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  1.  Offline poor, Online good


    If you wanna play this game offline, your going to be frustrated. The new defence system is almost impossible to use when playing on expert / legendary difficulty. It's incredibly frustrating when the AI just walks past defenders, because if you try and tackle them it's going to be a freekick. so suggested to change to older settings for defence which is possible through the options.

    Other faults i've picked with the game, lobbed through balls? what happened to those, they're terrible now. also along the ground through balls are take a lot of precision on direction, or they just pass to the opposition. another fault is a lobbed pass, crossing is fine, but just chipping the ball to another player is ridiculous as a tap of the button and they smash the ball at the other player. stupid.

    though, online play adds some credit to the game, mostly because the majority of gamers can't defend so they're easy to take apart. and i love the fact that they've fixed the people who quit because they're getting beat. about time it counted as wins and points added to the victor. with the additons of tweaked graphics, and the impact engine, the game is improved.

    despite ranting about a lot of things, i'm still addicted to the game, and enjoying playing it. fifa will always have its faults. but the new defending is still a challenge to enjoy mastering, despite being frustrating at times.

    4 stars, still buy it, (maybe not at this price though)

  2.  online good.


    this game is incredibly frustrating. for those of us who play on veteran difficulty, the amount of grenades is ridiculous! if you got a pound for grenade thrown we'd all be frikin millionaires. this is the only reason i've rated the game down so much as its completely insane. also the fact that the enemies won't shoot at your team mates and all shoot at you :S wheres the logic in this? also your own team doesn't kill any of the enemies.. or very few of them, so the game might as well be called rambo.
    despite this online is pretty good and the map packs are briliant.

  3.  best game ever


    this is the best game on ps3 ever, it has everything needed in a game. puzzle, action, adventure, shooting. and a thrilling story line. can't wait for the third one

  4.  sensational


    must buy game! it has everything, and certainly a step up from the first game. though some of them do have a glitch at the end of the game. other than not being able to complete it i thought it was brilliant.

  5.  bargain


    its a very good game, though i borrowe dit from a friend and after a while got bored of its repetitiveness. though some of the things you can do with the gadgets are brilliant. well worth the money at this knock off price.

  6.  unbelievable


    one of the best action/ adventure games ever, absolutely loved the first one, and this is just as good. the story is unbelievable and the game always has you gripped. it does become very addictive and i found myself playing it for several hours straight completing it within a couple of days. its a must have for any enthusiastic gamer.

  7.  brilliant


    its a quality game, just like the first two. the graphics are second to none, and they definately lead the way alongside the uncharted series. also it's a lot less repetitive than the first two games, which keeps you interested right til the end.

  8.  good but dissapointing


    given all the hype i thought it would be brilliant.
    it's still the leading racing game. need for speed doesnt compete. but the inclusion of B-spec racing is a bad idea, especially soo much of it. you spend more time watching cars race round rather than driving them! also why are there still no crashes/ damage involved in the game? it took so long to be released and the only thing thats improved on the ps2 versions is the graphics and sounds. handlings quite similar, it would have to be, because it doesnt need changing. but i can't help but feel let down by game length, its too short compared to the original games.

  9. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    8 New from  £3.30  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     best fifa yet


    this is by far the leading brand in footballing games, PES doesn't come close, the graphics gameplay are sensational. okay its not inch perfect, there are minor faults that could be adjusted, such as speed of processing movements. but at the end of the day its a quality game, can't wait for the next one.

  10.  mind blowing


    this was the first game i had on ps3, and it blew me away, sensational both offline and online. definate must have, the graphics are unreal.