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Product Reviews

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  1.  BEST POSTER EVER!!!!!!


    This poster is awesome for 4 pounds, very funny on your wall.
    Great little gift or just cool for your wall, quite big but not too massive, blu tac works well to put it up.
    All in all, GREAT!!!!

  2.  AWESOME!!


    very good, does exactly what it says, funny for pranks, and even comes with a little LED light on it, so great for keyrings.

  3.  cool


    Bought this for a friend, makes a cool sound and works fine as a pen.
    Be carefull though because my friend got it confiscated at school!

  4.  very cool


    its very cool, easy to set up, but mine didnt have a microphone like it says it does.
    No way does it work to 100 metres, about 20m through a house from upstairs to downstairs.
    Overall very nifty, but dont waste 50 quid on it if you're not really sure or if you use all your birthday or christmas money to buy it.
    And it's not proffesional quality.
    But it's very cool and does what it says apart from the microphone :D

  5.  good, but gets boring


    its a good game, very good graphics and awesome free roam.
    good missions, and loads of stuff to do, a completely dynamic and changing world, where you can do pretty much anything, like get a job, buy stuff from shops, have a house. It is the best RPG i have played.
    But after a while, living in a whole new world loses it's novelty because you already have a life, so why buy another?
    A very good game, 15 pounds is a good price, but beware, very addictive.

  6.  very funny but will break when they throw it


    AWESOME!! very funny, quite powerfull and hilarious when you get someone. it will break eventually because people drop it or throw it when they get shocked :D

  7.  awesome game


    awesome game, very deep storyline and great gameplay. good campaign and great new weapons and vehicles. Your marines are a bit dumb, but still a help on all difficultys apart from legendary, where you have to work really hard just to stop them getting killed.
    I haven't tried online multiplayer that much, but I think its nothing as good as Call of duty 5 or modern warfare 2. Very good splitscreen campaign and multiplayer.
    Overall, 5 starts for campaign and spllitscreen, but if you want good online multiplayer then get Call of duty.

  8.  awesome!!!! get it


    very funny, goes quite far as well.
    Great for annoying friends and family!! But be carefull because it is quite loud and will annoy people a lot, hehe....
    great for 4 pounds, must buy!