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  1.  Best In Its Class


    First of all, it's not a 5 star from me because we have found perfection, not quite. Its a 5 star there is nothing like this at the minute. The depth of the game in terms of licenses, challenges and races is unreal and will keep the gamer going forever. I don't think the graphics are qhite as bad as some people are amking out but I wouldn't say they're perfect. (I've not as yet played f1 but IF that does outstrip this by a distance then the makers of that particular game have really gone some). The range of cars available, the tracks and the subtle tuning of the licenses are for me particular highlights.
    I wouldn't recommend this for young kids 10 and under, because although it's not too difficult the appeal won't last long because I think the level of realism may be lost on the younger player. Of course there will be exceptions. But for the slightly more mature player this will provide a lot of hours of play which if you carry on playing for long enough does get competitive. During the game you gain experience which puts your level higher and this unlocks extra races, more damage, cars etc. You have to start at the bottom however - warning to player!! - this does not make the game too easy and you should not right it off after half an hour.
    I do think the developers played with fire making us wait quite so long because expectations went through the roof. They've just about got away with it. Really good effort, five stars.

  2.  Just Cause 2


    Having limited myself to sport games over the years I decided with the PS3 to branch out a little and explore the possibilities, and Just Cause 2 was not a disappointment.

    The game is vast, perhaps more so than any other I've played to date although this can make the game somewhat repetitive. Time really can go nowhere when playing this game and you can get lost for a while. There are lots of little sub-plots to the main story (which is a little bit of a let down), you can collect items thus "completing" settlements or take on a mission from one of the gangs you become associated with and certainately offers value for money especially at the current price.

    In comparison to other titles I've played the story perhaps is a little lame, maybe cheesy, but the game overall is fun. For people that prefer games that will take a lot of hours to complete, this probably fits the bill.

    Graphically the game is excellent.

    Definitely one of the best games you will get for this price at the moment. Enjoy.

  3. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     Fifa 11


    This year's game is a really good one for football fans. I don't buy into this Fifa v PES thing. Yes, both football games - but honestly, get both, they're both good.

    The career mode this year has improved. For example there is now a 15 season version of Be a Pro. However, annoyingly, my team has been drawn against the same teams in the cup at each stage for the whole of mine so far. It seems such an unnecessary flaw.

    The accomplishments for your pro and the actual trophies in the game are much better too this time. It feels like EA Sports are starting to understand the trophies thing a lot more.

    General game play is superb in my opinion. There have been marvellous improvements to both the shooting and the passing - there is no longer "that angle you always score from on Fifa" and you can finally hit the ball across the keeper. However the keepers do seem to just fall to their backside when an attacker gets a close range header in. The graphics are good, and celebrations are fun.

    4/5 overall because although there are great improvements the flaws just seem so avoidable- there is still room for improvement. Still a really good effort from the EA Sports crew, buy it, particularly in January when the squad updates will be needed!