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  1.  Stunning in HD


    For my mind this is the best (so far) of the series to experience first in High Definition. The picture quality is gorgeous, a huge improvement over the DVD image (no pixellation). Skip straight to the chapter when Dumbledoo battles Voldepants, their magic mojo looks flippin brilliant.

    There are also a fair few extras (with many not on the DVD version), mostly mini featurettes. I would like to see one of those 100 minute warts and all behind the scenes docs instead. Also, a focus on the adaptation to screen and the score would make a change. Anyway, can't quibble, if you like Harry Potter this is a fab Blu-ray to start your collection.

  2.  Superb film, fantastic Blu-ray


    Just a mini review, if you're a fan of David Fincher you'll like this. Fantastic cast, some really quite disturbing recreations of the Zodiac murders, amazing period detail, great score.

    As it was mostly digitally recorded the piture quality is jaw dropping. Definitely one of the best examples to show off your new player/tv/whatever. The extras are plentiful, highlighting both the making of the film and the real events that inspired it.

    At the time I'm writing this it only costs £9.99, so what are you waiting for?

  3.  SUCH A SHAME...


    I really wanted to like this as I've been a fan since the show started many moons ago but really struggled to maintain interest. The overall impression I was left with was that it felt like a forgettable mid-season episode from season 1. Mulder and Scully had few moments together and there was just none of the spark from the series. The plot was, well, it was dull. I don't need action, explosions, fx etc every 2 minutes but there was a complete lack of anything happening. 10 years between films and this is the story they chose? I would have been happy if they'd have gone for a monster-of-the-week or a "comedy" episode than this. My biggest regret was that as this film was so poorly received we probably will never get any more chances to see a really good film.



    I really enjoyed this simply because I love to see great big monsters stomping on major cities. They just don't get represented enough in modern cinema.

    The lack of sympathetic characters doesn't bother me at all. They're there to be crushed, eaten, bitten and exploded.

    It's just a shame that due to the video camera view of the film we don't get to see more of the beastie and his little chums.

    The 2 disc DVD has some not too bad extras. An absorbing commentary from the director. A half hour making of and a few featurettes.

    A plug for another film I'd really recommend is The Host, a really good Korean monster/family drama/thriller/comedy. Check it out.

  5.  Great music from a great show


    I have the previous two soundtracks so this one was a must. My own special pleasure is to crank up song for freedom and picture everyone piloting the tardis with a big goofy grin on my face.

  6.  Ten Years! Tean Years! TEN YEARS!


    One of my fave comedies. John Cusack in his best ever performance as Martin Blank, a hitman who goes back home to attend his high school reunion. It's packed full of great moments (shoot-out in a convenience store and body disposal in a high school to name but two), smart quotable lines and has a good cast (Jeremy Piven and Alan Arkin especially worthy of note). It also has a great 80s themed soundtrack.

  7.  Slow and Steady...


    This is a great, absorbing Western (also directed by Kevin Costner) that is not afraid to take its time to tell a story. It has a great cast (Robert Duvall being a stand-out) and just in case anyone can't take the languid pace there is a fantastic all guns blazing shoot-out at the climax.

  8.  A Cracking Thriller


    I'd read some glowing reviews of this and thought I'd give it a gander.

    It's great. A taut, pacey story that keeps twisting and turning. It makes a change to see a film that actually rewards the viewer with a satisfying pay-off. The cast is uniformly good and it features a great foot chase, why are there not more foot chases in modern cinema?

    Disc 2 has lots of extras that compliment the film well.

    I'd strongly recommend it.



    A fantastically funny show. Reminds me of so many badly made programmes while simultaneously being absolutely brilliant. Hammy acting, ego-mania, bad sets, awful direction, atrocious (and hilarious) dubbing, awful special effects, it's all in here. All of the extras stick to the line that this is a real show so the commentary has the cast in characters, as do the documentaries etc. I've tried to tell as many people as I can how good this is and I say to you now, buy it!

  10.  Zombie Goodness


    I have to admit from the off that I've never been a huge fan of the Romero original. I'm a big fan of horror films but it just doesn't capture the little voice in my head that says "Shoot it in the head, chop off it's head, destroy the brain..."


    I'm also wary of remaking films as I've seen plenty of awful ones and only a handful that can sit alongside the original with any dignity.

    After all that I'll say that I think this is a great, balls-to-the-wall horror film. Not really scary, more of an action film really. It has "fast" zombies, which I like as a nastier alternative to the traditional slow variety. Plenty of stuff for gun fetishists as well. There are sooo many close-ups of gun barrels and bullet casings falling to the floor that it sometimes feels like an ad for the NRA.

    Good cast, worthy of mention are Ving Rhames and Sarah Polley.

    As a 2 discer the extras are a slight. The commentary is ok but I would have liked one of those 2 hour monster documentaries covering every aspect from writing to release. Zack Snyder (the director) has since gone on to 300 and is now in the midst of filming the greatest comic to ever be written, Watchmen, so fingers crossed he doesn't **** it up.