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  1.  Very good overall but a few glitches


    Following Fallout 3 I decided to buy this game. As soon as I started playing, I knew this game was going to be great. So much interaction and freedom. The game isn't linear and allows you to complete hundreds of quests aside from the main one. You will get many, many hours of fun playing this game. Its one of the longest single player games i've played without getting bored. I can only think of Final Fantasy for a longer game, but I got bored of that and never completed it. You won't do that with Fallout New Vegas.

    The map is massive, which makes the graphics relatively poor and there is a lot of lag. My PS3 actually locked up several times trying to load new scenery, but luckily the autosave is so frequent, it wasn't too bad. I also found some missions were impossible to complete because of earlier actions I had done, which inevitably meant I couldn't progress with some missions.

    I wanted to fully complete the game, with all the side missions completed and discovering every location on the map (there are so many, it will take forever to find them all!). However, I was very disappointed that once I had reached level 30 in the game you could no longer develop your character and you couldn't gain experience. This was basically a gamebreaker for me. Developing my character was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the side missions, but once I reached a stage where he couldn't be improved, there didn't seem any point. Annoyingly there were still loads of side missions left to do as well, but I left them and completed the game soon after.

    Overall though, this is a fantastic game with numerous pathways to completion and different results each time you play. I've only played once, but Im sure to play again with a different strategy. I've given it 4 stars due to the few problems this game has, but I would highly recommend it to any potential buyer.

  2.  Not even close to MW2


    Im an experienced MW2 player and after great anticipation, the postman delivered my Black Ops copy yesterday. I immediately tore it open, put it in my PS3 and started an online game.

    First impression was that it was okay graphically, but not as good as MW2. I then started to play and slowly started to realise many small details which makes this game a big disappointment to me.

    First of all, the sound of firing a weapon. Such a simple detail in any FPS game. The sound is very poor, almost tinny, and certainly doesn't sound like I am firing a fully automatic killing machine. Then I noticed how long it takes to kill somebody. You almost have to fire half a magazine into an enemy before he is dead. Combine that with the insane amount of recoil of every weapon and killing people has become much more difficult. Shooting someone at range has become almost impossible and due to the fact that Treyarch decided to make sniping even harder to prevent quick scoping, even that has been ruined. The money system for buying everything in the multiplayer is also a let down. I much prefered unlocking attachments/perks and everything else as you advanced in the game.

    Other small problems include: RC car is a big mistake as a 3 kill streak, especially with Hardline. The killstreaks not stacking on top of each other has made players use the lower kill streaks as well. So every 10 seconds there is either a spy plane in the air, or an RC car at your feet. It almost makes using the "Ghost" perk a necessity. I havn't even seen some of the higher killstreaks, simply because people don't want to try to get 11 kills in this game. None of the weapons seem very good, which does make for a more balanced game, but it puts amateur players off even trying to compete with the elite. The movement of the people doesn't seem smooth and players "diving" after running, rather than dropping, is more of an annoyance than anything. Im sure people would rather drop shot than be diving all over the place.

    The only good thing about Black Ops for me is the wager matches. They are very fun and a good addition to the game.

    All Treyarch had to do was tweak MW2 a little, take out some of the stupid perks, grenade launchers etc, make some decent new maps, a few different gameplays, and I would have been very happy. Instead they completely changed everything, and its a big disappointment. Treyarch, you had your chance, twice, and you blew it both times. Step aside and let Infinity Ward take over.

    If you didn't have MW2, buy that instead, if, like me, you did have MW2 and awaited this with baited breath, Im sorry to say, you will have at least another year to wait for a better game.