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  1.  Poor transfer!


    Think very carefully before you purchase this disc in its current form.
    Im not saying this is a bad movie, its not but, its in the public domain which means the movie is over 50 years old.
    Whoever has taken it upon themselves to release this little gem from way back when has not taken the trouble to clean it up.
    Therefore it looks grainy and it looks as though it has been copied from a poor standard VHS onto DVD.
    The price isnt bad but only buy if you're a hardent fan of the western genre and there aint no other available.

  2.  Stunning!!!


    Quite simply, this is one of the best films I have either seen or bought, for some time. The scenery is spectacular, the feel of the film itself draws you in and leaves you breathless.
    Although it is set in the 'Gladiator' times, it is rather different from Mr Scotts Roman epic, but it is in no way any less dramatic.
    The fact that this was done on a much lesser budget just goes to show that you don't need to spend mega-bucks to make a film of this class.
    Don't forget to watch the special features too, it will give you an idea of the 'cold & pain' the actors went through to create such realism. Jumping into a freezing cold river in mid winter... now that is suffering for your art! And all shot in beautiful Scotland too.
    This should & will be a classic of it's time in years to come, a right little gem!
    You won't regret buying this baby.

  3.  Wow!


    Quite simply this is a stunning album. Certain tracks are emotive of late 60's/early 70's movie soundtrack - Black Light, other tracks take you in other directions - Hot Box is really funky!
    Each track tells it's own story and is a treasure to emmerce yourself into.
    This guy is definately a superlative musician, he feels every note and draws you into every piece, your head just can't help but to go with the flow.
    All I can say is buy this album, and let it take you on a very special journey.
    10 out of 10

  4.  Diamond classic!


    I bought this DVD hoping it would be the one, and I was not disappointed.
    There are several versions of this John Wayne movie currently around, all of them are bad! Bad sound, bad picture, just bad quality. This is the only true gem amongst them.
    The 'Authentic Collectors Edition' with over 2 and a half hours of extra's and the movie itself is as clear as the day it was first released.
    If you're gunna buy a version of 'McLintock', this is the baby!
    And at the moment it is well under priced at 2.99 so bag yourself a bargain pilgrim. J.W. at his best. Well done 'Play'.

  5.  Quite simply a masterpiece!


    Some people will say that this album is self endulgent, well maybe it is but it is quite simply stunning, and so evocative of the albums title 'If on a winter's night'.
    This man can simply do no wrong, no matter what he turns his hand to, no matter what the style or subject matter he composes he never fails to deliver something special, and this is a very special album.
    Although many of the tracks are traditional he puts his own slant on each one and the new working of 'The Hounds Of Winter' simply oozes through your headphones like glass of warm mulled wine.
    A musician of the calabre of a fine wine indeed who only gets better with age and who is not trapped by the confines of the contemporary scene.
    There are very few people in todays music scene who are truely unique, Sting is one of them, very much in a class of his own, indicative of a true pioneer, not afraid to explore.
    Definately a 'Winter' album though, not something you'd listen to on a beach in the height of summer, and all the more better for it too.
    Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy.



    Does anybody remember those terrible 'Stereo' Presley LP's of the 70's where all the music sounded like it was coming from inside an old biscuit tin dropped into a deep well? Well the second half of this double album 'Loving You' is just that, a very cheap alternative to the original.
    The first half of the CD, the so called 'Best Of' sounds as though it has been taken straight off an old recording, they haven't tried to clean it up at all. In these day's of digital you'd have thought someone would have said, "Hey hang on, let's clean the sound up, afterall it's Elvis Presley", but sadly no. It's dull and slight distaughted (I listened to it on my iPod classic).
    But I suppose at the end of the day you get what you pay for and at £1.99, you couldn't even beat that back in the early 70's.
    Save your money and instead go for the 3 x disc History of Elvis Presley at the moment just £5.00 - a bargain! which includes the remix versions of both 'Rubberneckin' & 'A little less conversation', along with 88 more tracks, good clean sounding tracks which takes you right back!