of all time!
    The powers you possess are amazing, the story is really good too. It's brilliant to just jump, glide and run around new york city...not to mention fly in helicopters and drive tanks too!
    Like an amazing version of Spiderman 2...which was an amazing game!

  9.  Best game EVER!!


    Regardless of whether this is technically an 'ultimate box', this game is amazing and should have 5 stars in my opinion.
    Yes you can get the extras free of charge anyway but they take a while to download.
    Either way, you get the original island with all the challenges, you get bikes, extra challenges and trophies.
    This has to be the best driving/racing game ever...so much stuff to do, racing and more (smashing through gates and billboards etc.) and the graphics are fantastic!
    If you want a great racing game, or just a great game in general, you have to get this!!

  10.  Broken Sword on the DS!!


    Great game, i loved the original one Playstation/PC and had high hopes for this. I wasn't disappointed! It was great to play the game through again, must be the 5th time ive played it through now!
    The additional scenes in the game fitted in well and were fun to play controlling Nico.
    I think one thing that let the game down was the fact that there was no voice acting, maybe it would have taken too much memory i dont know, the humour is still there but its not quite the same without the great voice overs provided in the original game.
    I hope they make Broken Sword 2:The Smoking Mirror for DS now too coz it'd be great!