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  1.  For those who say Move is in accurate...


    ...you haven't played with Move properly, honestly. At first I was terrible online, I kept following my gun instead of the crosshair but I easily managed to get used to it and now me and my brother own! And if are those who complain about Move whatsoever, you cannot calibrate properly.

  2.  Improved from Fallout 3 but...


    I'd recommend you buy Fallout 3: Game of the Year because:
    1. Physics are just as bad
    2. A lot more buggy than FO3
    3. Downgraded graphics
    4. Terrible storyline, Fallout 3 has a MUCH better one.
    5. Even though they have a lot more different voices for New Vegas it still feels like I'm talking to a wall (this is exactly the same on FO3).
    6. The iron sights is an improvement but the accuracy is pretty bad that it'll make you switch to third person in the end.
    7. You'd think to keep people hooked on the game that you'd make the game endless, instead I actually finished the storyline without realising and now I cannot continue.
    8. In my opinion, the side quests are better than the primary quests but that's what it was like with Fallout 3 to be fair.

    All in all, I don't recommend this game and just buy Fallout 3 GOTY, Bethesda does not deserve the money for this unfinished game, even Fallout 3 is buggy too. No doubt they'll stick to the same engine for Skyrim which is unfortunate because I was going to buy that game, goodbye Bethesda and Obsidian but this will be the last game I am buying from you, what ever happened to almost-bug-less-Oblivion? I don't know and I don't care.

  3.  The beta


    OK, I'm giving this game five stars because this is a great experience on PS3. This MMO really shows what the future is like for PS3 MMORPG's and I have to say, it looks promising. First of all, it has mainstream graphics, physics is better than average, gameplay/storyline is excellent (fighting well known villians is great) and the opportunity to become the next legend is quite something. The only down side to the beta is well, it's a beta, of course they will have bugs/problems but fortunately they have released a 3 GB patch so in total this game is 19 GB. The bad points after the patch are NPC distance animation seems to be too close, hearing the same voices on certain missions shows the budget for this game and some parts feels like I'm playing a PSX Marvel game like how you pick up any items is always above the head. That being said, I don't think this game deserves four stars because it's the beta at the moment and I'm pretty sure when it's released it will be even better.

  4.  Oblivion


    We all love a good RPG now and then and Oblivion really top's them all by giving you good graphics, great storyline and so much things to do. I do believe that this game deserves five stars because Oblivion is best for this platform except PC (Bethesda was able to port this for PS3 to use some of it's potential), because it has quick loading times and decent frame rate. It has sharp graphics with noticable anti-aliasing and it's free from bugs as far as I know. I would recommend this to anyone, you just have to give it a chance at first because it may drag on for those who can be a little impatient. Character creation is unusual but it works, the faces that you can design are very strange but you can make a normal face with a bit of work, the physics are not the best and the NPC's are very dull, they stare at walls and when they talk to you it seems as though they are up to something. When NPC's talk to each other it seems like the most boring conversation you'll ever hear but it's to make it look as though they can at least socialise. The character personalities that you come across are quite unique but I've seen better. Weapons and armour are good looking and unique items feature multiple skilsl/attributes. Using magic and bow & arrows is probably the best skills you can use to fight enemies. But, overall, for the size of this game and it's expansions I highly recommend it and as for the price well, It's hardly much. I highly doubt I'll be getting The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim because Bethesda is known to design buggy games after Oblivion.