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  1.  Excellent


    Anyone who doesn't give this game a 5 star rating simply can never be pleased! It's the best football game I have ever played and the multiplayer has an excellent format and allows you to climb up the leauges or relegated based on your ability. I have PES13 and iv not played it since iv had fifa13. Don't buy any other football game because u will be wasting your money! FIFA13 is EXCELLENT!!!

  2.  Not bad


    Never really played Halo games before but because of all the hype I thought I'd give this a go. It's futuristic so all guns are made up and all environments are extremely similar with most contains rocky backdrops. The multiplayer is ok but objectives such as dominaton aren't exactly pointed out and you can find yourself running around in frustration with not really knowing where to go! You can drive jeeps and some type of flying machine but one grenade thrown at you and your history! Overall the single player becomes very repetitive just shooting a cluster of aliens to get to the next checkpoint and the multiplayer can become frustrating and a little tedious at times. I must stress this game is not as good as any of the Modern Warfare series so if u were looking for a better shooter well in my opinion there isn't one this game certainly isn't.



    Such a shame this game didn't live up to the hype but then again it's no big surprise as this happend when MW2 was released. The maps in MW3 are the worst of the MW online series and has clearly been put together with little sense of imagination. To say that MW1 is still head & shoulders above the rest just goes to say how little the makers

    actually think about there customers that game was released in 2007 &
    in 4 years since its gone backwards. Yes there are more perks etc sbut
    that doesn't compensate for the poorer graphics or the feel of the
    actual gameplay. If u are new to gaming & want to play the best online
    shooter ever made then spend 10 pound on MW1 & not the silly prices for eathier of the other 2 which have been released since. Lots of people are still playing the first installment so that speaks volumes in itself! MW1 Still rules.