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  1.  Blu Ray - Hu Ray!


    I couldn't resist in taking the blu ray plunge once the war was over. This was the model I purchased after reviews and I have to say what a difference!!! And it was a bonus to get Cars and Ratatouille in the box too! The only gripe I have is that it will only output 7.1 sounds via the HDMI connection so if you have an AV reciever like I do with out a hdmi connection you won't get the full HD sound. I thought at least it would output 7.1 via the optical/digital output but it doesnt do that so just down samples it to 5.1. Also there are no 7.1 analogue outputs to compensate for the hdmi sound bypassing. My AV reciever does have the 7.1 analogue option but I have no way of connecting it up to the blu ray player! It would have been nice to sample to full quality but 5.1 will just have to do. But if you are one for the whole experience make sure your AV reciever has a hdmi input! I would have given it a 5 out of 5 if it wasnt for the sound issue.

  2.  FIT-TASTIC!!!!


    I got mine today and synced it all up. The Wii board feels very strudy and solid. I thought there might be a problem on the carpet but it was fine. I'm guessing if you have really deep carpet you may have soem trouble.
    You get yourself set up and can do lots of things. You can set yourself goals on weight loss if you want. You can even hide all your details from other users, so all you weight conscious ladies out there your other half won't see any details. I've yet to try it out fully but from quickly using it I think it is going to be great. The board feels safe and the games, training games look fun.

    So if you want to look after yourself while having fun this is the game for you. Even if its just 5 minutes a day the game will track this and hopefully you will reach your goals!

    Nintendo have produced yet another ingenious product!

  3.  Good idea, but bad price


    You get a free Wii Wheel with Mario Kart Wii so that is ideal for playing. Young kids will love the wheel as its easy to hold. You can get an official Wii Wheel at half the price elsewhere. I was very suprised to see the wheel at this price, especially here at Play.com

  4.  IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!


    I got the game today and its great fun! The trick to it is to not over do the strumming as you can simply pull up or nudge down on the strummer. It is also true about the mono sound! as I tried it through some headphones, but it doesn't really spoil the game play! Overall a must to buy!!!! Total rock out option of raising the guitar is fun too!
    One other thing is that it makes your vision go all wierd!! after playing a song when you look away from the screen all the room looks as though its squashing right before your eyes! So I guess don't play this game for long periods of time.

  5.  You'll never play anything like it!


    I queued up for 12 hours for mine on the launch day and I wasnt dissappointed one bit! Everyone who's played it always asks "where can I get one from?"! its fun for all the family and a brand new way of playing games. So get one now!

  6.  Great party game


    After seeing the adverts for this game we thought it was a great one to get. And we wasn't dissappointed! So many small games and so many ways to use the controllers. The only downside is you can finish the whole game quickly, but on the other hand this opens up the game to play multiplayer.

  7.  So much fun!


    I've never laughed so much watching people play this game! It's fantastic! and a great work out!

  8.  No more buying batteries!


    I had the same problem of buying loads of batteries for my 2 Wii controllers. So I was waiting for something like this to come out. So once I got it, it is great! The controllers look very nice standing up on the stand but I have to say that the Nunchucks don't sit very well as where do you put the cables? It does look messy, so I've put mine back in a drawer. Overall its a great little device as if you can constantly change controllers, use one while the other charges, so say goodbye to batteries!

  9.  Game that needs practice


    I think this game is excellent, but it isn't a game that you can just pop in, play and expect to hit straight down the fairway. There are loads of settings but even my 4 year old can hit a straight shot but only when his settings are basic (as the shot won't curve). I'm on advanced setting which takes some practice but is worthwhile (same as anything, you need to practice to get it right). Once you have earned money it is best to buy some new clubs as this will improve your play/distance. Also as you play you gain skill points, these can be added to your player to give you more control over your shots. So the more you play the more you get out of it. I've read that people complain that the putting is rubbish. On basic free clubs it is hard to get any distance, but once you have purchased a good putter you'll be surprised how far a put will go! Same goes with the drivers etc. To conclude, only get this game if you are prepared to put the time into it, as its a learning curve game. But once you have got it, it is great! Personally understanding how to play golf and select clubs and shots is an advantage but it is not necessarily a golfers game as under basic setting anyone can play some good shots and have fun playing it.