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  1.  The Best Album from the most under-rated band of all time!


    I have to say that, having heard all the Electric Six album's (bar Zodiac) and also having seen them live, this is withououbt their finest album to date. While not quite having a stand-out track like Body Shot (from Kill) or Danger High Voltage (from Fire), all the songs are of a very high quality with the often fun lyrics you come to expect from this fine band. Night Vision and Pink Flamigoes are my favourite tracks. And if you haven't heard of Electric Six...you certainly should!

  2.  Excellent, fun and so addictive.


    What a funtastic game. I love it and so will everyone. The track-editing system is what really makes this game though and it is so easy to use and such fun to race on. It's also a really brilliant online game too. The only downside is the loading times. They do drag on a little but hey, it's worth the sacrifice for the fun ahead. Maybe a better title for the game though would have been Little Big Mario Kart!!

  3.  Absolutely Amazing. There Really Is No Game Like It


    Immersive, emotional, incredible....just a few words that don't go far enought to explain how thrilling this game is. I don't wish to spoil the storyline in any way but playing these characters with multiple endings is how RPGs (like Final Fantasy) SHOULD be like. Where a decision you make can alter the outcome at the end. But don't presume this is anything like a normal RPG. There are no Elves or Dwarves or Airships here. These are real people in a very sinister and real world. The controls won't be to everyone's taste but believe me, give this game a chance and get enwrapped into a game you'll be thinking of at work. I still do wonder if I should have chosen not to help the shopkeeper!!!! Play it and you'll know what I mean. Possibly the best and most original game I've played in many many years. A real gem.

  4.  I'm sorry folks but this is Brian Lara Cricket re-packaged.


    The reason I have given this game such a low mark is purely because this is nothing more then a re-packaged Brian Lara Cricket from the PS2. I admit this is actually no bad thing although the commentary is WORD FOR WORD identical! The game itself is easy to master and, unfortunately, too easy to play. Because of my expertise with BLC from the PS2 days, I retained the Ashes, won the world 20/20 and unlocked all stadia...in my first two goes. If you're a first-timer, this game is actually great and deserves three stars. But I have played it's older identical twin and thus, it gets a one star. I feel conned and want my money back! It's a good game but only if you don't have the original.

  5.  I wouldn't give this game half a star!


    I am writing a review to say this really is the worst game I've ever played in15 years of Master System, Mega Drive, Playstation, PS2 and Wii console experiences. San Francisco Rush on the Playstation was my worst game..until now. Really people, save your £10. I bought this for the Beach Cricket game alone but ALL the games are poorly designed. There's no feeling of skill required to win any of the sports. It's all based on luck. And it doesn't even look good either! Save your money.

  6. Very


    Pet Shop Boys - CD

    18 New from  £4.16  Free delivery

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     Fantastic. A must-buy album


    Without doubt, as I am sure nearly all Pet Shop Boys fans will confirm, this is their best ever album. Each song could easily have been released. From 'Can You Forgive Her?' to Go West, every song is anthemic with beautiful lyrics and uplifting beats. Definitely Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant's finest moments.

  7.  Brilliant


    In two word folks...comedy perfection. Why haven't you bought it already!?

  8.  It has to start somewhere I guess


    I am a huge lover of Law and Order and all it's spin-offs but I had never watched pre-Briscoe and McCoy before. Maybe because these 2 fine actors (Sam Waterman and Jerry Orbach) played their parts so incredibly well, watching the first 3 seasons leaves me disappointed. Yes, the story lines are gripping and well written as you would expect. Unfortunately, the Distric Attorney is extremely boring to listen to during the court scenes and I give up caring if he wins the case or not. Chris Noth is a good actor though and with the storylines, earns the extra star. But really, wait until Briscoe appears on the scene....

  9.  Good album but yes, samey


    Attention medialover who seems intent on being a true music critique. Whether you like it or not the facts are...

    Yes, this album may be exceptionally produced with some wonderful lyrics

    Yes, Duffy's voice is certainly unique

    Yes, Mercy is a very commercial-based first track to sell this album

    BUT........the songs sound the same! Mercy is different but the rest tend to have the same chord change and tone. I feel Duffy has more to give and if you believe she is the 'new Dusty Springfield' then more Spooky-esque songs won't go amiss.

  10.  The best album by Jay Kay and co


    At long last, after the awful Synkronized, Jamiroquai finally hits its heady heights with 10 tracks of pure class and rhythm. Great danceability and pure groove factors in every upbeat tune. And the slower songs are heartfelt too. THE best acid jazz album ever.