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  1.  Tension!


    I would say this is the most tense and suspense filled film of the lot and also the darkest. I enjoyed it a lot! one of the best in my opinion!

  2.  One word..EPIC.


    I have seen this 5 times in 3D at the cinema already and I have never seen any other film more than twice. I just couldnt get over it the first time I saw it and got different groups of friends to see it again with me. I am a big Harry Potter fan and until now I never thought that any of them would be as good as the first one (Philosopher's Stone) but this....BY FAR is the biggest, most epic of the lot! It definatley went out with a bang and i'm so happy that they did it more than justice!

  3.  Good Group.


    These guys are probably one of the best acts that has come out of X Factor. In interviews I've seen, they seem like really nice guys and all have really good voices both live and in the studio.

    I love their song 'Love You More' and some of their previous singles have been good and catchy too.

    You can probably be sure that this album is going to have a selection of great tracks from that they have brought us before.

    I personally wouldn't get the album for myself because I'm not a huge fan, but my friend is a BIG fan so it's definitely going into her Christmas stockings.

  4.  LOVED it!


    I thought that maybe it would have lost it's touch after it being a long time since the previous Toy Story, but I was proven wrong. I loved every minute of it. In fact I think it's the best one and I never thought it be able to top the first 2. You just can't imagine anyone else playing the voice of Woody except Tom Hanks.

    The story was really good and really creative as well, and has some great twists. Loved it, not boring at any point and it has definitely gone out with a bang.

    Well done Pixar!! you've come out with a great finale here!
    Not the usual predicable Disney script.
    I even shed a tear at the ending of this, it's a really sweet ending, without being cheesy.

    This really works in 3D too. Some films just don't need to be in 3D but this is one that really takes you into the Toy Story world!

    Only going to buy the basic DVD this time as I have so many great DVDs to buy this year - Everything is coming out!!

  5.  GREAT Price for what it's worth.


    Usually I feel that box sets are over priced, but for this, it isn't.
    It's a great series! and not only does it include 1 season, it has all 3 seasons in so it's definitely worth the money.

    I not usually into TV series, but I looked forward to seeing this every Monday night. Gene Hunt was a great character.

    Great ending, I was expecting it to be disappointing, but it wasn't.. although it was a little bit of an unexpected ending.

    Similar to Life on Mars and in fact carries on from that series, so if you liked that... then you will probably like Ashes to Ashes!

    I knocked a star off because it might not appeal to everyone and might come across a bit boring. But for those who like clever plots, this is for you.

    This is a great Christmas gift for any Mum's and Dad's that loved the series. I'm definitely getting my Mum this!

  6.  Enjoyed this alot!


    This one definitely deserves 5 stars. The acting seemed to go up tenfold from the main trio and the other teen roles. The adults were great too.

    I love the story of this one and it even has some funny parts. It has the magic that the we loved the first film for. This is surely not a boring HP film. A lot happens and you will not be disappointed.

    Bonus disc is okay but not as good as the previous HP bonus discs we all know and love.

    This is probably my favourite HP film. It's a very hard choice though, I LOVE THEM ALL!

    I try to find something negative to say about in all my reviews but I can't really fault this. It's just a very enjoyable film. Go buy!! and for Harry Potter fanatics, it's a must! xD

  7.  Not my personal favourite HP film.


    As said in the title, it's not my favourite in the series but still didn't disappoint. This one didn't seem as 'magical' as the previous four and seemed a bit more dark, it lacked a lot of wizardry as seen previously. Also the acting went to downhill (especially from the main trio) but still wasn't awful... they just all seem a little out-of-character compared to usual and don't seem 'to have the spark'.

    However, I think this is a crucial part of the whole story - plot wise. A lot happens in this one. It can be a bit boring if you watch it over and over, whereas I never get bored of any of the other films.

    Also the bonus DVD has lost it's touch, I always looked forward to the interactive games you get on the bonus disc but this was a bit disappointing and definitely the worst so far. It doesn't have much on it. I remember the first and second films bonus discs had loads to do on them. So in you're into the bonus discs, this isn't up to the usual standard. Still not awful. HP still serves some of the better bonus discs in my opinion. Most other DVDs I have, havent got much more than deleted scenes and outtakes.

    I'm sad to say that I've had to knock off a star overall for this Potter film. It's probably the only one so far that I've rated that misses out top marks.

    STILL I will never say any HP film is a complete disaster, but loving the series as much as I do I have to say that this is my personal least favourite.

    Not to say that I havent bought it on DVD because I have, and I still watch it a lot!! :)

  8.  Good twist (If you didn't already know the plot)


    I have always loved whatever the Harry Potter series has brought out. I love parts of this but I havent even read the book and it seems like they missed vital parts out for some reason.

    However it is probably for me, my favourite so far... they get better and better, I always think that the next isn't going to be as good and it always turns out to be better than the one before.

    Anyway, any Harry Potter film gets a 5 Star from me, purely for the fact that I look forward to the next and have never been disappointed.

    I deliberatley don't read the books or any info any of them because it's more exciting when you don't know what's going to happen, even though it is quite predictable most of the time. There was a bit of a surprise (but I'm not going to create a spoiler in case you havent seen it).

    Overall I love all seeing all the actors in this. A lot of our top British actors/actresses have been in this at some point and they just play the roles really well.

    Can't wait to see the the next one on Friday!!

    Sad it's coming to an end, I've seen every one at the cinema for the last 10 years and now looking forward to the next HP installment is coming to an end.