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  1.  First Impressions........very good. Epic but...........


    I tend to agree with some of the less positive views that some of the tracks are unnecessarily "dragged out", however this is what Maiden do. They specialise in epic "story telling".

    Not quite sure about about the opening track yet. The drawn out intro (Satelite 15) is the most progressive stuff the album has to offer. This sound is new territory for Maiden and after 4 mins or so, the title track kicks in with their familar signature sound.

    Best track on the for me is The Talisman. Again a long intro, however the piucking acoustics set the scene for whats to come. Its a great track which starts like a eerie campfire tale (similar to Lord of Light from AMOL&D) before erupting into classic gallaping riffs.

    Overall a good listen. Not their best effort. For me, Brave New World has yet to be matched since Bruce returned.

  2.  Best Scooter Album since "We Bring the Noise"!!!


    This album has received quite a negetive vibe due to it's rather excessive sampling, however Scooter have upped the anti in terms of the tunes.

    The powerhouse beats of their earlier work are back and less influence on the high pitch chipmonk lyrics, although there is still some in here. Scooter now need to move away from the chipmonks lyrics and this album is a big step in the right direction.

    Jumping All Over the World put Scooter back on the map and after a dissapointing past few years and a drop in standard since the Axel Coon era, this album shows the skills of Rick Jordan as one of the world's premier DJ's.

  3.  "Come With Me If You Want To Live".........


    The Terminator is Back with a bang in this re-invented vision of the classic franchise.

    Getting straight to the point - this is a summer blockbuster so you cannot realistically expect the greatest story line, characterisation or even acting. The purpose of this film is to entertain.....and oh' my, does do serve it's purpose!

    Now set in a bleak, post Judgement Day world, Skynet's army of killer machines have risen from the ashes. Expect to see a whole host of "never seen before" pre-T800 terminators that operate on land, in the air and underwater......and get the chance to see Arnie as the T800 fresh of the production line in a brief yet satisfying appearance.

    The film offers constant references to T2 with even John Connor giving us a blast of his old stereo with Guns N Roses' "You Could Be Mine".

    McG has done a great job to re-invent the Terminator world and whilst it will never be on a par with Cameron's original classics, it does a fine job in sweeping Terminator 3's confusing plot under the carpet and standing as a sequel to T2 whilst being a prequel to the original Terminator.......yes it can play with your mind.....

    Go See.....Enjoy

  4.  The Only Official GNR Live Album


    This is a must for any GNR fan, but as far as live albums go it could have been better. As previously mentioned, some of the vocals could have been better, but at the end of the day this isn't an album that Axl gave his official sign of approval.

    The record company chose to releash the album upon mounting costs of the "still in development" Chinese Democracy album. It was the same for the Greatest Hits CD. Chinese Democracy had cost the record company - Geffen so much cash (without a known release date) and they look to exploit the bands heyday era and recoup some of the expense.

    Reasons for release aside, this is the only official record company release of the band's live material. Various bootleg albums are out there, but if you want quality then this the one to buy.

  5.  Boarding Flight 666.......


    This is the tale of the first leg of Maiden's unprecidented "Somewhere Back in Time" World Tour in 2008 in Austrailia, Asia and both North and South America.

    The film gives you a first hand experience of what it takes to put together a tour of this scale with interviews with the band, management and crew.

    Interviews and on the road footage is perfectly blended with a cocktail of live performances from each of the key cities which shows the magnitude of Maiden's world wide fan base.

    Maiden are loved all over the world. Their "our way" attitude to their music and production commands respect from metal fans and bands across the globe.

    Aswell as an interesting insight into highs and lows of world touring, how the band like to use their spare time, and superb live footage of almost all their set you get some crackin aerial shots of "Ed Force One" in full flight - filmed with camera attached to a fighter jet.

    This truelly is the ultimate Maiden celebration showcasing their world wide popularity and uncomparable stage performances.

    Up the Irons!!

  6.  The Force is strong with this one....


    This lightsaber is different in many ways to the other fx lightsabers on the market. Whilst it lacks the size of Vader's or Luke's, it is far easy practice your saber skills with as the blade is shorter and whole saber is lighter.......so light bulbs and ornaments will certainly last longer.

    The lighting and sound effects are somewhat better than the other fx sabers. Although other reviewers are correct about the blade clash effects - you do have to hit this one that bit harder to get the sound. This is probably due to the fact that this doesn't have the added weight behind it.

    Play are offering this saber for £35. This is an absolute bargain. Whilst you not want to invest the same amount of money into this one as the others - it is a true bargain and certainly worth adding to your collection!

  7.  Your neighbours will hear you scream..........


    There is no doubt that this is seriously scary stuff! I had my reservations after reading some reviews saying that this game was that scary.......but believe me, those reviewers are correct!

    The game builds tension to maximum by blending superb lighting effects with killer sound fx. The distant cries of suffering victims, wispered speech and clanging metal are enough to make you feel less than easy and definately make you question whether it is such a good idea to proceed.

    The enemies are twisted morphs of flesh - infected crew of a doomed ship and will not hesitate at jumping out and scaring the cr*p out of you. They initially approach you with caution before bellowing towards you at speed which can really catch you off guard.

    Gone is the idea that you go round mowing down your enemies with what would seem like an unlimited amount of ammo......hear you have to be precise.......ammo is limited and failure to hit the correct limbs to cripple your enemies results in......well......death!

    Graphically the game is top notch and you will be requiring new underwear on a number of occasions.......

  8.  Faster than a Bullet....He is the Painkiller!


    Heavy Metal fans - this is absolute must buy! Priest have unleashed a true classic.....

    The title track is a heart pounding piece of metal mayhem. Double bass drums......searing twin guitar playing from Glenn & KK and deafening screams from Rob Halford.

    There is not a weak track on the album....A journey into the insane world of heavy metal will that leave you breathless.

  9.  Raise the Hammer........a must have metal collection


    I discovered Hammerfall back in 2006 after hearing their single "Natural High". They are not a band who are promoted too much in the UK. But I must say.......WOW.....what a band!

    This is a pretty awesome collection of some of their best work from their ever growing discography. Heavily influenced by the metal bands of the 80's Hammerfall unleash galloping riffs and drum beats, tight bass with sword and scorcery lyrics that will make raise your fists to the sky.

    A band that dragged metal from the gutter in late 90's following poor runs of form for 80's legands Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, Hammefall continue to churn out soon-to-be classics.

    So grab your air guitar and your inflatable hammer and march forth.....

  10.  Music to make your emotion run riot


    This is without a doubt a 5star film score. Another masterclass from mr zimmer and mr newton howard. It is much improved on the batmans begins score which at times lacked true emotion. Whilst it delivered on the action themes, it was let down by the lack of depth. The score/soundtrack to the dark knight delivers on every level. What was good in batman begins is now great...

    The memorable "mollossus" from batman begins (from the batmobile chase) has been improved giving batman more of hero status and toning down the bombastic drum beats to good affect.

    The joker is given an almost "jaws like" synth theme - a continuous disturbing tone that gets higher depending on how sinister his actions become....this forms most of the opening track "why so serious".

    The score overall reflects the film's action orientated stance. The action is bigger and bolder and so is the score. The film is darker and pushes the characters to their limit and this reflected by the soundtrack.

    Any fan of the film should have this soundtrack in their collection....... A musical journey that leaves you breathless...